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Name: Ross Ruto

Gender: Male

Race: Kokiri/Zora

Story: I am the son of Princess Ruto and Link from OOT and when I grew up I became a pilot and I met Star Fox and I have been friends with falco for as long as I remember. I also met my daddys good friend midna who is really nice to me but at night I always hear howling and I see Midna on some wolf. Then I flew up to Skyland and I met Dark Pit and Palutena and Pit was injured so badly. Then I met King Zora who always had hated me.

I am 6'7 and is all blue and green.
Friends with Gorons
will go on adventure someday
swimming master

Name: Xander Darkbane
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Spellblade Hero

Name: Trina CourageGem (her lsat name changes from time to time)
Gender: female
Race: Human (was told that she had a bit of angel blood in her veins)
-used to fight with angels and had fallen from Skyworld, wants to get back but unable to, had been best friends with Pit and Toon Link and used to be on an adventure with Toon Link, had developed a copy ability and made a copy of Toon Link's weapons for her to keep, after fallen from Skyworld, she was unable to remember her past life (anything before her adventure with Toon Link)
-her dominant weapon is her bow and arrows, she has ice, fire, and light arrows, she also owns the Master Sword, boomerang, bombs (pretty much whatever weapon Link owns)
-has the Spirit Flute, Wind Waker, and the Ocarina of Time
-a HUGE tomboy, a good problem solver, and very courageous
- long black hair to the waist, had bangs, about 5'7
-a traveler, exploring new places from time to time
-when about to collapse from exhaustion, she will open a bottle with a fairy inside it to heal her
-she has planned out tons of battle plans and keeps them to herself as a secret
-very strong and will last long in battle
-had met Ness and Lucas on her journeys on had partnered up with them for a few days
ok...that's my character! Good Luck guys!
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