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Remember me
when you think
about love i said
you are an angel
from above
i am glad i
made you mine
can't you see
the love in my eyes

One more step till
the end of time
will you take my hand
or leave me behind
one last chance to
say goodbye
one more step till
the end of time

I lay a rose upon
your grave it was
my life you had
to save one more tear
to tell you goodbye
One more step till the end
Of time

As she hugged me her ample breasts pressed against me with passion and eagerness she tried 2 break free but only to find herself pushing more of her body into me as my lips explored her neck a loud but deep moan of desire escaped her lips as i trailed my hands to her aching hips i felt her fire beneath her silk nightie ignite her passion even more the breeze coming thro the window wasn't enough to cool down the embers i felt as her body laid down atop me what was to come would be a passion that would burn forever.. then suddenly my eyes opened and much to my shock and despair i found it was only a dream but who was she wat was her name i had only seen her once before but where............ i had prayed our paths would cross again,but perhaps its better we never meet again i feel i can no longer hold her fire back as her passion was too much for me as i lay here sleeping,,,,,,,,i find myself aching for her a dream is what i long for,,,,or herself here in my arms only time will tell.

Laying in my bed tonight
missing you by my side
so much has changed
outside i hear the rain

Why did you go away
much more i wanted
to say i will never have
that chance again

Feel my heart falling
to the floor.....i can't
take this anymore
inside i breath no more
i swore i'd never let you
go i have no one to hold
when the nights turn cold

Laying in my bed tonight
closing my eyes just don't
feel right
Feel my heart falling to the

Sitting in the locker room
lacing up my boots
reflecting on my career
Where i got my roots
almost ready now
to walk to the ring
to beat my opponent
For the 123

I am a wrestler like
my father before
he made a giant impact
kicking down the door
he made me a warrior
inside the ring now
there is no one who
can get the best of me

I hear the crowd is hyped
for the match tonight
i am going to win the title
now is the time to fight
Ring the bell lets get it on
i will hold the title high
for everyone to see
thank you dad for bringing
Out the warrior in me.

Where will you be
when the rain keep falling
where will be when the sun
hits the ground
where are you when the ground
starts shaking
as the world turns upside down

You see the mountain falling
all the trees hit the ground the
stars are falling faster as the
world turns upside down

Nowhere to run when the
world is ending when god
sends the thunder down
get on your knee and start
as the world turns upside down.

I don't change for the world outside
my self i choose not to hide
judge me not for you will see
all the greatness that is me

I don't follow trends or people too
you may think i am scared but i am
human just like you

I wear what i want and be a leader
to the truth i am a believer
walk your own way i will not be there
for i will smile for i don't care

Path ahead is mine alone you will
see my name written on the stone
you will toss at me but remember
i am already free.

As morning shined it's warm glow through my window i awoke to the sound of blue birds singing in harmony upon a branch of our birch tree that over the years has grown just outside my window it's green leaves and flowers have become home to differant colored birds who build their nests i have seen many things outside my window in my youth even now as an elderly man i still sit upon my chair and remember what it was like to be young and free.
To be continued........

I jumped from a plane
parachute won't open
trying my spare if it
works i am hoping
Crap the cord is stuck
on a snag tears start falling
from my eyes. .. .....

I'm gonna die i'm gonna die
call everyone i know and tell them
goodbye cause i am about to die

Look down i see the ground coming
fast before my eyes my life just passed
girlfriend won't answer her phone looks
like i will die alone

I am gonna die i am gonna die time to
kiss my ass goodbye why in the hell did
this happen to me
wait was just a dream

Take me away i can't take this life
I offer my heart my last sacrifice
don't remember me i was never here
you never saw me crying i just disappeared

You can't see my footsteps walking away
no one here knows me forget my face
too many building i'm just an empty space

The days are shorter night has fallen
where i go from here no one's calling
I will look down upon you and watch
over your life

I will offer one more sacrifice.

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