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1- Meta gaming is not an option. At all. Your OCs only know so much and the minute I catch your meta, you're gonna have a real bad time

2- R E S P E C T means have some common sense and manners. Whatever your OCs do is fine but if they act out of the limits of the DR world or act because of personal issues, punishment time. If you treat others just rudely for no reason and it continues, punishment time. No one should feel bad RPing because you want to be a prick. A bad prick (we do allow emo pricks)

3- Spectators spectate. That's it. You can comment a feeling but if you have grand theories then post in the group. And because ghosties are ok in this RP for reasons I'm not saying, you all also can't be ace detectives and theorist. I'll make a section but you get one big theory a week.

(Free Time)
1- Interaction is key. You can RP with as many people in a thread as you want so feel free to talk.

2- Me personally, I explore everything. Secrets are well hidden and surface level investigation gets you the surface level results. Just saying.

Order Of Game

Soon the trial room opens once more, this time looking like a courthouse. Two sides of the court are presented with Ginga acting as the baliff and clerk and Joanna the judge. The picture of Shouko's is center stage as the students file in

/Court is now in sessions~/
+Prince Corrin
+Ender Lily {SHSL Saiouma Shipper}
+Anri Warhol
+Akairo Shikkoku
+Dice Card
+Nate Gatsby
+Rouko Jeny Shima
+Bedlam Knight
+Sousuke Kirigiri
+Vicky Berglund
+Trucy Wright

Meeting Hall

After leaving the library and obtaining a note she arrived at the meeting room determined she would find something else here like a murder weapon or something to help with the murder.


Miko skipped over to the library, she still had no clue who died as she couldn't identify the person who died in the Monokuma file but she needs to do whatever she can in the name of being a magical training but the person or corpse in the Monokuma file looked smart so she went the library for clues.

Investigation is still on

/The trial will begin momentarily. Oh boy this is gonna be great!/

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Full Name: Mariko Togami
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Weight: 108 lbs
Height: 5'5
Birthday: March 19th
Sexuality: Bisexual
Talent: Ultimate Mathematician
Perks: Intelligent, might be nice to you if she's in a good mood, Is helpful in trials
Flaws: Rude and arrogant, is very quick to jump to conclusions, has trouble trusting others, gets extremely defensive when corrected
Personality: Mariko can be very rude and arrogant, and as mentioned before, she is very quick to jump to conclusions. She believes herself to be superior to others simply because she comes from a rich family. However, she warms up to those close to her.
Hobbies: Math (shocking, I know), writing, gaming
Likes: Math, Money (lol), close friends, computer games
Dislikes: Fake friends, being wrong in an argument
Bio: As a member of the Togami family (very original, I know :-P), Mariko is very rich and successful. However, she always hated this fact. She constantly had to deal with fake friends, and she felt that her life only had any value because of the family she was part of. Over time, she began to lie about her identity. She asked her friends and teachers to call her by a fake last name, and she always dressed as casual as possible. She eventually grew to love math and was very talented at it, earning her the title of Ultimate Mathematician.
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Nathan went into the kitchen to find more clues on Shoukos murder.

Case #6
Name: Shouko Mamoru
Talent: Ultimate Prosecutor
Cause of Death: Head Tramua
Time of Death: 11: 45 PM
Location: Museum

-Bloody statue near the body
-Note in the Library
-Lack of struggle
-Broken Tape
-Play-By-Play VHS notes

Mizuno went back to the museum once everyone left. She sat beside Shouko's corpse, hugging her legs. She would stare at his body, observing it.
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