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what's your fave my little portal pony\core\turret
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rainbow (turret)
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cmc (turret)
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twilight (in uniform)
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not on here? (comit!)

No pic
Name: Raven
Occupitation: test subject
Species :half bot
Bio:badly injuries by the bot DISCORD.had to be a half bot
Apperance: lavender eyes,dark aqua blue mane white coat.a black cat in sitting position as cm

Name: Icestorm
Gender: mare
Age: 19
Occupation: test subject
Race: used to be a unicorn, but after a terrible testing accident, she was injured and was turned into a half pony/half robot sorta thing
Bio: Her father was a scientist who worked at Equastria Science Enrichment center, she he took Icestorm here on "Bring your filly to work day" to get tested to become a test subject. And Icestorm passed. However, an AI robot the facility had created called "DIScoRD" went out of control and she was injured due to the robot. After that, an operation had to be done to her to replace her left eye, and her two front legs.(kinda like what they did to RD). She never talked much after that. And even when DIScoRD was re-launched and fixed, she still hated him for what he has done to her.
Personality: cautious, calm, quiet
Friends: She can sometimes be seen with a core named Rose, and a pony named Stormy, but she was never that close to them.
(i will add a pic soon)

can i just be the official twilight in this community?

Can I be flutters
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