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I had so much fun putting together this padlet of my #oldiesbutgoodies picture books. These are some that I read to my own children when they were young & now read to my grands. I realize that a few titles were actually on Captain Kangaroo... now that was a long time ago...

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I'm late but I could not miss this annual gathering of goodness for readers everywhere. This year I focus on bees and beekeeping. I am worried for bees and the results for all of us due to their diminishing numbers. Let's keep awareness of and for them growing.
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This isn't beautiful because I ran out of time, and it isn't 10 because I couldn't omit one of these favorites, so without further ado, here are 11 books that I realized I couldn't live without this year.

Drawn Together by Minh Le has sparse text, rich images, and a tender, moving, joyful story.

Little Worlds by Géraldine Collet is a perfect book to share during the first week of school as we get to know each other and bring our little worlds into new community.

Alfie:(The Turtle That Disappeared) by Thyra Heder is great for perspective, predictions, and inferencing. Fantastic illustrations and a wonderful story.

The Word Collector by Peter Reynolds will be a delight to anyone who loves words.

Love by Matt de la Pena is just . . . so . . . beautiful.

A Leaf Can Be . . . by Laura Purdie Salas is beautiful, poetic, and thought-provoking.

The Quiet Place by Sarah Stewart is truly wonderful and makes me want everyone to send me their favorite word for my birthday.

After the Fall: How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again by Dan Santat seems more brilliant every time I read it.

Now by Antoinette Portis is a lovely example of being present, enjoying each moment, and being content.

A Bike Like Sergio’s by Maribeth Boeits is such a well told story. Captures the emotions of longing, of being conflicted, of doing what is right though there may not be a reward. Loved that we didn't get a predictable ending (boy returns money, lady gives enough of a reward to buy the bike). Really well done.

More-Igami by Dori Kleber celebrates persistence, patience, diversity.

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Well, I'm a little late the party today, but here is my collection of ten books because we're BETTER TOGETHER.

I can't wait to check out all of the posts. Off to grab my library card and start reserving titles. It looks like some of my other central Ohio friends may be a bit ahead of me in line. ;o)

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Excited to share 10 new picture books to support Reading Power strategies.

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I'm late but I could simply not miss this annual celebration of picture books. I decided to focus on bees and beekeeping this year. I am concerned for their existence and how their diminishing numbers will affect all of us. Let's keep awareness of and for them increasing.

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Here's my list of newly published books for #pb10for10. And yes...I know it's only 9.
New Picture Books for 2018
New Picture Books for 2018

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10 books to celebrate togetherness and kindness.

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To compliment my 2018 #nf10for10 list of girl power nonfiction books to share with my daughter, here are my 2018 #pb10for10 list of girl power picture books to with my daughter:

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I decided to focus on a theme and because I’m still in holiday mode decided to highlight mystery and detective stories. I do love mysteries and it’s what I typically read when I’m not working. The following is my list of books some, new and some oldies-but-goodies which keep me guessing and leave me in awe of remarkable observation and deductive reasoning skills.

The Top 10 on10 - The picture book fiction edition
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