The in world Hypergrid Welcome Center is since January 2017 here:

Ok, I'll be the first human being contributing to this community in over a year. Any news from Tom Frost the owner? Hey lookey! I see an HG address to somewhere. I'm gonna copy and paste that into my viewer map and see where it takes ME. :) pssssst, this is an HG address...... south ..... I am Forever Noob.

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Hypergrid Welcome Center
January 2017. The HG Welcome Center is now here:

Flirting Tree and Love Padlocks in Arcana Micro Grid, region Arcana South. Teleport board on arcana landing point
#twt #arcanamicrogrid #hgwelcomecenter south
Love & Flirting Bridge
behind the Arabian Ballroom with a Flirting Tree you put a picture of you on an apple, add a notecard to the content of the apple with some words about you, or what you are looking for: friend, dance partner, lover, sex affaire etc and hang the apple.

Love Padlocks fence; the open padlocks are available. Come alone to spend some minutes in Memory of a beloved one, drop from your inventory to one of the padlocks a notecard with a poem or your own text, touch the shackle to close the padlock when you are done.

There are different padlocks: for friendship, for lovers (hetereto and gay) in memory of, etc. Pick the one you like or send me your texture and I will make your very personal padlock
If you land in the HG Welcome Center, take the TP to the Flirting Tree.
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They can be picked up @ Hypergrid Welcome Center in
with the teleport to Female Supplies
#twt The free gowns are finished now and can be found in the HG Welcome Center free supplies store
The no modify its because of the license of the textures I used. Enjoy! :)
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Komunika Press Radio
Your stream start page:
Your streaming server index page:
Komunika Press Radio
Your stream start page:
Your streaming server index page:

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HG Welcome Center
Free Gowns (2) in the Female Starter Supplies Store
#twt HG Welcome Center in Arcana Micro Grid
Two gowns are ready and waiting for you.
Take teleport to Female Starter Supplies on the TP board.
Two or 3 more will be available next week.

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Welcome to Universite Populaire komunika
Ouvert/Open Popular University
Virtual worlds
Great canadian Grid , Gatika region.
Open applications for students to learning groups of: spanish french italian portuguese english german japanese and chinese.

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January 2017. The HG Welcome Center is now here:
Introducing the Hypergrid Welcome Center
- Calling creators for help

+Tom Frost great idea, when he created the G+ community motivated me to go ahead and create a region dedicated to this purpose. His experiences as a Hypergrid Newbie, were similar to mine. When I started to hypergrid in April it took me many weeks to understand how it works. As I creator I had the resources to fix my avatar, but most coming from SL or closed grids don't have this possibility. In collaboration with Tom's community, I want to help to make the transition of Newcomers easier. 

Tutorial boards are done. They start with explaining what are grid, oar, metaverse, how to hyper-travel etc through boards with links to webpages, to blogs or Chic's video tutorial. Added also linked boards to G+ communities like Opensim Virtual, Hypergrid Destinations and many others.

Also started to package Landmark Tours to freebies, to interesting places to explore, to art and education etc. Thanks to +Maria Korolov for the suggestion.

There is a Meeting Point as Hangout area and a Sandbox.  Who joins the group can set his Home position to the group land until they decide where to get a region or own land.

Owners of free land
are welcome to pass me a folder containing a picture, a notecard with  info, the HG adress and a landmark of their grid and whom newcomers can contact to get free land. I will post a board with such offers.

Commercial grids
are also welcome to post an advertising board for their regions for a payment of 1 usd monthly. Contact me by interest.

Call for start resources
Asking creators to please support this project. Specially creators of male and female skins, shapes, clothes everything a Newcomer needs to fix his starter avatar until they know enough to go out and hunt for freebies.
Please only own made resources or made out of CC0 material.  Include a notecard inside the content with your TOS.
You can rez your donations in the store. You can add Landmark to your home location or Kitely Marketplace.

please support the project. You can use any of the pictures in this post and the logo.

Thanks in advance to the donnors and supporters.

Coffee in the Morning
Mondays and Fridays.
Europeans from 1 am pst - 4 am pst
Americans + Canadians + Others from 6 am - 9 am pst

Any time everyone welcome to visit and give me a suggestion for a tutorial/thema I might have missed.
Hypergrid Welcome Center
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