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Here is the community map as it stands right now.  I know there are more communities represented in here, I just don't know them.  If you would like your community or landing page represented on this map, please comment.

Is anyone still out there? I've been on hiatus for a while, but I am slowly making a comeback. Also helping my fiancée, foxytifa. WolfMan47, back in the game, lurking Batavia, Eastgate, Amelia and Tri-County Mall.

Just getting started location mount gilead, ohio. 

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Operation: Diamonds Never Lie To Me
Saturday June 25, 2016 – 11 pm ET Check point.

What happens when you have 2 kayaks, airport terminal access, a mad-crazy draw, and only four days to plan? The answer: 27 layers of luscious green over AM01-KILO-15 for a boost of 1,972,955 MU.
That may not seem like a lot of MU to some of you who live in more populated areas. Although our draw covered cows and corn, the baseline and layers ran through a volatile area of active resistance spanning from Mechanicsburg, Ohio all the way to Winchester, Indiana.  Our target portals and zones fluctuated, sometimes several times a day, as blockers were constantly shifting. Flexibility was paramount, and we adapted. We even had to add one additional agent at the very last minute, a mere 2 hours before checkpoint, to a location that was over an hour away from his normal AO.
It all began with an ambitious diamond-shaped draw by +Larry Manson  on Wednesday, June 22nd. The baseline was one of the most secure ones we could obtain in this area, stretching from the Southwest Terminal of Dayton International Airport to Behm’s Landing on Grand Lake Saint Marys.  We had the airport access, but the lake portal was only accessible by the water.
Enter the newly formed Dayton Enlightened Naval Service (or DENS for short).
The maiden voyage of the DENS was captained by +Sam Staley  and +Jason Talley . Together they traveled up to the lake and discovered that not only was the portal only accessible by water, but it would require them to stay in their kayaks the entire duration of the operation.  Unfortunately, they forgot their bug spray. But they persevered and at 10:30 pm the baseline was established.  Incidentally, you should check out their pictures – sunset by the lake must have been something to behold.
On Saturday we had 16 agents on 14 teams in the field. +David Rawson  and I served as operators. We had planned to drop all blockers by 10:40 pm. However, our agents east of the baseline were encountering heavy traffic in Urbana, so we took the risk and moved up our plan in the time table. Once the eastern side was established, we were able to start on the Western side. All 27 layers were completed well in advance of Checkpoint, by 10:48 pm.
Badges earned:
·        +Sam Staley  – Gold Illuminator
·         +Jason Talley  – Platinum Illuminator
·         +Mark Fischer  – Onyx Illuminator... just barely.
Special thanks to +Mike Tyrchniewicz  for pre-clearing, +Andy Pohl  for cleaning up our anchors on the boulevard a day early, and to +Paul Bogard  for a very serendipitous arrival in Dayton International Airport to deploy an SBUL on our southern anchor.
None of this would have been possible without our wonderful team of very flexible and adaptable agents:
AcridFish +Mark Fischer 
ActionRZ +Rod Martin 
Buckeye20100 +Sam Staley 
Cra2hgirl +Dee Dee Martin 
Dokkentemujin +Gabriel Upton 
DraxEon +Ed Bihlajama 
ElectricFirefly +Amanda Miller 
LiquidXT +Jason Talley 
mtyrchni +Mike Tyrchniewicz 
neekofab +Charles Hardy 
pdbfishsticks +Paul Bogard 
pohlaj +Andy Pohl 
rawdr +David Rawson 
sithlord12 +Sithlord 12 
stormblade73 +Joshua Borton 
styrch +Sarah Tyrchniewicz 
theglobemaster +Jake Miller 
themicrokid +Larry Manson 
thewrongfrog +David Reynolds Jr 
toastman2000 +Kelly Warren

#Ingress #Enlightened  

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Had a blast at NL1331! Thank you to Warp Wing Brewery for letting us host this event. 

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I am Buckeye20100 I play in the south Dayton area normally

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Wheeling Ingress First Saturday
1205 Chapline St.
Wheeling, WV
(Above the Metropolitan Citi Grill)
Portal Link -,-80.721402&z=17&pll=40.067125,-80.721402  
There is no entry fee! Just come, have fun and meet your fellow agents.
10:30-12:00 – Scanner Check in – Glyph Station Demonstration (Glyph station at 11:00 sharp)
Check in with opposing faction host for initial AP, Translator & Trekker readings
12:00-2:00 – Battle Over Downtown Wheeling
2:00 – Scanners Down
Check in with opposing faction host for final AP, Translator & Trekker readings
Awards and Prizes Following Final Tally
After Party Dinner & Drinks at Generations Restaurant
(Dutch Treat)

Had a great time out doing missions with +GLOCK1968 ENL 16​ an +Maggie Stewart​ in Cincinnati wheather was great the company was even better.

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February Wheeling First Saturday is in Martins ferry, OH at the Martins Ferry Public Library.
February Wheeling First Saturday is in Martins ferry, OH at the Martins Ferry Public Library.

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I'm mainly in the mid to southeast side of Columbus but go all over surrounding areas during the week. Good to meet you all! Well... electronically meet you at least :)
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