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Melinda Mullins: "Since moving to France I've had the good fortune to pursue my passion for painting, and in particular painting animals, full time. I hope you'll enjoy a glimpse of some of them." -

Hello fellow WENN fans. So I had this great idea to start a community around one of my favourite tv shows, and now I'm stuck. I added a post category to discuss the Actors goings on in the section "Where Are They Now?" but I don't know what else to add.

I thought about naming sections with WENN program names (like "Where are they now?" could be named "Listen to your life") but I thought that that might be a bit too confusing for some. 

So what are your thoughts? What should be the sections of this community? what should be the main topics to talk about? What good WENN sites should we link to?

I'm all ears.

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