It seems like my life is a joke
being played out on a stage
for all the world to see.
I can't tell anymore
is it a dream...or is it really me.

It seems like...all the plans that I made
were for another day and time.
Why can't I put the pieces of my life together
and make them fit like a rhyme?

It seems like...someone is pulling my strings
With the same old routine.
You know the dance...You know the song.

But I gotta keep on...keeping on
Trying to be strong!
'Cause I know...there's gotta be a better day.
I just hope...that I'm going about it in the right way.

'Cause it seems like...I'm going nowhere!
And my all bound up on a train.
And someone keeps pissing in my face
And telling me it's rain!


I heard the news. It was all over the neighborhood.
It just couldn't be true.
They said that you killed yourself!

I couldn't believe it. The pain stabbed my heart.
And then I felt the tears start.

They said that you were only...eleven!
They said that you hung yourself!

Committed suicide.
God knows how I cried
Tears for you
A child I never knew.

But I lived just around the corner.
Did I ever see you at play?
How I think of you
Even to this day.

What was life to you?
Was it very unkind? So unkind...
That you wanted to leave this cruel world behind?

What was life to you?
Even you, a precious child of eleven.
That you could take your own life
Was your time in this world so bad?
Perhaps a living hell on earth.
Did death look better...then the life that you lived?
Or had someone taken...all...that you had to give?

I try with all my mite
but I just can't understand
all the pain that you went through.
Was it every day...and every night?

Did anyone ever care...or even know
that you were hurting so?

Did you ever see the joys life brings
Did anyone love you,
and tell you, that you were a special little boy?

Or...did sinister hands
that you trusted so much
never gentle to you touch,

Did they hurt you?

And kill you?

And try to hide!

By calling your murder:



A fling...just a momentary thing.
Something that you don't put your heart into.
But...if you should get caught up
and you don't know what to do
If the love is just that good
And if your heart is somewhere
When the love...don't seem to care
Then you know what you gotta do
Back it up.

Is the object of your desire
On the same page with you?
Or are they acting like...your feelings for them
is something new!

Is it a surprise
that they can't look you in your eyes!
To's just a fling
A momentary thing!

Yes...You let your love go on try to escape
But the feelings that they keep on giving you
Is turning love...into hate!

Their love is soooo gooooood!

You would leave them
but if you only could!

It makes you so feel this way
to know...that another person can control you
with love every day!

It started out as a fling.
Just a momentary thing.
And now you're in a prison
Of human desire!

And there is no cure, to be sure.
You like what you are getting
And hating yourself more every day.
And you can't escape
'Cause your body...just won't let you get away!

And you just can't leave your drug behind.
It's a man...or a woman.
They'll enslave you every time.
And the drug they keep giving you
is the worst kind!

There is no solution...when they're rocking your world!
giving you what you crave
And it's oh so be sure
Now. You...don't even want to be brave
'cause your body would rather be a slave.

You spend your days wanting more.
And all your nights...walking the floor!
thinking of new ways to fill the hunger...deep inside!
That you just can't seem to satisfy
Without your drug by your side!

You don't just like it...You love it to be sure!
And you will not...will not
let your drug walk out the door
And to think;
It all started out as a fling
just a momentary thing!

You...The Love Of Me!

If I could give you anything...I would put the world at your feet....and all the riches that it holds.
If I could rain down my love on'd be drenched with my kisses.
You could ask of me anything...and it would never be too much.
If I could gather up all your problems...I would make them the darkness...before the sun rises to kiss the earth.
If I could bring you would be eternal...and you would long for nothing more.
If I could just show you...just show much I really do love you...the sun would bow down to the earth....because are my world!
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