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Pinned post 35: New event
This weeks image is also from +Emily Jones​

The Person to make the best (voted by the Moderators) and post it into the new (Event) section shall have their picture feature in the pinned post or be the new icon for the community.

Have fun, and feel free to make any picture you want, however it does have to follow the rules and have "Kinky World" somewhere in the picture.

Have fun with it

These rules ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE, read them well.

Follow the rules, and if you see someone breaking the rules PLEASE tag a moderator. Don't moderate your self, people won't listen to you, and it is against the rules telling people not to mini mod.

Follow these rules.
The moderators and owner have the right to ban anyone, for any reason, and the right not to ban, so do try to behave. ;p within reason, also if you get angry with moderators you will not help your case, and you'd probably just make it worse.

(This is to say that how the rules are implemented and the punishment is really up to Mod discretion, some mods may give more chances than others.)

If you have complaints you may fill in the poll down below.

+Killer Dreamer15​​​​​​​​​​​​
+The Mad man with a box

Head Moderator:

+Smokey Crystal​​​​​​​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​​​​+Aelita Lestrange​​​​​​​​​​​​
+Queen Ahegao​​​​
+Ashwαth Locĸнearт​

Trial mod leader
+Maki-sama Nishikino

Trial Moderators:
+Deadpool サイコ​
+Emily Jones​
+Miʂʂ αєsthєtíc​c
+Asuka Langley Sohryu

If you have an issue with a Trial moderator do not publicly address it. Instead private post +Maki-sama Nishikino or me about it.

1: Do not post;
• UNCENSORED NUDITY. Any post or even comment with uncensored nudity with garner you a warning or a ban. (To make this clear Nudity is uncovered female nipples, vagina, anus, penis, or futa.)
• Bait posts. These are considered spam and will be removed. (Such as "reshare for this", "comment for....", "first to comment gets me as a....".)
• Pictures of other people, and claim that they are you. This is called catfishing. The only exception to this is if you openly say in the post that you are using said person as a face claim for a character.
~ People who post these shall be banned INSTANTLY, it is their responsibility to read the rules, although moderator who banned them should tell the violator to fill in a ban appeal as well.
• Nudes. This includes REAL LIFE NUDES. If you want to post a nude, you must Censor it yourself. (See above as to what is considered nudity.)
• Posts with less than 10 words (without pictures) this is to combat people saying stuff like, "wanna fuck" or "rp, girls only" meaning, unless there's necessity, like a simple question with a point, the post will be removed.
• Asking for a Role-Play on any post that is not clearly stated as a Role-Play or in the Role-Playing section. You will receive a warning or possibly a ban if you repeat this offense.
• Low resolution pictures (Below 480p)
~ People who break this rule will get a warning, and banned if they continue.
• Posts with horrendously terrible grammar. (Examples: "UR", "U" or "LETS FUC", "WANA RP".)
• Ask for nudes, If someone asks you for nudes from this community either inform or tag a moderator right away. That behavior is not tolerated at all.
• Make unnecessary or negative comments. Starting drama is not tolerated at all and will be dealt with harshly.

2. Respect everyone, no matter their age, gender, kinks or fetishes. THIS MEANS DO NOT KINK SHAME ANYONE. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE SOMETHING NICE TO SAY DO NOT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL. This includes treating everyone as a owner, or mod, even if they aren't. Also, if someone does not want to do something with you, then you accept they don't want to and ask someone else. IF YOU CONTINUE TO ANNOY SOMEONE AFTER THEY ASK NICELY TO STOP YOU WILL BE WARNED OR BANNED.
~ People who break this rule shall be given one single warning, and then a ban.

2.1: This is includes when a moderator tells you to do something, you are to listen immediately. EVEN IF YOU DO NOT AGREE YOU DO AS YOU ARE TOLD. If you believe a moderator is abusing their powers, you talk to Scott or Killer and be ready to give screenshots and proof but after you do as told. IF A MODERATOR TELLS YOU TO STOP COMMENTING THEY ARE SAYING IT FOR A REASON. DO AS YOU ARE TOLD, THE MODS ARE HERE TO DEESCALATE SITUATIONS AND DRAMA. DON'T CONTRIBUTE TO THE PROBLEM BY BACK TALKING A MODERATOR OR CURSING AT THEM.

3. Do not post anything that could be perceived as offensive or derogatory, (eg posts with racial slurs, References to nazism, terrorism, Other genders ect) If you have your opinions, then they are your opinions. No one is asking you for them.
~Instant ban if this rule is broken

4. Keep your posts in the right sections, Roleplays go into roleplays, Ect. Ect.
~The post will be removed if this rule is broken

5. If you ask to be a mod, then you will not become a mod. The owner and the mods​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ will decide any candidates for moderator.

6. Share the community, tell your friends, invite people. But do not spam other communities. We want to be known, not hated, also, do not spam by sharing your communities, YOU MUST ASK A MOD OR AN OWNER IF YOU WISH TO ADVERTISE BEFORE POSTING IT.

7. Certain Kinks, are not allowed in this community, we are sorry that this may cause some.... concern. These Kinks are as follows:
Pedophilia (Daddy Dom and little girls and lolis are not part of this rule)
Beastiality (nekos and furries are allowed)
If you don't know what these kinks are, then you are most likely not in danger of breaking this rule.

8. If you need help, then ask the moderators. We shall be happy to help. If you tag one of us, then we can obviously see it faster. Do not make posts on the community to inform us about the rule breakers. That fills up the community with spam!

9. This one is important: DO NOT AGGRESSIVELY ENGAGE ANYONE ESPECIALLY A MODERATOR. If someone starts drama OR an argument tag a mod immediately. Do not fuel an argument. Those who break this rule will be either warned or banned outright.

Rewrite of rules by +maki-sama nishikino

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"I need a mate~"

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Good morning

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Androids getting hot and kinky

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If guys were honest with their crushes

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Take those off, those are prohibited in bed

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That body is a magnet to mine
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