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Name: It has no name. As such, it is referred to by it's species name: Phantom.
Gender: Genderless
Species: Typhon (Typhon Anthrophantasmus)
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'6"
Weight: It has never been weighed.
Skin: Uh..
Hair: None.
Appearance: It is tall, humanoid, and it's facial structure is somewhat reptilian. It appears to be made of tendrils of black ooze. It has 3 sets of white "eyes".
Abilities: Psionic kinesis blast (basically a yellow ball of energy that explodes after travelling a certain distance, unless it makes contact with any surface first), basic melee abilities (none that involve kicking), and Phantom Shift (like teleportation, but to a lesser extent. Phantom condenses into smaller wisps of itself and travels at very high speeds.)
Personality: Emotionless, silent, blunt
Likes: unknown
Dislikes: unknown
Bio: Phantom is, well, a Phantom. Phantoms are not wholly alien. They are created by typhon weavers using human remains. Most Phantoms are hostile, but Phantom has never shown signs of hostility towards anyone, unless provoked. Phantom was chosen by a scientific group as a source of knowledge and research, and sent Phantom to learn at Mrs. Yahweh's Academy.
Other stuff (optional): Phantoms have been known to exhibit human-like neural patterns at times. They may attempt to reproduce human phrases, but don’t retain comprehension. Phantom, however, has existed long enough to be able to replicate human speech patterns, and has some knowledge of what contexts to use them in. Phantom's speech may often be broken or incomprehensible. It's speech is raspy and intermingled with twitters and chirps.
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i'm seriously tempted to make a MKX profile for some reason-

Hey guys. I'm new here. Someone mind showing me around?

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Name: Dustine
Gender: Female
Species: Moth Humanoid
Age: 32
Height: 12'3
Weight: heavy.
Skin: as shown
Hair: as shown
Appearance: as shown
Abilities: super strength,can fly, her tone of voice is always soothing to most males, her antennas can sense movement nearby.
Personality: motherly,caring,kind, occasionally sassy
Likes: being herself,helping others
Dislikes: having an inability to do what she likes
Bio: A Scientist Who's Study In Genetics And Biology Was Extreme, He Had a Pregnant Wife That Was Ok With Being Involved in his experiments. He Tried Giving His Unborn Child The Abilities Of a Moth Through a Special Serum He Made, But As He Later Learned The Serum Made His Child A Moth-Human Hybrid, He Wanted to be rid of his Hybrid Daughter But His Wife Constantly Disagreed And Cared For Their Daughter Much To His Dismay. She Grew Up Normally Despite Her Inhuman Appearance. Her Father Despised Her For The First 4 Years Of Her Life But Grew To Love Her.
She Adopted a Rather Kind And Motherly Attitude On Her Own.

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Name: Intoxica
Gender: Female
Age: well...she's 73 to human standards,but in her species standards she's 120 years old,which is a young age to her race,in other words she's an adult-
Height: 8'3
Weight: light
Skin: shown
Hair: shown
Appearance: as shown
Personality: somewhat childish,kind, energetic,strong-willed
Likes: science,technology,experimenting, having company
Dislikes: bullies,fighting(which she'll do if need be), loneliness
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Name: Vivian Frost
Gender: female
Species: witch
Age: at least 2,000- being a witch has its perks
Height: 5'10 (without boots)
Weight: 120 lb
Skin: fair, freckles across cheeks/nose
Hair: black, long, and soft
Appearance: picture
Abilities: She can use magic and make potions
Personality: a bit of a trickster, but she is mostly kind and sweet
Likes: playing pranks, making potions/casting spells, reading
Dislikes: rude people, being late to anything
Bio: Vivian is a witch that was cast out of her coven years ago. Though she is over 2,000 years old, she looks like she's in her late teens.
Other stuff (optional): none!

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Name: LAG
Gender: Female
Species: nobody really knows,although she was once human
Age: She's 29,but she doesn't age anymore
Height: 6'3
Weight: unknown
Appearance: she'd have long blonde hair,and she'd wear Laboratory goggles (ones like the one in the photo) and she'd have a scar over her left eye.
she'd wear a black long-sleeve shirt with the words "Virus" on it in big green letters.
she'd wear blue jeans and grey sandals.
she'd have bits of code randomly strewn about her body, and a bunch of 0's and 1's floating around her.
her face would be half normal,half "coded"
the normal half would be of course,her normal human side. while the other side is entirely made of black-matter, with it's side of the mouth being red and sharp-teethed,and the eye being entirely red without a pupil.
Abilities: she has the ability to slow time,and she is also able to enter any electronic device and tamper with it in any matter of ways (for example,if you're playing a game and she enters the gaming console,she could kill the people you're playing as, and if you were just typing a message she could delete the entire thing and then shut off the device).
she's also capable of "lag-jumping",which is basically where she'll be running and then if she wants to,can just randomly appear a few feet forward i remember actual gaming lag making that happen so yeah
Personality: Mischievous,evil,rude,cruel,likes to laugh creepily
Likes: technology,games, being herself
Dislikes: doing good(which she sometimes does)
Bio: She was once a normal human,until the day she ruined an experiment she was doing and was transformed into the thing she now refers to herself as "LAG"
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