I have a question for anyone in the community, particularly Phil:
Why would you ever purchase Cavalry?

Let's compare the two:

Infantry (6 Food): Armor4, Fighting2, Movement2, can get Fighting4 once per exchange with the Infantry Maneuver stunt, can be Armor6 once per exchange with the Hold Your Ground stunt, can negate Cavalry's charge bonus with the Set For Charge stunt, and can attack fortifications with the Infantry Bombs stunt

Cavalry (9 Food): Armor5, Fighting2, Movement3, Fighting3 on the charge

As best I can tell, they're not worth the cost. Infantry are cheaper by 3 Food, and can be improved by a myriad of stunts. I don't know if Cavalry need different stats, or another weird ability, or just access to some stunts... but our group just chose to ignore them once we realized what we were getting for the cost.

I'm sure I'm missing something here, but the +1 Movement just doesn't seem worth it to me. They don't even get a bonus to Outflank rolls! What am I missing?

Hi group.

First off, while I'm new, I've played WotA since the beta with a friend that was a backer. I have a couple of houserules I'm going to try out, but I'd love to hear if others have similar thoughts, concerns, experiences, etc. A minor piece of background is that lack of Luxuries has hampered every attempt at a campaign.

1) There's no low-tier Warfare missions, so getting a group used to it has been the hardest part of playing. My thoughts were to add a new Region (I've been calling it Glitter Mine) that is Warfare 3-4 (and a keep) to add to the Stronghold that adds a single Luxury die. It's essentially an easier Ferry's Glen with fewer resources. Do yall think this new Region should require Warfare 3 or 4, and is an easily accessible Luxury die too powerful?

2) Would it be too powerful to reduce the base trade with Lily Manor to 3->1 instead of 4->1? The 4->1 has been so brutal that we've started always starting our Lily Manor disposition at +1 or higher. I think even 3->1 would be somewhat more palatable, and not force us to start Lily Manor high every time. Thoughts?

Finally finished our Space Version of Wrath of the Autarch. It was awesome. we made a few modifications to Skirmish challenges, but everything else stayed the same, just the aesthetic changed. Thanks for the advice about Diaspora, definitely used that for inspiration as well as some Microscope Actual Plays. My favorite part was having characters do diplomacy against other races on their home planets, my Players really pulled out some creative Races.

+Phil Lewis, did you ever play test where each player gets a ‘stronghold’ (and similar starting resources) and played against against each other and the Autarch (or other enemy like the night king)?

I’m curious to see gm-full play.😊

In warfare, when a group of units attack something with moral and consequences (e.g. a giant or a castle) do you limit the maximum stress inflicted to the attack skill of a single unit, or the sum of all of the units' skills? Or do you not limit it at all?

Currently converting a lot of text to make the world of Six Winters into a Sci-Fi campaign. Not to difficult, just changing a bit of context into planet exploration and alien colonies. Warfare has been the most difficult. My players seem to be torn between wanting Space battles or ground based. I'm trying to make it so Skirmish is planet based and Warfare is Space combat.

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Six Winters Update 2/1/18

Kind of two steps forward one step back with Six Winters development. I was making solid progress through the campaign via playtesting, but I recently received some good feedback that I think I should make every effort to incorporate (both because it's good development practice and it was already something I had been considering), but that means modifying quite a bit of content. Turns out designing legacy games is kind of a pain!

Pictured is my flowchart-y board that I was using to keep track of connections between lots of moving parts. It's very, very unlikely that all of that information will be encoded in a board. At this point it's most likely going to be in the form of self-contained mission packs that get unlocked and then burned in various ways over the course of the campaign.

I do feel a little like the Phil Eklund for fantasy boardgames.

One more question (for now), in one part of the rules it mentions that one of the consequences of ignoring a threat is that the autarch adds a campaign aspect with two free invokes. In the section on threats and schemes, it doesn't mention that, just the loss of stability for an ignored region threat and the loss of relationship for an ignored Ally threat. Is the campaign aspect intended to be a consequence?

There's some inconsistency in the rules about hero stunts. In the characters section it says heroes get a stunt for a skill each time it advances to great or above, while in the skills and stunts section and on the character sheet it says superb and above. Which is it?

How long does a single Session take to play? Been wanting to grab this for awhile and have a chance now but I would be doing so mostly for a game group at work where we have roughly an hour for each session. Would that work?
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