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My hard copy arrived today
I'm pleased as punch with it.
Great job on this its a triumph having great fun toying with it.
So damn easy to build on to.

Thoroughly enjoying the complimentary PDF
Its giving lots of food for thought & plenty of inspiration.
I finding that expanding the ideas for my Sci-fi setting so much easier after checking out the rules updates.
I've added some twists of my own for my setting.
Be great to hear from anyone who has taken Maelstrom & taken the idea further in to the future.
Or maybe you're setting it in present day.
Be great to hear from others are experimenting with the game.
If you playing in the settings already published
Be great to read on any mechanics you have tweaked, changed or simply weren't your cup of tea.
If their is a podcast of live play that would be cool
Also interviews with G. Bottley / A. Scott.
Would love to hear / read those.

I've been busy working SciFi tropes for Maelstrom
I have working title Maelstrom : Neon Steam (M.N.S)
Was wondering if anybody else has been producing scif ideas using the Maelstrom rules?
I've decided to get hold of Maelstrom Gothic as that era has great possibilities for what I want to do with the game.
I'm also thinking of using I.C.E's Drunkard rules
This rounds numbers to the nearest five
Though this may not appeal to all gamers it could be easily remedied.
Personally I think enhances a number of percentile systems.
Each to their own & all that.

I've been busy working out careers & traits for Alien characters
Players have a maximum of three positive traits two must be negative
Players decide on why the trait hinders them.
I have a D100 table with 100 different possibilities.

Players also can become gifted at any point.
This is purely a different take on luck/ karma based on using doubles.
Players may go through an awakening this can happen to any character at any point
When they roll doubles 11-55 these override & allow you to pass the task regardless of your ability.
These rolls are also significant to character development.
& draws them towards a positive paths.
Doubles of 66-00 means you fail the task & may curse you leading you towards darkness.

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Spent more than an hour last night chatting to Grognard Files Dirk the Dice about school, gaming, trombones, Maelstrom, and PARANOIA (with emphasis on the last).

Could have chatted a lot longer...

Expect the edited highlights next month.

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Includes the NEW Maelstrom book, Maelstrom Gothic!!

Thinking of giving this latest edition of Maelstrom a bash
I picked the up the original puffin book version
On Amazon a while back purely out of nostalgia
& I then discovered that Arion games had got a revival going
So where do I start ?
I apologise for being late. Life's tough when you have been living in the dark ages.

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Feel free to join! I figured An Arion Games community would be helpful for discussion/news on Graham's other projects!

Got another question, this time about the armor. I know it says that the Cloth Gambeson can be worn under that chain but does anyone allow it for use under the Leather also. If it's not really much heavier than some thicker clothing I would think it could?

Just curious if there are official Maelstrom forum for some rules clarifications? Other than the forum on Arion's website. I have tried to sign up multiple times but cannot get the confirmation email to be received, using my gmail account.

Got a question about Movement. In the rules I see Speed but nothing that shows or determines movement rates. Is that meant to imply it's to be covered by TotM (abstracted)?
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