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Pinned post (Includes Rules) 46: The all new community picture, MADE BY +Taylor !

After over a year of having the same picture, now we have a new community picture! Yay! Feel free to say what you like about it in the comments below!

Yay! Fun activities!

These rules ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE, read them well.

Follow the rules, and if you see someone breaking the rules PLEASE tag a moderator. Don't moderate your self, people won't listen to you, and it is against the rules telling people not to mini-mod.

Follow these rules.
The moderators and owner have the right to ban anyone, for any reason, and the right not to ban, so do try to behave. ;p within reason, also if you get angry with moderators you will not help your case, and you'd probably just make it worse.

(This is to say that how the rules are implemented and the punishment is really up to Mod discretion, some mods may give more chances than others depending on the situation.)

If you have an issue with a Trial moderator do not publicly address it. Instead private post me about it.

Please note that all posts must have characters must be over 16 years of age (if the character is from a tv show or something, they have to be 16 or over in canon) - breaking this rule is an instant ban, we do not allow pedophilia

1: Do not post;
• UNCENSORED NUDITY. Any post or even comment with uncensored nudity with garner you a warning or a ban. (To make this clear Nudity is uncovered female nipples, vagina, anus, penis, or futa.)
• Bait posts. These are considered spam and will be removed. (Such as "reshare for this", "comment for....", "first to comment gets me as a....".)
• Pictures of other people, and claim that they are you. This is called catfishing. The only exception to this is if you openly say in the post that you are using the said person as a face claim for a character.
~ People who post these shall be banned INSTANTLY, it is their responsibility to read the rules, although moderator who banned them should tell the violator to fill in a ban appeal as well.
• Nudes. This includes REAL LIFE NUDES. If you want to post a nude, you must Censor (HAIR DOES NOT COUNT) it yourself. (See above as to what is considered nudity.)
• Posts with less than 10 words (without pictures) this is to combat people saying stuff like, "wanna fuck" or "rp, girls only" meaning, unless there's a necessity, like a simple question with a point, the post will be removed.
• Asking for a Role-Play on any post that is not clearly stated as a Role-Play or in the Role-Playing section (This does not count if the poster of the post says roleplays are accepted in the original post). You will receive a warning or possibly a ban if you repeat this offense.
• Low quality pictures (Below 480p resolution/screenshots)
~ People who break this rule will get a warning, and banned if they continue.
• Posts with horrendously terrible grammar. (Examples: "UR", "U" or "LETS FUC", "WANA RP".)
• Ask for nudes, If someone asks you for nudes from this community either inform or tag a moderator right away. That behavior is not tolerated at all.
• Members are to be expected to be 16 or over. Members under this age are to be removed.
• Make unnecessary or negative comments. Starting drama is not tolerated at all and will be dealt with harshly.
• Plagiarism in any sort, videos, art, roleplays, you say it's yours and someone made it, that's plagiarism, and you will be banned without warnings
• Asking for followers, likes, comments or shares
• Asking for any real-life relationships of any sort, for this is not the community for that. This includes Littles/slaves/Gfs/Bfs and any other similar relationships
• Posting more than 3 posts in under an hour is now no longer allowed and will be punished as spam.

2. Respect everyone, no matter their age, gender, kinks or fetishes. THIS MEANS YOU DO NOT KINK SHAME ANYONE. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE SOMETHING NICE TO SAY DO NOT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL. This includes treating everyone as an owner, or mod, even if they aren't. Also, if someone does not want to do something with you, then you accept they don't want to and ask someone else. IF YOU CONTINUE TO ANNOY SOMEONE AFTER THEY ASK NICELY TO STOP YOU WILL BE WARNED OR BANNED.
~ People who break this rule shall be given one single warning, and then a ban.

2.1: This includes when a moderator tells you to do something, you are to listen immediately. EVEN IF YOU DO NOT AGREE YOU DO AS YOU ARE TOLD. If you believe a moderator is abusing their powers, you talk to Scott or Killer and be ready to give screenshots and proof but after you do as told. IF A MODERATOR TELLS YOU TO STOP COMMENTING THEY ARE SAYING IT FOR A REASON. DO AS YOU ARE TOLD, THE MODS ARE HERE TO DE-ESCALATE SITUATIONS AND DRAMA. DON'T CONTRIBUTE TO THE PROBLEM BY BACK TALKING A MODERATOR OR CURSING AT THEM.

3. Do not post anything that could be perceived as offensive or derogatory, (eg posts with racial slurs, References to Nazism, terrorism, Other genders etc) If you have your opinions, then they are your opinions. No one is asking you for them.
~Instant ban if this rule is broken

4. Keep your posts in the right sections, Roleplays go into roleplays, Ect. Ect.
~The post will be removed if this rule is broken

5. If you ask to be a mod, then you will not become a mod. The owner and the mods​​​​​​​​​​​​​ will decide any candidates for moderator.

6. Share the community, tell your friends, invite people. But do not spam other communities. We want to be known, not hated, also, do not spam by sharing your communities, YOU MUST ASK A MOD OR AN OWNER IF YOU WISH TO ADVERTISE BEFORE POSTING IT.

7. Certain Kinks are not allowed in this community, we are sorry that this may cause some.... concern. These Kinks are as follows:
Pedophilia: All characters must be over the age of 16. (This incudes characters designed to look under 16, lolis, shota and other artwork designed to sexualize under age persons) - This is because of the google plus guidelines.
Beastiality (nekos and furries are allowed)
Necrophilia + cannibalism + hard vore
If you don't know what these kinks are, then you are most likely not in danger of breaking this rule.

8. If you need help, then ask the moderators. We shall be happy to help. If you tag one of us, then we can obviously see it faster. Do not make posts on the community to inform us about the rule breakers. That fills up the community with spam!

9. This one is important: DO NOT AGGRESSIVELY ENGAGE ANYONE ESPECIALLY A MODERATOR. If someone starts drama OR an argument tag a mod immediately. Do not fuel an argument. Those who break this rule will be either warned or banned outright.
Mini modding also classified as breaking this rule, as mods are the people than are meant to deal with it. Please tag them if someone breaks the rules.

Hangouts chat:

We have a hangouts private chat, which follows the Public communities rules, excluding nudity. nudity is allowed.

Yeah, just don't be dicks on it okay.

Discord (
Follows the Public community rules, EXCEPT ALL nudity is allowed. and we have Blackjack now.

Kinky World Reddit! helped being run by +Willoftacos



Run by +Ɓяαтту Ɓαтту Ɓυη {Ƥяιηcєѕѕ Ɛммα}

Rewrite of rules by +Queen Satana Hellstrom

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I feel like smiling makes me look kinda dumb lol also hmu. Just looking for friends.

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H-Ha~ m-mark me m-more m-mommy/mistress

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[Strange Affections]

You were a normal highschool girl like anyone else could be. A clean look, gorgeous face and a hourglass body shape. Your grades were good and was active in school programs. Although there was one dude no one knows about you. You were a complete slut outside your house and outside of school.
after school, you would dress in a whole new look and wear the most revealing clothes to show as much skin as possible. Guys would find you very attractive and they would fall for your little trap and get with you for about an hour or if they were lucky, they would get you for the whole night. This was how you profited from this. By having sex with different men. You didn't pay for much for much, but ur would have well worth it for them.
At school, you were with your friends as they were talking about this guy (me) was a new transfer student from a different state. His looks were so young for his age. It made him look 5 years younger. At first you smiled a bit joining your friends conversation, but deep inside you wanted to get with this boy. That day on, you decided to have sex with the a few boys on school to find out who it was that was a transfer to your school. Surprisingly, nothing has turned up and no luck in finding him yet.
A couple days later, you left school to your routine with all the other men outage of school and walked into a small convenient store to find your next victim. You walked around for a and suddenly bumped into someone mistakenly. You both fall to the ground with you on top of him
"I'm really sorry ma'am, are you okay?"
He asks in a calm tone. His hands was surprisingly on your soft big breast as you look up to him. His young looks as he was in a school unicorn that seemed to look like your school colors. You smiled a bit then. . .
(Female needed)
(3-5 lines OPTIONAL)
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The Outer Rim is a part of space where there are no governments who rule over its systems, the only sort of governments there are the planetary ones who are likely to be quite weak and unstable. So the place is a anarchists paradise where pretty much everything is legal, though don't try and break the fundamental laws of the universe here because like every other corner of the universe the Lightforged will not have a problem with tracking your was down and murdering the shit out of you. Most of the planets are ruled over by massive gangs whose heads range from the sneaky and deceptive Multan a Goblin who rules over a good chunk of the systems, a charismatic and deadly Synthetic who's name is not known though everyone calls him "The Black Skull", and a Ork warboss name Killtae who likes to spend most of her time raiding other planets with her pirate fleets and having a lot of prostitutes. No matter where you fall though there's always going to be one of these three and their gangs watching, so really it seems like the Outer Rim truly is a horrible place to live. This is enunciated by the fact that the Thorax, a race of terrifying Spider Scorpions under the control of a hive mind who eat everything, homeworld lies within these systems, the Krithrax, snake like humanoids, take many of their slaves from here, and there's of course the many pirates who hang around space waiting for good targets to raid. Of course to you this is some pretty common knowledge, because you are a Rim Hunter someone who is hired for jobs that are within the Outer Rim. You could be the strongest wizard or a large brute covered in Power Armor, along with any other sort of skills. Though the jobs vary and aren't always that exciting, but today you got a bit of a interesting one. You were hired by an unknown employer, had absolutely no idea who they might be but right now it's abundantly clear that this is one rich bastard. Whoever they are they're offering a mighty large amount of credits, and all that you need to do is break into a facility and recover a Wizard who was being trapped within the center of the facility. Didn't tell you much about the facility itself, all that they were willing to tell you about the place is that it's a Krithrax power station. Of course these fiends would get their power from Wizards, since they were quite powerful sources of energy for those willing to try and harvest them. You would approach in a land based vehicle, and once you got close enough you could see the guard towers. What will you do?
(We will discuss specific fetishes when we get around to do it, though the main one for this particular instance is Futanari.)
(You've got a good couple of races to choose from.
Felax- Cat like people who are the patrons of the God of Magic
Lightborne- Hard Light constructs who are the patrons race of the Grand Goddess of Light
High Elf
Wood Elf
Dark Elf
Sea Elf
Utopians- Psionic giants with hearts of gold and unique markings upon their foreheads.
Malakar- Snow white elf like creatures with rough skins and bald heads. (Highly religious worships Sun God)
Thorax- Insect like Humanoids who can resemble Ants, Bees, Wasps, Praying Mantis, Lady Bugs, Butterflys, and Moths
Synthetics- Robots who can pretty much look like just about anything.
Dragonkin- Dragonborn but with wings and are all hermaphrodites
Shellians- Turtle people
Selions- Fish like people, you had likely escaped from Dagons psionic control and have a specific immunity to that now.
Valkavians- Bearded Dragon like people who live in massive habitats and like to tinker.)
Here are the options for classes.
Warrior (Power Armor with heavy weapons and melle)
Wizards (Obvious)
Paladin/Cleric (Warriors fueled by certain Gods. These could include the Hand the major pantheon which includes Light, Life, Death, Magic, Knowledge, Order, and Choas. Along with some more minor Gods who are mostly bound by planets but can still extend their power.)
Mechanic (People who use machines and gadgets to fight)
Fighter (Hand to hand combatant with ki abilities who also have the ability to possibly master the elements of Fire, Rock, Air, and Water.
Dark Wizards (Wizards who gain powers from dark Gods like Dagon, Xucon, or the 7 Deadlys. Power can also be gained through their minions.)
Technomancer (People who manipulate machinery with their mind)
Sniper (Long range combatant either magic bows or rifles)
Weapon Master (Uses a fuck ton of weapons and cybernetics)
Bard (People who use instruments and specific kinds of psionic abilities to either charm others or destroy their minds with incredibly loud psionic shock waves.)

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“The Escape”

This world, it was filled with humans but also dragons. Dragons were killed for their magical powers, the tool or weapon that the dragon would be killed with would grant the power to them, as if for someone to say they killed a lighting dragon with a sword. That person could use that lightning power threw the sword and swing lightning bolts and voltage at people or other dragons. There were the normal basic dragons that everyone knew about, Water, Rock, Ice, Fire, Air, and lightning but there were other, rare occasions like a dragon that could use water and ice or a dragon that could use air and fire. Then there were other dragons that were very rare and known to be unkillable no human has ever been able to kill these dragons. They were like godly dragons, the only way one of these dragons could die is if it gave half of its soul to someone else, which is very rare. People didn’t dare to go into those dragons territory, or else they would be killed on the spot. Humans once were friends with dragons but now there are thousands of people who are killing these creatures and using the excuse that they are evil to have the right to kill them. Then there are the ultra rare almost never talked about or ever seen, a dragon shifter. Only people of high class would know of these dragons, in this world there is really only about 100 of those shifters that are hidden and then come out in a human form. These dragons are stronger then normal dragons and have very different powers but they aren’t as strong as godly dragons.

Cole was a very rebellious boy, he hadn’t went to school but he came into the village often to make mischief but he always made people have a good time at the end of it. Everyone in the village was friends with Cole but they always wondered where he went when he went back into the woods. The always shrugged it off just thinking he lived in the woods. That wasn’t the case, the reason Cole didn’t live in the village was because of himself, he wasn’t normal, he was a dragon shifter. One of the most dangerous dragon shifters around. When he went into the huge woods and forest he’d change back to a dragon and sometimes go and fight or play with other dragons. I day Cole got into a fight with another dragon this cause them to end up fighting in the village as the dragons crashed into empty houses and people ran and kids screamed as fire bang coming from the dragons. Over all cole was winning the fight but someone needed to stop then before citizens were getting killed. A messenger was immediately sent to the Kings castle and they informed about the whole mess, you a royal and trusted guard was sent to finish this fight.

When you got to the village on your horse you saw a blackish grey dragon with a red like imprint on his chest bitting into the neck of a light blue dragon that went and breathed ice, ice went into Coles face and Cole back off of the dragon scratching the ice off of his face and this angered Cole as he had gashes all over the dragons body and so did the other as fire cane from Coles nostrils and then a rawr that blasted fire and black lighting into the dragon. That finally ended it. As the other dragon made a large bam sound when it fell onto the ground a huge wound in its chest but the dragon was still alive but seriously damaged. Cole hissed in pain and began lipping to the forest, one of Coles legs was badly hurt and bleeding. Cole couldn’t keep his dragon form and a red light came from Cole, then he was in his human form and panting blood coming from his head. His hand had gashes all over it and blood stained his back and chest. You were there amazed by seeing all this and seeing the dragon turn into a human. Body else was around and you then...

Please be able to be descriptive at least 4+ lines.
I need a Dominant Male for this roleplay (Seme).
This roleplay will have a limit to how many people can ask.
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Any girls wanna talk on hangouts? I'm bored as hell

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[[mindbreak, domination, daemon RP]]

Gathered at night in the middle of a dark forest, a gathering of people met in secret, each wearing dark purple robes as they stood in a circle, mutterings and words being passed amongst them as they formed, the shape in which they stood mirroring a formation on the floor, before one of member stepped forward into the center.

"Prepare the ritual, and bring the subjects." A male voice rings out, as he produces from his cloak a brush, kneeling down as the group scattered, the lone figure drawing a large circle and numerous symbols into the floor, using Ash from a large jar for his work.

As he finished, the roved people would wheel in two unconscious figures, a male and female each strapped to a dolley, their heads covered as each was stood up on either end of the circle.

"Let's begin..." The person at the center says, stepping out of the circle as he did so, the cult members pulling the bags off the heads of the two unknowing sacrifices.

[[A couple rules]]
((Females only please))
((Please be able to write 3-4 lines per response, or a paragraph minimum))
((Say the color of the robes they are wearing for a PP))
((This will start slowly with the ritual before anything happens))
((Not necessary, but please post a faceclaim in the comments of you have one you would like to use))

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I made a few mistakes on the post myself.
I intend on asking for anybody's help in making a roleplay while making it, I accidentally deleted one day. I had a lot written down and I only had, of course, the first and the second a path you could roleplay on while working on the third, I was bored so I went to youtube but I clicked the X. So I'm wondering if anybody can help. I'll full credit of the whole thing because I didn't plan writing it out nor saving it.
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