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*Welcome! This community is for requests, art trades, commissions, ETC!

*Here are some rules-
*Dont be rude or else you get a warning
*You may give advice but try not to offend the person
*Be nice
*Have fun!

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So I just went through all my old photos and found oc's that I don't use anymore

The one with the cats I am only selling the moon cat
The one with the two ponies I am only selling the unicorn

Ponys: NYP nothing below 20 points
PayPal: 0.20
Moon cat: 50 points
Paypal: 0.50
Shinx: 500
(I originally bought her for that but I will take trades and offers)
Star Girl: 50
Paypal: 0.50
Girl with flower in her hair: 10

Galaxy Ponys: 250
Paypal: 2.50
Drop Pop Candy: 40
Paypal: 0.40
Girl with animal: 500
Paypal: 5.00 (also bought her for that price but I will accept trades)
This is Gospel: 20
Carbon Monoxide: 250
Paypal: 5.00 (She has plenty of high quality art, I will not accept trades)
Gems (set of two): 50
Liquid Nitrogen: 50
Lewsite: 50
Phosgene: 30
Elf Girl: 100
Gas Mask Girl: 150
Rainbow haired Girl: 100
Twilight x Flash child: 50 (comes with some art of her)
Daffodil: 150
Black Fox Neko: 100
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I'm doing MLP commissions! I have a lot of free time on my hands so feel free to do one :D! I'm only doing point commissions at the moment sorry!

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These cute little adopts I made while listening to music

1. Sing me to sleep
Supposed to be like a star commander
SB: 50
M: 10
Ab: 500 (if you ab I throw in a free drawing)

2. Hold me tight or don't
Supposed to be a general
Might keep
Ab: 50
M: 10
AB: 500 (I will throw in a free drawing if you ab)

3. Miss Wanna Die
Supposed to be a astronomer.
Ab: 30
M: 10
Ab: 150 (They were quicker to make to she is cheaper, also if you ab I throw in a free drawing.)

Base by:
Used: Ibis Paint
Time taken: 3 Hours and 15 minutes.

My writing Commissions are open:


1 line:

$1.00 or 100 points

2 lines:

200 points or $2.00

3 lines:
300 points or $3

5 lines:
400 points or $5

10 lines:
900 points or $10

15 lines:
1500 points or $15

20 lines:
2000 points or $20

30 lines:
3000 points or $30

But if you would like a collection of my poems that I have made from past present and future it will be $50 in total.

Story Writing-
Each page equals $10 each but if there's a reason that you don't have enough we can negotiate find a different price as long as it is not lower than ten dollars.

Written references-

I know that a lot of people have trouble writing down references for their characters or describing their characters or need help coming up with ideas so that's where I come in.

We can negotiate my services and whatever you need I can help with.

I love Fanfictions and it warms my heart when I am able to write some in my own books. Especially when it comes down to writing about comic books or anime or Manga or even video games or books plus web series that I might know of:
Marvel universe, DC Universe, TMNT
Dragon Ball
Yu Yu Hakusho
One piece
Samurai Jack
Samurai X
Demon Eyed Kyo
Shaman King
I hate Fairyland
Boss Lamb
Looney Tunes
Yogi Bear
South Park
Deadman Wonderland
Blood C
When they cry
Future Diary
Hellsing Ultimate
Gurren Lagann
Air Gear
daikon Brothers
Ninja Scroll
Fooly Cooly
Killing bite
Porkchops n flatscreens
Ninja Moon
Baki the grappler
Flame of Recca
Akame ga kill

Ninja gaiden
Dragon Ball Z/Super

Capcom versus Marvel



No More Heroes

Dungeons & Dragons
HighSchool DxD
Black Clover
Seven deadly sins
Peach Girl
Metal Gear
Tiger mask/wrestling
Anime war
Even character vs
Furry vengeance

Harry Potter universe

Kung Fu hustle

Friday the 13th

Bendy and the ink machine


Nightmare on Elm Street


Gingerdead Man

Evil bong
Etc. (Others)

If you would like to know more about the way that I write and how long it will take please send me a message or note me or comment down below to know more.

Thank you and have a nice day.

What is my goal out of all this?:

I have been trying to earn money by getting writing commissions while also trying to earn money for myself since the fact that a lot is going on in my life and the only thing that makes me stop and think is the commission's from good people. I would usually ask my father for help when it came to paying off them but right now he feels that they are pointless and stupid.

that's why I rather sell my writing and work hard to make sure that good people get a good story and great poems while also I can pay off good people like you to get your money's worth from all the hard work that you have done.

I have met so many people that have had so many things lost from them and so many things that they could have gained if someone at least just noticed that their commissions have meaning.

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Well well... hello everybody i open commissions "tradicional" lineart in 20 points , but with other character (as the examples that I show here) 25 points

Pd: only half body
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Commissions now open. I'm willing to negotiate prices . If you don't have much Cash it's ok. I really need to make some dough though so please feel free to ask me if you want something drawn. I'll draw literally anything . I need to make extra cash to buy Christmas gifts
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Hello everyone! I'm a newer artist here to spread my art and earn a little money to buy my family something nice for Christmas. I do cute themes but i'm not afraid to get a little gory if you'd like. You can visit to see my gallery, read my terms and put in a request or email me at <3

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Anyone have gif commissions open? I have some ocs want to get some of but I am still learning how to gif. Please link prices/examples ^^

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