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COMMUNITY GUIDELINES - California and Western US Landscapes Community  Please read before posting.


This should give you a good idea of what we are about... and what we are not about:

"You are a photographer living in, visiting, and photographing the great variety of NATURAL places and NATURAL LANDSCAPES famously located in the American West, the Pacific Northwest, and the Southwest. This community is dedicated to sharing YOUR photographs and information related to the NATURAL LANDSCAPE of this fantastic region which is internationally recognized for its rugged and wild terrain."

Please respect this community's focus on STILL PHOTOGRAPHY of the NATURAL LANDSCAPE of CALIFORNIA and the WESTERN UNITED STATES. This is NOT a place to share photographs from other locations, cityscapes and architecture, general travel photography, tourist attractions, sports photography, flower and plant photographs, animal photos, pictures of your family, and similar subjects that are not our focus. Read our community guidelines to find our more. Thanks!"

1. The focus is on photographs and not other media. Photographs? Yes. Video? No. Paintings? No. Animated GIFs and similar? No. They will be deleted.

2. The geographical area is "California and the Western US." See the forum list on the left side of the page for a list of US states included in this definition. (Material focused on other areas will be deleted.)
3. Please caption your photographs. While we do not ask for nor desire detailed location information, at least include some short description as appropriate

4. The focus is "natural landscape. Parsing boundaries between OK and not OK can be difficult, but if important elements of your photograph are not "natural landscape" elements, you are encouraged to post it in some other community. Things that are not natural landscape include: roads, family pictures, pets, wildlife, flowers and macro, cityscapes, urban areas, sports and sports equipment, buildings, bridges, vehicles, fashion, models, etc. Photographs that do not fit our focus will be deleted.

5. Photographs must be posted into the appropriate categories within the community. See the list when you post. Photographs posted incorrectly will be deleted. You are welcome to repost them in the appropriate forums.

6. Spam is not tolerated. Spamming messages will be deleted immediately and the posters banned without comment or warning. (Posts of photographs that appear to be primarily an excuse to post links to one's business may be regarded as spam by the moderators and removed.)

7. Post single photographs and do not post albums. Album posts are subject to deletion by moderators.

8. Post only your own photographs. Do not repost photographs by other photographers. You may invite them to join us and share their photographs directly in this community. Re-shares will be deleted. Blatant re-shares of the images of others without credit and explicit permission will result in an immediate ban from the community.

9. Those posting on Google Plus under commercial identities (i.e. - company names) must always include a credit to the Google Plus member photographer whose photographs appear in their post, and the credit must include the link to the photographer's Google Plus profile page. (You create this by typing the "+" symbol before their Google Plus name.) Company posts that do not include this will be deleted.  NOTE: See additional guidelines for commercial postings below.

10. Do not post links to your photographs hosted on outside servers in place of sharing photographs themselves. You must post shares of your photograph that is on Google Plus. (There are many reasons for this requirement, and we'll stick to our guns on this one.) It is OK to post a link to additional information in the text that accompanies your photograph.

11. We are not fond of posts that are largely links and hashtags. In addition to being poor form, they trigger Google Plus's automatic spam detection and may be flagged and held by the Google Plus system.

12. Do not flood the community with a huge set of sequential posts. In general, more than 2 or 3 at a time will be too many. Save some of your good stuff for tomorrow... and the next day.

13. The moderators will respond to violations of the guidelines. The response may be a gentle reminder (in many cases), deletion of the post, or in the case of spam or with repeat violators of any of the guidelines they may ban the violate without notice.

14. The community guidelines are subject to modification at any time.

Commercial and marketing posts on the California & Western States Landscapes Community

Moderators for this group aim to keep out all SPAM posts and messages out of this community.

We are also clear and united in our desire to keep any marketing or sales related posts to an absolute minimum.  We don’t want our membership to be seen as a marketplace to be targeted.

However, we recognize there may well be some circumstances when something with a business-related aspect will have some direct relevance or potential interest to members of our community.  So here are the guidelines for commercial related content being posted or shared in our community:

Your very first post(s) to our community group should not be commercially-centric.  

Favoritism will be shown to active community members and participants. Unless approved by a moderator, you shouldn’t post any commercial items within 30 days of your first post to the group.

 “Soft sell,” not “Hard sell.”

Follow the 80 - 20 Rule.   80% of your posts to the community should be 100% non-commercial, although it is OK to include a general link to your photography web site home page or portfolio as part of your description.

If you occasionally (see above 80-20 rule) want to reference something like a workshop, presentation, book, e-book, app, print sales, or anything – the soft sell approach should be followed, i.e. 80% of a post should be about a particular photo, or some other relevant aspect to our community first and foremost, followed by 20% marketing. Again, Community Relevance is primary, marketing is secondary. Making 80% of your post primarily a workshop announcement with a small follow-up footnote about the photo is not considered appropriate and will most-likely get removed by a moderator. Again, Favoritism will be shown to active community members and participants. 

The Marketing Mottos for our community:

“Don’t come knocking on our door for the first time trying to sell us something.”

If you’re an active member of the community and do have something of a commercial nature that you’d like to share: “For Marketing: Keep it light, and keep it few and far between.” Anything more than two out of any ten posts will likely raise a flag with the Moderators. (Also refer back to note # 12 above.)

If you’re in doubt, feel free to contact a Moderator and ask them first.


+Gary Crabbe +Richard Wong +G Dan Mitchell 

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I had quite forgotten I had shot the Northern Lights from Toothrock Ridge back on May 28.... the Aurora was much more intense, color-wise, than it was this past week (there was a lot of crud in the air this week)... I had to keep turning the saturation down as I processed this image. The yellow-green at the hilltops was intense this night.

#LandscapePhotography #Oregon #ColumbiaRiverGorge #northernlights #auroraborealis #canon #rokinon

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Looking south from the summit of Montara Mountain. San Mateo is on the east - you can see the San Mateo Bridge - and Half Moon Bay is on the western side.

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The Painting

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"I don't know how I got this way,
I know it's not alright,
So I'm breaking the habit,
I'm breaking the habit tonight" - Thanks for all the inspiration, Chester Bennington!

There's always a soundtrack going in my head/car radio on every single hike, trip, and journey I go on from so many different artists.
This particular song has helped me go down so many paths I had no clue what was going to happen, but it turned out pretty fuckin good!

This is Buckskin Gulch btw

#landscapephotography #grandstaircase #utah #photography #naturephotography 

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Pacifica, CA sunset mild HDR. Taken from Montara Mountain.

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Happy #WaterfallWednesday - here's Marymere Falls, near Lake Crescent in the Olympics.
I love this waterfall, because it creates its own Orton effect... as the water falls and hits that first ledge, it breaks out into a fine, but controlled mist. Great diffusion without any Photoshop magic!

#LandscapePhotography #waterfall #Washington #NPS #OlympicNationalPark #forest #Canon

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Grey Whale Cove State Beach, Montara, CA.

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East Mitten Butte and Merrick Butte at Sunrise
Oljato-Monument Valley, Navajo Nation, Utah/Arizona


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For #ThrowBackThursday I throw back a few years to a rare summer storm, clearing in the Columbia River Gorge. The wind was wickedly strong (not uncommon in the Gorge) - making this shot tough, as I straddled rocks, and tried to keep myself from being blown into the water, or hit with a wave.

#LandscapePhotography #TBT #Washington #ColumbiaRiverGorge #storm #Canon
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