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Feel free to join! I figured An Arion Games community would be helpful for discussion/news on Graham's other projects!

Got another question, this time about the armor. I know it says that the Cloth Gambeson can be worn under that chain but does anyone allow it for use under the Leather also. If it's not really much heavier than some thicker clothing I would think it could?

Just curious if there are official Maelstrom forum for some rules clarifications? Other than the forum on Arion's website. I have tried to sign up multiple times but cannot get the confirmation email to be received, using my gmail account.

Got a question about Movement. In the rules I see Speed but nothing that shows or determines movement rates. Is that meant to imply it's to be covered by TotM (abstracted)?

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Im running a one shot Maelstrom session this coming Saturday 27th June. Totally free to play. Can use Demo FG license. Lots of other games running too.
[FGDAZE] Maelstrom - Fencing Masters - Noobs Welcome (1 spot available)
FGDaze One Shot - Fencing Masters. This is a one shot session for FG Daze and will run for 4 hours. No Fantasy Grounds or Ruleset experience is required. Pregens supplied. Headset and Mic required. Please have Fantasy Grounds and Teamspeak installed and updated prior to joining the session.

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I was a big fan of the original but I'm blown away by the Domesday refresh.

I'm staggered that it's not more popular and doesn't generate more interest.

Oh well, fingers crossed for the future!

It was great seeing and chatting to +Graham Bottley once again at #fayretimesfestival and also to get him to autograph all my Maelstrom: Domesday books! :D

I will be running a Maelstrom Domesday game sunday morning at Conpulsion in Edinburgh:
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