Hola buen dia mi nombre es yina........ Tengo un grupo de WhatsApp. Alguien quiere. Unirse

you mamas so stupid, she thought pewdiepie was an actual type of pie and the fat one ate him.

Yo mama so fat when she wears polo shirts the logo is real

Yo mama so fat her family want to eat her for Christmas dinner!

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Girl: Am I pretty?
Boy: No.
Girl: Will you be with me forever?
Boy: No.
Girl: And if I walked away, would you cry?
Boy: No.
The girl had heard enough, and she was hurt, tears streaming down her face. Suddenly, the boy grabbed her arm.
Boy: Your not pretty, your beautiful. I won't just be with you forever, I NEED to be with you forever. And if you walked away, I wouldn't cry, I'd DIE. 
Boy whispers: Please. Will you be with me?
Girl whispers: Yes.
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Your mama so fat when she walks she creats a tsunami
Your muma so dumb when she heard the doorbell she went to the microwave

Contest Time: Best YO MAMA Jokes gets promoted to Moderator

Yo mom so fat that when she walks in front of the TV you miss the hole show

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This Is Called The Eye Test!
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