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This book was written for the public' to teach them what goes on in the institutions. And for the government to listen and pay attention to the evil which goes on with children and families.

This book will help as it gives an insight how children are stolen from parents/guardians.

The long overdue reforms are needed right now' and this book gives the direction to bring it forward and would give parents closure to the ongoing evil thrust upon them by social services across the spectrum.

Parents will welcome this book with open arms' as it certifies their fights.

The book allows open minds/closed minds to envisage this ongoing sago with the poorer class in society.

A strong disciple is needed to bring positive legislations to balance the inequalities which goes on behind closed doors.

A great read this book for any reader to draw upon the bias views taken by these institutions' that no longer service its purpose in a fair manner.

The book gives a full account/breakdown of what takes place inside these secret institutions.

© Joan Thomas
All Rights Reserved – 02.06.2017

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On this book day help me with your suggestions, comments, review and share. To promoting my art book Fine art vol-1.

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I would just like to let everyone here know that I have started a Facebook group called Questions and Answers for Indie Authors. The group is meant to be a place for Indie authors to talk to others about various aspects of publishing. However, There is no direct selling of books allowed in this group. That being said I hope to see you there. 

Hi, As I am a fellow author I was just curious to hear what marketing techniques worked for you.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Chris Mason

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My sales book is now an e-book.

In the twenty-first century of selling, salespeople need more than a litany of features and benefits along with a few closing techniques in attaining uncommon success. Salespeople need fresh sophisticated skills because of more sophisticated buyers, and a ferociously competitive marketplace. The information this book offers is supported by the latest brain and psychological research in how people make decisions…the nature of its mechanism. This research throws an enlightening and surprising light on what was previously accepted. It’s cutting-edge concept and techniques, when used in concert with each other, construct a compelling synergy in influencing buyers; creating a powerful edge in achieving uncommon sales success.
           For thirty-years I made my living in the very subject this book addresses—sales.  I’ve been a salesman, a sales manager and a sales trainer. I’ve known the  euphoria of a large sale and the agony of done-deal gone bad.  Everything this book discusses and recommends I did successfully, and wish now to share with you.
Yes, there is a secret. Secret not because the knowledge is esoteric, but because the concept is difficult to accept by many people, and they casually reject it  or treat it as an afterthought when introduced to them—as I’ve experienced when  conducting sales seminars—unless they understand its underlying principle
explained in this book. This powerful cutting-edge concept and techniques gave me a substantial edge in achieving uncommon success.

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