Ok so I was watching some pound puppies with my sister and I heard my other sisters yell down the stairs 'Naked boy'

So me and my sister look at the stairs.
My toddler brother comes down butt naked and starts shaking.
Me my sister was just looking not moving we couldn't do anything

It was totally weird• •

Hello .. I let you into this community +Rodimus​ ..

Ok this is a quick story

So I was walking to school since I live really close to it.
But every time I walk to school I pass this alley way. nothing really happens but one day when I went pass it this man comes out and says to me 'Hey kid' I try to walk pass him but he grab me and said to me ' Do you like weed?' he pull a bag with weed in it
Being a young boy i am I kick him in the balls and ran for my life.

When I got to school I told my teacher about it and she called my mom and the police.
I mom never allowed my to walk to school for now on and the police caught the man how try to sell me drugs.

Weird huh thank gosh I'm safe 
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