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So in case you had no idea

you know how Littens name is just Kitten with an L instead of a K?
Well in case you had no idea

Rowlet, is just the word Owlet, with the R in the front
Owlets are what baby owls are called.
Rowlet is pretty small too isn't it?
So based on my current information, Only Popplio has a unique name out of the unevolved alola starters
As baby Sea Lions are just called pups.

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I'm torn between sending them to sun and moon as is, or resetting their stats.

What should I do...?
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Here's a thought(Sun and Moon ending Spoilers)

Imagine a remake of Pokémon Yellow
The style of FRLG

It's not part of the same universe as past games
Rather in an alternative universe where
It happens immediately after Sun and Moon.
(Red and Blue looking like their Sun and Moon counterparts too)

But if you know the Ending of Sun and Moon, Lillie...
She Goes to Kanto.
So instead of having just Blue for a rival...
Lillie is also a rival!
You'd also have all the Pokémon we all know currently, as well as the ability to go to Johto.
Potentially some of FRLGs post-game, and then some.

It's an interesting concept wouldn't you think?
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I love this concept!
Could be better(suggestions?)
No thanks
i could care less...
I love this concept!
Could be better(suggestions?)
No thanks
i could care less...

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The greatest game of catch ever played
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I thought of some new shippings for the Sun & Moon games. Let me know if they sound good. (If so, then post this to several Pokémon communities before someone else comes up with shipping names for these)

Laurelshipping: fem trainer x Hau
Sunnymarshshipping: male trainer x Mallow
Mysticshipping: male trainer x Lillie
Skullheartshipping: Lusamine x Guzma
Punkgangshipping: Gladion x Plumeria
UltraShipping: Gladion × Lusamine

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