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New Berkeley Rc build online -

All of the team are on L04 USA version so can't comment on other variant compatbility (L09 etc)

Building from o8x-caf this time (last RC was o8x)

Any issues please post here

Make sure you know what your doing before flashing Berkely builds (correct version of twrp, unlocked bootloader etc)

Only wipe cache ,system,data in twrp (don't touch any other partition)
Flash Rom , gapps , reboot...

** Check gerrit for details of open and merged commits
(everything included except -1, -2, X or XX commits)

Rom download :
Animated Photo

Does anyone else notice that the DU boot animation takes a while to finish up after device has booted? I am able to unlock my phone, load homescreen, open app drawer and open an app before the boot animation finishes lol for now I just change the boot animation, but figured I would say something.

I was told that DU has a no xda sharing policy.. is this correct? I've got a build for ether (robin) compiling right now with Los defconfig changes I'd like to share with my community if it happens to be bootable. Lmk please

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Collected walls from different sources...

I'm not taking any credit for this shit... I just wanna share.

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Do you like it?

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#Holee icon pack

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:::New day, New update:::

An Update to Dirty Unicorns for whyred aka Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 and Note 5 Pro.

>Moar improvements to doze
>Compiled with clang 7.0.2
>Upstream from DU
>Cleaned up the useless blobs
>Added bugs to fix never

Download link:-


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Initial build of Dirty Unicorns 12.x for Moto G4 Play a.k.a harpia

All features seems to be working according to my tests

except GPS (lacks accuracy- Currently a issue in all roms for this device)

Download from here :

Bootanimation fix (seems that i have derped in bootanimation , so flash this )

Manifest :

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