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Evaluating how Dana Perino used Twitter in three weeks

1. Introduction:
Twitter has been a very popular social media platform where people share their ideas and express their views and thoughts on various issues. It has become an alternative for official print media because of its fast delivery of views and knowledge. Twitter, indeed, can be used in either effective ways or ineffective ways. In this report, an attempt will be made to comment and analyze the use of twitter by a famous American journalist, commentator, host and broadcaster who is called Dana Perino.
Dana Perino was born on the 9th May, 1972. She worked as the press secretary of the White House from 2005 to 2007 when George Washington was in power. She is now a Fox News contributor and the co-host of the TV show “The Five”. I have followed Dana’s tweets from the 11th October 2016 to the 25th October, 2016 for almost three weeks. In the following section, I will try to comment on her use of twitter as a social media platform.

2. Discussion:

2.1 Dana’s uses of twitter (Genres)

A) The vast majority of Dana’s tweets target the “politics” of the United States. She comments and gives her opinions on some internal political issues. For example, look at the tweet below which talks about the presidency elections in the United States.

B) In addition to the political situations in the United States, Dana sometimes expresses her thoughts on some outside political issues. In the following tweet, she is talking about Russia and Putin.

C) It is also common in her tweets that he is concerned about some social issues like the role of women in the society.

D) Her tweets also talk about her personal life where she talks about some details of her everyday life. She always talks about her dog “Jasper”. She puts the picture of Jasper on her profile picture which shows that her dog has a share of her tweets on twitter. Look at this tweet for example:

E) Sometimes, she also tweets on cultural and educational issues from around the world, like Nobel Prize.

2.2 Strengths and weaknesses

2.2.1 Strengths:

A) In her use of twitter, some strong points can be seen. For example, Dana always tweets on up-to-date issues. This can be seen in her political tweets. She is always fast in responding to the political situations that happen in the world. A good media person should be fast and up-to-date in his/her reactions towards surrounding situations.
B) Opposite to a lot of people who tweet, Dana seems to be very active. She tweets daily by either writing something or replying to somebody. So, she is using twitter actively as a media platform.
C) What seems to be so great in her tweets is that she always responds to people when they mention her or direct questions to her. Very few people usually care about people’s replies on their tweets.

2.2.2 Weaknesses
A. Dana uses twitter for some private and personal details or purposes. For example, most of the time, she talks about Jasper’s activities. These tweets are not interesting to some people who follow her. When people use twitter for specific details of their lives, their platform becomes of no benefit to the followers.
B) Some of her tweets are not understandable, especially when she refers to some very specific details or specialized ones. Followers are not specialized in politics for example, so sometimes they find it very hard to understand some tweets. In these cases, she could explain more to the followers.
C) In some occasions, there is a drop in her use of twitter where she doesn not write things that are useful to the followers. She sometimes talks only about her everyday life.

3. Conclusion
Generally, Dana Perino uses twitter effectively to some extent. However, sometimes there is a drop in her use of twitter which cannot be seen as effective, especially when she starts using her private life details as tweets. In these cases, it becomes uninteresting to some followers like me. Anyways, three lessons can be learned from her use of twitter:
• A good tweet is that which is fast and up-to-date.
• Tweets should discuss several issues of the person’s society.
• Personal tweets can sometimes affect the effectiveness of using twitter.

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