Welp I'll be going off G+ so I will give ownership to someone

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"These day keeps getting weirder and weirder.."

Name : Steven

Age : 14
Gender : male

Species : Human

Bio : Steven is a fellow American who lives near Nate Adams. He received his Yokai watch when Nate had come visit once , from the Dream version Splitting into two.

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"Nya-Whisu! 🐱"
Name: Fluffy (I hate my name!)
Species: Buchinyan
Class: Charming
Type: Cat Yo-Kai
Gender: Male
Likes: CHOCOBARS (its a relative thing...), playing, and just being energetic in general..... and um... Roller coasters!
Dislikes: Being called "Whisper cat". I hate it!!! And also, I hate my name! Fluffy? It sounds like a 4 year old named me!
Job: Uh...... Playing?
Favorite thing to do: Obvious- PLAY!
I'm a cheery cat Yo-Kai who is white with red spots on me. I am a fusion Yo-Kai of Jibanyan and Whisper, being mostly related to Jibanyan. I am not very smart, but not dumb. I have a decent amount of knowledge... I HATE being called "Whisper Cat". It is so mean, and I like to forget that I am part Whisper... Because... Well... I don't like him. I hate anyone who is rude, but am often very cheerful. I love to play, and...Evidently, I love Chocobars. Mostly, I Hate my name.
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HI EVERYONE PLS enjoy yourselfs here but no one named kutu kiwi!!!! shes a jerk
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