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Full Moon from the International Space Station. Credit NASA Jeff Williams #fullmoon #spacephotography #moon

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Amsterdam 2018 - Yesterday evening 25th june at 21:20 hours.
Amsterdam 2018 - This evening at 21:20 hours......"Sister Moon".

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Moonstar Over Bryce Canyon National Park Utah. Photography by Gary Hart #BryceCanyon #fullmoon #moonphotography

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Pepsid Soda Suds Malt Drink

Truth seems to be what other people tell you
Sex is sacred
In the dirt
Women will flirt
Especially with
Pepsid soda suds malt drink
Can't help it
Not their fault
Makes everything alright
Not to worry
It only happens
Over there
Get your degree
Everything will be free
Electric cars
Will never fly
Work hard
Your life will never be hard
Everyone on TV owns a house
Nobody on TV ever
Watches TV
Everyday there is a fight
They are always right
So smart
So strong
and continue
to go on
While so many of us can't be
Wished we could be gone
With our nightmares
and people stares
If only we
Could just be on TV
We'd never get it wrong
Always be right
When we fight
Football players
In the easy chair
and the couch
Don't you worry
Facebook is there
Everybody agrees
If we could just vote for the right person
Will be alright
This is the world
of plain clothed circus clowns
Real farms don't exist
Just animal factories
Life is churned up
As fast as we can grow
and slaughter it
Everything is sent to china
and sent back
Get sick
Don't worry
We got insurance
To fix that
Pay no attention to free medical
It costs to much
purchased with credit cards
The Rothischilds
collect the interest
But don't worry
Just get that degree
and everything will be free
That's just something
somebody else
Will deal with
All so big
So much to see
What could we possibly do
About this
Just have a Pepsid soda suds malt drink
It'll be alright

By Minister Peacefulpoet (word witch) 5/2/18

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Sleeping With Moon – Photo Manipulation by Jordi Rios #moon #moonipulations #digitalart

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Moon in Flames.
3871 moon – Digital photo manipulation by Peter Holme III
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