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Due to a sudden increase in Spam Bots joining communities, we have set the community to "Ask to Join" mode.

All new members will require admin approval before they will be accepted.

How to get accepted:
The easiest way is to not look like a spam bot.

It will be assumed that you're a spam bot if:
If your profile has no posts.
All posts hidden
No profile picture
Profile contains obvious spam posts
then you will be automatically rejected.

More information on new Spam Bots from the GTA V Community:
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Gday all fellow Ekky fans, just puttin it out there to find a wagon for my collection, Keep Cruisin Mad Mick

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Holden EK at a car show today in Yarrawonga, Australia.

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Holden EK Special in Yarroweah, VIC, Australia.

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I just changed the community settings to "Ask To Join" - as i just finished removing about 30 fake spambot profiles from the members list.

The community is still visible to public, and can still be joined, just when people try to join, a moderator will have to approve the member.

This will reduce the amount of spam in the community.

Nice!!! Thanks!!!!

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