Name: WhiteClaw
Fur color: Black with a scar on my back
Reason my name is whiteclaw: it's obviously cause I have a white claw.
I'm the alpha of claw clan and I'm very territoryial

So... are there any female roles open...? errrr.....

Hey guys I'm looking for voices to these characters email me if your interested. Email me what character and I'll send you the lines thank you.(ps. I check my email everyday at 12:00pm)

Starburst:[me] rebellious,outgoing,bubbly
Cupid:[male] determain, picky,loud
Marbles[female] fearful,shy,somewhat brave{taken}
Kisses: (female)caring,big hearted, dove:(female)spiritual,free wiled. Lana: (female) brave,courageous.

Teens/young adults

Meika:kiddish silly fun(female) {taken}
Loo(meikas twin sis) smart nerdy,shy
Micky (male) responsible,funny,caring
Tiger-star (female) rebellious,trouble,fearless{taken}

My email:
Thanks for your participation

Characters in Chapter 1!

Yutami:[TAKEN]she is kind of shy and she is caring and sweet needs a soft but can be loud female voice
Chapter 2:
Blaze:[OPEN]brave and helpful needs a strong male voice

I will send you the lines on kik/hangouts/skype which ever one works for you,If u want a part leave a comment,Put you kik /hangouts/skype name


Hello my name is Rigby and I am an actress/ voice actor whom would like to be a part of your production. I am funny, outgoing, crazy, and enthusiastic. If you would take the time to think about it, let me know if I could be a part of it. Thank you!movie

If you want to contact me, my skype username is rigbyrockzskype.
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