hums of the music of skillet feel invincible and enjoys the sauna 

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I walk into the hot tub area carrying a pink towel. My husband and I are expecting a baby, and I'm now 7 months along. I'm wearing a pink and blue maternity swimsuit with a green button-up shirt over it Ahhh, fresh air. rubs my belly and talks to the baby It's such a nice morning, isn't it sweetie? The weather's been just beautiful! I set my towel down, take off my shirt and toss it aside, put my glasses and wedding ring on my towel, play some soothing music on my iPhone, and slide into the hot tub ((Open role-play. Keep it clean, she's married!))

goes into the hot tub and enjoys the relaxing music that came along with my iPod and speaker

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Name Iblis Trigger
Gender female
Race pure of flames
Age 15

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James: Takes off glasses and gets into a sauna Well, today was stressful, but with that premotion it seems too be going well.

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Thanks for the invite +Red The Edge
Later on I would do my profile and rp


gets into a special hot tub i made that has lava in it now this is relaxing
Eclipse: o_o Neon how are you not dying from that?!
Me: 1. i cant die and 2. im able to withstand the flames o the fire emeralds so lava is weak compared to the fire emeralds

Kirito: so this most be place hmm get in hottub oh that feel good

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comes in Time for a little dip. ^v^ puts some Kenny G on my iPhone, kicks off my flip-flops, peels of my gloves, steps out of my shorts, and slides into the hot tub Ahhh, this is so nice. ^v^ A woman just needs to get away from it all sometimes. Being a princess, a wife, and a mother can really take it out of you. ^v^ relaxes and sips on a bottle of Sprite ((Open RP, keep it clean!))
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takes robe off and get in hottub ohhhh..that's nice
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