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This was shared with the Community Managers from the developers:

"Hi guys so sorry to mention that we will have to postpone the launch by exactly a week. You will have it for sure on the 12th so that you have the full weekend to start playing it. There were some major bugs found today which need a little bit more time to fix. Even if we find bugs during the next week and aren't able to fix we will definitely launch over the next weekend that's a promise. Again really sorry about it."
I, for one, am glad that they were able to find major bugs BEFORE we started playing. Thank you for your patience!

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A new update for +DELTA T GAME has hit the store!

Changes in this update:
- Wrong phone permissions popup (Allow access to calls) removed
- Overlapping of mining zones resolved
- Item pick button size/sensitivity issues resolved
- Item pick failure on Mining skill level 3 fixed
- Scroll issues on Base connections list resolved
- Bases connected count issues resolved
- Capture cores energy cost issues resolved
- Free skill reset enabled for all players

Balancing Update:
- Players will now have a much higher probability of getting crates in mining.

Hotfix scheduled soon:
- Players will find a minimum of 2 items and up to 4 items (Crate is considered as a single item) in a zone.

Get the update here:

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There was an update from the game developing software (Client side) that activated the request access to phone calls. We apologise for this and we will disable it by next weeks update. There is nothing to worry about with the permission pop-up. We were never going to use this setting. Please just deny it access and it will be sorted. Thank you for your consideration 😍👍

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We have added a brand-new weapon to your arsenal for this update. The Earther is a weapon that inflicts damage over time and can be used on enemy cores as well as directly on bases. We have unlocked the generator for the Earther weapon and you can access it from the Generator tab of your quick menu.

You can level up the Tectonic shift (Earther) generator by harvesting energy from cores around you. The Earther is one of the most powerful weapons in the game and can inflict up to 2000 dmg at level 5. Do try out the weapon over the weekend and let us know what you think.

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Battle enemy Megacorps by creating powerful Base Clusters
#FAQ #ClusterBattles

• How do I create a Base Cluster?
Create a Cluster for your Megacorp by connecting Clan Bases using the ‘Vector’ mod. If two Bases belonging to the same Megacorp are equipped with a Vector, players can connect the two Bases together by a ‘Connection string’. These Clusters can help you build the dominance of your Megacorp in the region and can be pitted against enemy Clusters in battles.

• How do I attack an Enemy Cluster?
If you have already created a Cluster for your Megacorp, you can initiate a battle with another Cluster by connecting to the enemy Cluster with an ‘X Mod’. An X mod can initiate a connection without the enemy base accepting to it. Once the ‘Attack string’ is formed then both clusters are locked into battle for the period of 3 days consisting a battle.

• How is the strength of a Cluster calculated?

(Refer to pictures attached)

Identification: Once an 'Attack string' is established only the forward connections from the origins are identified for both clusters. These are the Bases that count towards Cluster strength.

Elimination: Any cyclic loops that lead back to the attack point are eliminated and are not calculated in the Cluster strength.

Calculation: In this step, the levels of the bases forming the Cluster, the mods installed, the sizes of the clans are factored in to calculate overall Cluster strength.

• What happens when a Cluster wins a battle?
In case of the winning Cluster, all the connections that are considered for calculating the dominance are retained and only the circular loops that reach back to the attack origin are destroyed.

• What happens when a cluster loses a battle?
The losing Megacorp loses all the connections which are part of the Cluster. Any existing circular loops that reach back to the attack origin are also destroyed.
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Some helpful information if you are having issues with downloading, installing or launching Delta-T Beta!
If you are facing issues downloading, installing or launching Delta T Beta, here is a list of ways you can troubleshoot the process -

1. Check if you have Google Play Games installed. If not, install it first and complete the setup.
2. Sign out of all your Google Accounts and sign-in with the email you have signed up for Beta.
3. Clear your Google Playstore cache. You can do it from Settings >> Applications >> Google Play Store >> Storage.
4. Click on the download link in the invite email and install Delta T
5. Launch Delta T

If you are still facing issues with launching the game, write to us at with an attached screenshot of the issue.

What do we do to load the game?

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#Betaupdate #newfeatures #DeltaT

Base connections and base clusters

You can now connect your base to other allied bases of your Megacorp to create ‘Base Clusters’ using the newly introduced ‘Vector’ mod. The bigger the cluster formed the more powerful your Megacorp becomes in the region.

Worldwide Cluster battles

A mod called the ‘X mod’ has been introduced in the beta version using which a player can establish an ‘Attack string’. This attack string locks two enemy clusters into a battle for a fixed period of time and can be initiated by clan members belonging to either cluster. These battles happening over the world are used to determine the winning Megacorp
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