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Who is your favorite Avenger?
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is patroling New York

anyone wanna rp?

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Name: Kane Hardy
Age: 18
Powers: Similar to 2099 spiderman but faster, stronger, spider sense and has his mother's ability to manipulate luck
Parents: Black Cat and Spiderman- Uncle is Kaine Parker=clone
Likes: Being the hero he is. You don't even have to ask me about that
Hates: The feeling like prey. Like I'd tell that to everyone
Bio: Ask my mother
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Peter Parker, Aka the Amazing Spider Man, was at home with his wife Mary Jane-Parker and newborn daughter Mayday Parker. While enjoying the moments he has on his day off for once, he gets a text from an old friend and love Felicia Hardy. He thinks of it as an emergency and dawns the red and blue swinging to her apartment building in manhattan. Felicia was presumed to be dead but instead retired of her days as the Black cat to be free from crime lords like the Kingpin.

When he arrived to the apartment and was surprised to see everything was alright and safe. "Felicia" he said, "Why did you text me to're retired and hiding while I'm making a new life with…" but was stopped when he sees a baby boy in her arms about one or two years old, with very light brown hair. "Why is there a baby with you?" She then looks to the little boy with a smile. "There is something you should know...remember when I was gone about two years ago?"

She see's the confused face under the mask and smiles. "Well after you left me for Red...I was pregnant and wanted you to be happy with her...but now I wanted you to know that he is yours…" Peter was very confused and worried...he had a son with Felicia, before marrying MJ and having Mayday. "Why are you telling me this now Felicia?" He demanded.

"Because I didn't want to let you know by any other means...I was going to have him only know you as you are now...the Amazing Spider Man, I named him like your doppelganger Kaine...only spells K-A-N-E...that is all I wanted to talk about...thanks for listening," she said standing up to kiss his cheek, "you were always the best job I've ever did."

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IRON MAN made by me...........

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Ia there no OC form??
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