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Me and Gideon was looking around mystery shack I found a cool future looking thingy. I show gideon and began playing with it then well I pressed a button. It didn't seem like anything happend but then we seen a Mabel and dipper. But they looked kinda diffrent. (Open for some one to play as Gideon and dipper. May not respond quickly cause phone might die)
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Name: pacifica southeast  


 Likes:stickers, 90's stuff. (the complete opposite of normal pacifica)   


Bio:well my bio doesn't seem long. all i can say is that I'm really upbeat and kind. i been that way for a while. when gideon came we became friends immediately.

Personality:upbeat, kind. 
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Name: Mabel pines

Age: 13

Likes: waddles!! Glitter!!! My friends!!!Ect!!!

Dislike: Gideon

Personality:up beat

Bio: the entire Gravity Falls series
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Name: Mabel gleeful

Age: 12 1/2

Likes: fans. My little Gideon

Dislike: ms. Old fasion (Pacifica)

Bio: me and my brother lived in gravity falls for a while until the best thing happend. I met my little Gideon. And he has the 3rd dumb books dipper whines about.

Personality: opposite of normal mabel.
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Can i post a community here? It's gravity falls related.

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Lunessa walked into the mystery shack, glancing around, looking for Stan Mr. Pines..? are you here??? I wanted to ask you something! ((Open RP, but if anyone could play stan that would be nice... but ya know, whatever's fine!))

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Quote: "Ah man! Where's my coke?!"
"Great job, you almost made me sneeze..."
"Am I good? Come on kiddies, what  type of question is that?"

Name: Walter Hoglite
Age: 27
Gender: Male

Species: Walter is of course, somewhat, of a human, however he is part dragon. It is unknown which of his parents were dragons, however it can be assumed it might have been his father, whom he harbors a strong grudge against.

Sexuality: Straight than a ruler, Walter is not gay.

Blood Type: 0

Physical Health: Walter seems to half health that surpasses that of a regular man his age. His body seems age way more slowly than natural humans, and seems to be able to sustain itself for longer periods of time due to his dragon blood, as well as give him resistance to certain diseases.

Mental Health: As for mental health, Walter atleast seems to be a stable individual who can see when common sense is clearly needed in a situation(even if he ignores it) and can be mentally stable in near death situations. He seems to handle death very easily, and has no problem stealing from others, as well as doing other negative activities.

Personality: Social and unrefined, Walter is a loose canon who only cares for himself and his goals. He doesn't seek friendship from others, and often refers to himself as "The ultimate Loner". He plays a act of positivity around most strangers he meets, however when confronted with friends he almost seems rude or unsanitary in his mood. Though, despite his negative attributes, he is surprisingly dependable in a bleak situation, and know how to keep his cool, able to act on rational thought even when threatened with death, which many find weird. Mention his parents however, and he'll immediately become quiet and introverted, as he harbors large hate for his father, and guilt for his mother's death.

Hobbies and interests: Walter enjoys gambling as well as swindling people out of their money and belongings, as even when he was young he had knack for stealing and trickery. He also enjoys hitting on several women at one time, along with harassing people weaker than himself, however not to the point he seems like a bully.

Occupation: none

Hometown: Juneau, Alaska

What brings them to Gravity Falls?: Honestly, Walter has no special reasons to be in Gravity Falls, other than he just "happened" to pass through the town on his way down to California, not that its anyone's business. However, Walter, whom was actually one of the smart people noticing the weird events going on in the town decided to stay for a while, and explore(and try to solve) the interesting mysteries of the town going under the guise of a defenseless hobo.
Lover/Crush: none

Western Dragon Physiology:
The user supposedly has the ability to attain the abilities of a western dragon, a powerful monster with the power to spew elements from its mouth, fly, and have protective scales for defense, along with natural attributes they can use for battle. Walter, as a half dragon has the power to use dragon strength, speed, ect. along with the ability to produce ice breath from his mouth (and his butt! XD), and can sprout wing from his back to fly. Along with this, he has some resistance to magic like most dragons(though its weaker due to being half human), and can survive in the atmosphere for long amounts of time without succumbing to air pressure. He has the ability to use the claws of a dragon, as he wears gloves to hid this part of his body which he uses for physical combat.

Ice Manipulation:
One his parnets were ice dragons, and as a result Walter inherited the ability to command and manipulate ice to his command, being able to freeze people and cause blizzards and hail storms, along with freezing water and inducing cold temperatures into the areas around him.

Ice Magic:
Allows the user to conjure and summon ice to their will and command. 

Walter is a half dragon from Juneau, Alaska who travels around North America in search of a woman named, Elise Ormphanshire, who he thinks is his mother. Born into a two parent household, Walter was born to the married couple, Elise and Terrence Hoglite, whom worked as fishermen in Juneau. Walter never knew his mother, who was said to have died in child birth 2 hours after his birth. He was then raised by his alcoholic father, whose overbearing addict behavior tortured his son. The only thing that kept him sane was the locket his mother had given him when he was born. He believed it was his fault she died, he knew she didn't deserve, and he wonder why it couldn't have been him. Of course, he had never actually decided to open the locket, so of course, when he decided to see what was inside it, a blue light portruded out of it, and lifted what he felt had been heavy chains on his life, and also inside the locket he found a letter from his mother relaying the info that if he was reading it, she wanted to tell him she was still alive, and indeed wished to see him, asking him to come to a list of locations across the county she seemed to enjoy, one of the places called gravity falls. He of course took this chance, and when confronted by his father spewed ice at him, seemingly freezing him on the spot in front of him, triggering his half dragon abilities. Across the continent he traveled, along the way awakening his dragon abilities along with the ability to manipulate ice which he inherited form his mother. Of course, after exploring almost every part of the continent, he came upon gravity falls, using the excuse of a hobo traveling over to California to fit in with tourist, and make suspicion on him falter.

Walter is scared of fire and has a unhealthy obscession with fish, to the point where he will attack or try to eat anything that reminds him of it. He is also easily distracted by women, and this can cause him to be defeated by his own folly. He seems to harbor a discreet phobia of spiders, and is often thrown into chaotic panic by them.
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Name: Lunessa May
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Human-mage hybrid((commonly known as a Witch))
Physical Health: Relatively healthy, but has a weak immune system, and has a tendency to get sick a lot, for at least a week at a time
Personality: She's a clumsy but kind girl, she likes to tease and make friends, she's oftenly considered ''dorky'' not that she minds much, she's considered a bit of a ''tomboy'' though she doubts it. She loves to make friends, but she usually has trouble approching people, she's rather relaxed most of the time, and finds most of her amusement in watching other people interact
Mental Health: Not the best, but she's still mostly sane
Occupation: Living with her adoptive family, looking for a job((she could use some pocket money)) possibly at the mystery shack? their items intrigue her((she may also consider working at the cafe))
Skills: Good at climbing and with mechanics, can also make nice sweets and candy, has a knack for seeing a scam
Powers/Abilities: Know's a few spells and simple element manipulation, but she still can't do very much, no one taught her how
Quirks: she likes to try any disgusting food combination people come up with, and for the most part, she likes them. She'll say whatever is on her mind, oftenly making weird comments or saying something odd and completely off topic. She has a weird fascination and distraction with Shiny or dangle-y things((much like a cat)) 
Pet Peeves: Someone leaving the door open, high pitched buzzing or ringing((Such as dog whistles, or the buzzin of a messed up wire, even if you can't hear it, she can))
Traits and Flaws: She's rather clumsy and too curious for her own good. she's way too kind
Weaknesses her magic is weak and unstable((she can't control it quite yet)) she can't stand the thought of hurting anyone
Items: an amulet that allows her to see the corruption of peoples souls((not that she wears it much)) it was a heirloom from her mother's side
Friends: None yet, unless you count her siblings(( Lilly:age 12 Koko: age 17)) but they won't be around much
Relationships: None?
Rivals: none yet
Pets: An orange and cream stripped kitten((relatively normal, until it sprouts out it's wings and starts to fly around. p.s if anyone caught that reference you are awesome XD))
Place Of Dwelling:  House just on the end of town, Has adoptive parents, an adoptive sister((age 3, named Ella)) but her bio-sisters are both vacationing somewhere else. she also likes to hang out by the lake a lot and generally around the forest
Weapons: a few pocket knives
Bio: Nes's parents were killed when she was very young((by a couple of witch hunters))her and her sisters managed to escape, and were later adopted by a kind family who were just about to move to gravity falls. she moved to gravity falls when she was 6, most people there know her, she's been in between jobs for the past few years, and yet some still mistake her for a child, though you can't blame them, she is rather short and small for her age. She's been trying to build up and work on her powers, but she can't seem to grasp it just yet, her two bio-sisters are off vacationing somewhere else for the summer, and she's currently looking for a job to pass the time
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