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I don't really know


It's up there


From 16 to 20, depends on your likings or the RP itself




Bisexual, but primarily Straight




165cm/5'4'', 5'5"

60Kilos-or-so/ 130lb


Quite short for his age, but a fairly mature and interesting person nonetheless

Black, not-quite long but not really short hair, dust grey-ish eyes, pale skin

He also wears glasses, rectangular lenses, black frame (it's not a crucial info, but meh, it adds up), he sees without them, but after a while his eyes would hurt-

Long and fluffy black ears, a long and fluffy tail, black of course

[Bio/Info about him]

Uka enjoys spending time with persons he knows and trusts, he's a bit shy at times but usually he has no many problems with it

He also is a capable butler! Or at least... He tries (because of his origins, he can make an amazing coffee and cook! Just give him a hand or too when cleaning up things or picking up stuff, he still is short)

Uka often goes for long walks, he likes forests and being around nature, mostly for his artistic spirit; if you can't find him, he's probably around a window or something with his sketchbook :P

Even if short and all, he's quite the agile type, even if he doesn't exercises that much at all he has a quite developed body structures, not too much, he still is cute-

He doesn't really hates or dislikes anything in particular, just be gentle with him

I think this all, give me a go :3

(I can modify my RP style to yours if it makes everything more immersive or enjoyable, I can adapt easily)

(I roleplay anything, but if some of you girls like kinky stuff I am happier ;3 -In reality Uka tends to be friendly with everyone, so he could be called bisexual but last time it went... Eh... So I'll stick with girls, I find myself better)

(If some of you are the type which is afraid of who's behind the screen, do not worry at all, all the info up there is basically how I am in reality)

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Warning: German military

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Will you take me for a walk! Please!

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hi I'm Sarah! we both pose Lora: a-and I'm Lora her Twin sister we both giggle both: and we tag team ~

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(Dominant male needed)
(Open rp)
i like to sign up for experiments. I had just sign up for yours, and I walk in, and it looks like a regular medical room. I sit on the exam table, waiting for you


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Nyallo, how are you people of the Neko Club~?

Thank you for accepting me~ 

2 weeks: Dying.... Dead.

5 days: Alive...? Nope. Dead.

1 hour: Ali- Forget it.
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