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Alex Cruz (Mazda)

[TEAM ONLY] Announcements  - 

The more time we spend answering the same questions, the less time we have to fix bugs, work on features, and share our work with you all.

We've decided it was time to do a FAQ type of post and we encourage everyone to read it.

If you were told to read the pinned post, we mean to read the FAQ.

Failing to read the FAQ and answering a question that is answered with it, can result in a moderator removing you from this community.

Thank you all for your continued support!
Here's a few headers I created if anyone wants any of them.
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Great! I was having an issue with DB not having permission to share a folder (in my Dropbox!)

+Alex Cruz any chance of getting these (or some of these) added to DU Headers app?
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roel cardenas

Discussion  - 
Hey guys is it okay to dirty flash an RC build over an RC build, as an update I guess or is it necessary to clean flash every time? Nexus 6p
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Thanks guys! 😁
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Dhananjay Varma

Wallpapers  - 
Made 2 more walls :)
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Wojtek Rychlik

Discussion  - 
How can I completely unroot this rom? Prefer magisk with phhsuperuser. Tried use but doesnt work. Angler.
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Alex Cruz (Mazda)

Screenshots  - 
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+J Wilks 6 comments up...
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jason samms

Screenshots  - 
My Google pixel keeps getting googlier
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K Mull
Lol!! GOOGLIER!! 😼😹 love it!!
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Off topic  - 
Good morning #BroBros! 🤣🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃
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Edwin “SPACEMAN” Rivera

[TEAM ONLY] RC builds  - 
Pixel XL (marlin) Users

Rc build is up!!

Flashing instructions
Verify that you're using the latest version of TWRP for marlin
Perform a Factory Reset
Flash the Dirty Unicorns Rom zip
Flash the TWRP RC1
Do not flash gapps they are included for now
If you're not on the NMF26V vendor image then from TWRP, flash the vendor image
Reboot and ENJOY!!

If you get a message saying "NO OS INSTALLED" disregard it and reboot. Only happens if you wiped system.

If you get vendor out of date message reboot TWRP and flash the vendor image again.

To install SuperSU reboot to TWRP after you've booted the OS once. Flash SR3-Super SU 2.79 and reboot.

Change log
"OK Google" with screen off fixed

Happy flashing and don't post download links anywhere else.

Rom link
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Thank you once again +Edwin Rivera​. ,
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About this community

Welcome to the Dirty Unicorns community! Dirty Unicorns is currently a AOSP/CAF based project. Started in 2012 by Alex Cruz aka Mazda out of curiosity, he never imagined to see the success this project has today. In the early days this project was a one man show. It was based off AOKP and really had no intention of being anything else. Times change and today we have a full roster of talented developers with huge support from themers, developers and many folks around the community as well as a few OEMs. DU developers are constantly setting the standard for excellence. We have many original features and stability is our main focus. We're open source and 100 percent free so feel free to contribute. Big or small, we accept all contributions via our gerrit. Few things about us if you didn't read anything else.... - We will never ask nor accept donations. - Weeklies/Official builds can be downloaded via our updater or our server. - Bugs/Feature requests can be submitted via our JIRA.

Deniel Zec

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Is everything working? Camera, network? And is this for the exynos version? 
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Alex Cruz (Mazda)

[TEAM ONLY] Announcements  - 

- RCs can be dirty flashed on top of other RCs

- Weeklies can be dirty flashed on top of other weeklies or official builds and vice versa

You can not mismatch RCs with weeklies or official builds and vice versa.

If you want to hop from RC to a weekly or official or vice versa, you need to do a full wipe. Otherwise get ready for FC city and/or possible boot loop.

Reason for this us because RCs are signed with test keys. Weeklies and official builds are signed with private keys. So as long as you have the same keys, you're good.

Always do a full wipe if you're coming from another ROM. You come across any bug on any build, do a clean flash and try to duplicate it. If you can then report it to JIRA.


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Weeklies have been stable enough for my Nexus 5.
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Mohammed A

Screenshots  - 
Dirty for ever 🦄
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Felix Deister

Discussion  - 
Hey there, I currently use on my Pixel C only the home screen. Is there a way to have the whole picture fixed on my home screen, so no scrolling?
Regards, Felix
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So, I've been running DU on every device capable of doing so, cept for the bullhead.

I've been trying to do so today, but removing supersu and replacimg it with magisk and built-in root failed and had me restock the device for noe...

Is there a Trick on how to completely remove the superSU Boot image that ships with DU?
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I'll throw it at snapchat and See if that works. -edit:it does
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For anyone wanting to try your own custom header(s), a way to do without too much trouble is to use Apk Editor (playstore) and edit any image in res/drawable-nodpi-v4, in any apk that has header support (I used DNA Dark). Then you can go to DU settings to set the new image. I made images and size as current (3600x576). This is for personal use only and will not be shared. If moderators feel this should not be shared, please delete. This is DNA Dark theme with Spectrum systemui added.
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Well, after a bit of testing, I get licencing errors, so will learn how to create a header apk eventually...
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Maus TechDroid

Screenshots  - 
Hello and good morning #staydirty
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Vignesh Ravi

Wallpapers  - 
If anyone know a way to use this as header,then try this 😀
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Jason Parks

Discussion  - 
Hey there everyone!! I am extremely new to custom roms, as in I have NEVER done it before. I have been trying for awhile now to accomplish this with my phone. I have a Galaxy S6. Baseband is G920AUCS5DPI1
I just can't get it... I have installed the latest Samsung drivers on my laptop along with Odin.... I could really use help to complete this, like very detailed help... I love the roms I am seeing but I can't use them. Plus all this AT&T bloat ware. I paid to network unlock it. Also how do I unlock the bootloader?
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Thank you all for the help and guidance.... I know nothing, so you are teaching me things that I need to know 
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