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bom dia povo blz, pergunta você tem grupo WhatsApp?
xbox one: gta v

I just had a great idea for this group but to make it happen im gonna need a few ppl to put in some time on the page. My idea is a championship first we submit recordings of jobs with the social club link once enough are voted in, we then have the roster each week we will set up a poll to vote on the best job, each system would be in its own class so if anyone sees a job they want to try they can. First thing is we need submissions for all platforms and we need alot more ppl to join the community, if you're interested in becoming a moderator let me know

I want to change up the group a little bit, im thinking about having a rating system for jobs, by adding polls, 1 to 5 stars, how does this sound?

Does anyone wanna try my creations,? Look at my youtube channel, ive posted videos of my jobs

Im on ps4 now, so let me know if u wanna try sum of my games, my games usually consist of epic crashes and and race tracks that yoy cant fall off of, so it feels like a traditional race track. I even made a few nascar tracks , as close as i can get them to the real thing, my next projects are laguna seca and pikes peak hill climb, pikes peak will have 2 varriants, one going up, and one going down

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hey guys i made a crew for primarily ps3 members,
creaters united

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