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Hellllloooo my dear roomies
Its me isack
Some of you know me from the original such as tigron and my wife screaming wolf
For those who don't , I was slenders nefew , and I guarded the mansion from any outside threat, the original mansion has been destroyed , so we relocated here , and slender , well left for some important errand , soooo I'm in charge

Rules ~
1 . what me and my mods say goes , but I have final say
2. Profiles are mandatory but not long ones , just what we need to kno nudes , hentai , or porn pics
4. Hentai rp allowed
5. Please be patient , mansion is still under construction (post tab things)

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Name :isack
Age : 200
Gender : male
Species : half demon
Powers : demon magic
Weapons : swords
Bio: hey there just me isack working at slenders mansion
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