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Change log :
•26 icons added.
•Fixed color of few icons.
•Added support for LG Home.
•Added theme switching (dark is default).
•Total --> 126 icons!

Enjoy, +1 and reshare!

As you all know this app hasn't been getting any updates, that's because I didn't have time,last few Months have been tough as hell! But now I will try to redesign a few months of the icons, and make new ones as soon as possible! Cheers!

So I am done with the exams! Atlast!! I will restart the work tonight and within two three days, I will update the app! Stay tuned and enjoY!

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+Osama Asif​ designed Creamcons Icons 💙

+edwin macalopú​ shared Awesome Wall 💛

+edwin macalopú​ designed Ocea Zooper 💜

+Toastcode​ presenting Screener App 💚

Will be updating the app on Wednesday I.e. 6 April, before I go underground again for my exams! Thanks for being patient!😉

For next two months I will be in active. I have exams (High school) and they are the most important exams of my life (probably, who knows). So please be patient and enjoy.

I will although, push an update this weekend!

Where are you guys from, I am gonna make app drawer icons with country flags. Comment below!

Update coming in an hour or so, with new icons, support for LG Home and App theme changing (dark or white).....will be apk, cuz I ran into a problem and it will take a few days to upload to play store. Also I wanted to justify the price of 1$ by making upto 300-400 icons before uploading to play store!

As there are still two widgets in the app, if any one is interested make some awesome ones, and I will add them, and credit you! They need to be minimal or material with the icons color pallette (which is material color pallette). Others colors can also be used!

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