SOPA is down again in 2014. The petition got it's 100000 signs and we can once again relax and let the community rot until next year :D

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We're back in business.
IF WE DON'T TAKE ACTION BY MARCH 19, 2014 ALL FANFICTION AND FAN ART WILL BE AGAINST THE LAW. THAT INCLUDES HOMESTUCK FANART AND FANFICS. The petition requires 100,000 signatures by March 19. It's March 12, and there's only 5,072 signatures. WE ONLY HAVE 7 DAYS! Consider that a huge part of this community is fanart.
Also, If any of you guys have duplicate emails, use those too to make duplicate accounts on the website. You may need to use Incognito (Ctl-Shft-N on Google Chrome) to prevent the website from blocking you if you make too many accounts. You can also create more email accounts with the same feature. I know that it's kind of cheating by making a bunch of accounts, but it's not fair that we have only a week to get 95,000 signatures. NINETY-FIVE THOUSAND!!!! Stop SOPA 2014. Go to the URL below. Spread the Word to all of your communities; even if the community doesn't support fanart, there are still probably some members that read fanfics and/or make/view fanart. Spread this message to everybody!


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Since this is the second time S.O.P.A. has tried to stop the internet being fun...

Well, I'm bored as fuck, who wants to talk about random shit?

Thanks for inviting me brett

The members of this community may call me "Dr. Righteous"

U guys like the new icon? Alex Loverde recomended it.

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What the devil's going on? Why do they want to stop youtube? We want it to stay thats for sure, but THEY want it to be NO MORE! DR.RIGHTEOUS, HERE TO SEE, S.O.P.A's POISONINIG! Copyrighting takes the fun, out of 9GAG, and other sites!

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We are eradicating SOPA, I am this community's "Dr.Righteous".
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