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The objective of a shedding game is to dispose of all cards as soon as possible. Shedding card games include crazy eights, speed and uno. The objective of an accumulation card game is to accumulate all cards as possible. This game includes seven spades, war and snap. Collectible card games are also known as customizable card games. They are played using a specially designed pack of cards. These cards follow a set of rules. The subset of these cards is available. The subset comprises starter set, theme pack and starter deck. Modern collectible card games are online games. Miscellaneous games, multi genre and fictional card games are other types of card games.

So, I'm just standing around in Target looking at candy and stuff, and there's this huge shelf of Pokemon related stuff behind me. So this kid, about 10 or 11, runs up to the shelf and is like "Can I have the Pokemon doll?" and his dad is like "No, they're gross. They eat children." and the kid's just like "O-O. Oh."


My FC is 2638 - 1318 - 0463
Grass Safari with Oddish, Ivysaur, and Quilladin.
+Aaron Baldauf 

+William Waldman I have one of  your regular cards, you left it in the cafeteria

Isaac i would say that i am about 8 too two for you, I have 8 wins you have 2. Sound about right?

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Hey guys. FOR PEOPLE WHO DO NOT WANT SPOILERS ON X AND Y DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO. It is all about the new updates that pokemon x and y had through the latest corocoro magazine in Japan. So, give it a watch, and this guy, The JWittz has many series on facts about the games as well as the cards, with a bunch of cool things too. So if you have the time give it a watch, and maybe then watch some of his other videos.

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I got 10 packs of cards, 8 plasma blast, and 2 plasma freeze, and all I got was 1 full art deoxys ex... or good card anyway

This is sad, but if I had 1,000,000 dollars, the first thing I would do would be buying 1000 booster boxes of pokemon cards XD. STill would have 900000 ish left 
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