Altria was walking in the forest about 20min away at press-paw speed, hoping to escape the heat of the five Volcanoes of the ring. Soon she caught your scent from downwind...

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Name: Altria

Age: 16

Gender: female

Clan: Ring of the Sacred Volcanoes

Rank: Fengo of the Ring

Mate: none

Pups: none

Siblings: none that I know of

Bio: I was born a machald because i had a spot on my back heel that made other wolves think i was from the shadow world and I was taken to a spot called a tumfraw in the wilderness. Forced to survive on my own until I returned, I gained more knowledge about the land than I would have if I were a regular Wolf. I returned and competed in the Gladdergnaw games. I had proven myself worthy of the spot for the Fengo, and now I make the laws for the whole Beyond.

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Name. Nyzix
Age. 16 moons
Gender. Female
Pack. McDuncan
Rank. Alpha Female
Mate. N/A
Pups. N/A
Siblings. ?
Bio. My pack never really liked me, I was to silent and to good at everything. What I acceled at the most was ordering others around for hunts, I learned that from my father... The only one who cared. I was told that I would succeed him because I was his only pup. I finally earned the packs respect and awe after negotiating and intimidating another clan from attempting to take over.


Can I be an alpha fr one of the clans
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