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OFFICIAL Builds Live!!!!

Today, we post the first of the OFFICIAL builds. As I said in the last BETA post, these will come more frequently by popular demand. As a result, they may not be as polished all of the time, but we'll do our best. I'll outline a few of the major points:

Lean - About\Changelog\OTA in one app
In order to make sure you stay up to date with these new OFFICIAL builds, and to provide a way to view both concised and detailed changelogs, and to show you the people who make this project possible, I created a single app that handles all of this, called Lean. It uses the orginal layout design that Screw'd Settings was supposed to have. It can be access via 3 ways, the normal way in your launcher, Screw'd Settings menu, or QS Tile. I've included multiple ways to access it since you have the option to disable it's icon in your launcher. It also has it's own standalone dark mode toggle. This app will have more functions in the future, I also have plans to bake in "secrets" into this app. Stay tuned.

More frequent release schedule
We will "attempt" to use an accelerated release schedule. As long as this little thing we have called a life permits, we will try to release OFFICIAL builds every week. I've always been against this kind of schedule, since our source can be in perils at any given time and I don't like putting out broken stuff. I believe in quality over quantity. But after talking it over with the team and numberous request to do so, i figure i'll give it a shot. This also means that anyone asking for ETA's will be shot on sight. (I'm kidding, maybe?)

Substratum theme support
We try to stay up-to-date with all of the OMS commits to support Substratum themes. The ROM ships with Masquerade built-in, but not the Substratum app. If you're using a theme that doesn't have an icon themed to match the rest, that does not mean that the icon isn't "themeable" (God, i hate that word), it means that the developer of the theme you're using hasn't provided a themed version of the built-in in icon in the ROM. So instead of asking me to make the icon "themeable", ask your favorite theme dev to add support for the icon in the theme by providing them this link: .

Un-maintained devices
As of now, shamu (Nexus 6) is not offically maintained. This means that I'm winging it as far as fixing shamu specific problems since I don't physically own a Nexus 6. Just be patient as far as this device goes, i do what i can.

Recommended GApps
As of now, I prefer Dynamic GApps however OpenGapps works fine too.
EDIT (01/23): It seems that as of now, OpenGapps pico (and probably the other variant packages as well) is removing NexusLauncherPrebuilt.apk, which may leave your device at "Android is starting..." if you didn't restore a 3rd party launcher during setup. If this is the case, please try Dynamic Gapps mini instead. Be warned.

Dirty or Clean Flash between OFFICIAL builds
I will always recommend clean flashing, however for you lazy people, it should be fine to dirty flash between builds unless I say otherwise. If you come across something acting weird, and you dirty flashed the last build, please try a clean flash before reporting the bug.

I originally planned on doing these much sooner, but I didn't feel it was ready to go mainstream, now I do. Please keep in mind that I'm always open for suggestions of new features if those features make sense. If you don't see a feature that you wanted that (insert other ROM here) has, then simply request it and leave it alone. I'll see it, or one of the squad will see it and tell me about it, we'll talk about it, I'll evaluate it and add it if I find it useful. If not then just don't trip. I don't want to have the same issues we had in MM.

Major thanks to the Screw'd team:
+Fabi_92 - Reviews +David Smit +Dustin Rinne +Omkar Shinde +Mike [xdnax] +Idrees Dargahwala

Also, big thanks to people from other dev teams and contributors:
 +***** +Randall Rushing  +Nathan Chancellor +Josh Fox +Paul Clark +Davor Bertovic +Nate Benis +Varun Date 
(If i forgot you, i'm sorry)

Since Sunday's will be the weekly release day, I dub this day: #ScrewdUpSunday

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So +Nathan Chancellor​​​ and I have been working on this app called 'Startup' for the last few days or so and is getting close to being finalized. We're excited!

The app will be free in the play store and open sourced for those wanting to contribute not only code but your own tips, tutorials and links. For right now it focuses in on three areas (Git, AOSP and Themeing) but could expanded further later down the road.

The app came to be after a long conversation between us where we were talking about the differences in how this part of the community helps each other out for the most part vs another part where is really cut throat. Meaning that some people don't help each other out and so it breeds kangers and encourages taking shortcuts. We were convinced that really the main reason people go out and take shortcuts is because they just don't know where to start.

They see a ROM or a theme they like and instead of learning how to go about creating something like that, they kang it. They kang it because is easier to grab an already established ROM or theme and just change this or that to it and claim it. While is easier, is not necessarily right or helping that individual or group. You don't learn anything by it and while users are like 'you the greatest', it hurts the community in the long run.

So instead of standing on the kanger soapbox once more, we've decided to give people the necessary tools, tutorials and tips to succeed. This app won't transform you into the next Chainfire or +Bryan Owens​​​ but it will put you on the right path to be a good asset in the community!

The app is also not just a kanger rehabilitation type of thing but for people that have always wanted to contribute to a project but lack the know how. They just didn't know where to start or what to read. There are a million guides out there and is hard to know which ones are legit and which ones have old or bad information. Everything in this app is hand picked and works!

Please leave feedback below, whether you like it or hate it and if you hate it, things that we could do to improve it so you do like it.

Colors in the app are not set in stone so please don't comment on that just yet.


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Any thoughts on adding something like this? Works great on other ROMs for my ANGLER.

stratsum theme engine keeps crashing when I try to open for angler and marlin.
I deleted overlays.XML folder still no dice. is there a fix?

Really love this rom, awesome! One question. The builds that say "fuckery" in em, what are those? Experimental builds? 

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I like this rom, make build for MI5 Gemini please :D

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Make sure you're not one of these guys =D

Am I missing something but I can't find the option to turn off "lift to wake". It's missing from the gestures menu. I would love to turn it off

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