Tamzin dropped down lightly from the branches above, catching one of them and swinging down towards a further branch.  She  made almost no noise, even the soft rustle of the leaves as she passed was somehow muted as her white skin only reflected a small part of the moonlight.  Crouching low on another branch her body was thrown into contrast to the dark bark beside her.  She had stripped down to almost nothing, choosing to wear a light strip of dark cloth across her breasts that secured a staff to her back and a loin cloth that hung loose around her hips.  She stared down at the Imperial garrison below her before she leaned back against the tree to watch

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"Forgive me. I feel it again... the call from light. Supreme Leader senses it. Show me again, the power of the darkness, and I'll let nothing stand in our way. Show me, grandfather, and I will finish what you started."

Name: Kylo Ren
Age: 30's
Rank: Knight, Commander
Faction: Knights of Ren, First Order
Weapons: Red Crossguard Lightsaber (powered by a cracked Kyber crystal)
Force Sensitivity: Strong
Abilities/powers: Force Lightning, Force Choke, Force Repulse/Maelstrom, Tutaminis (catching and deflecting blaster bolts with the Force and his hands, respectively)
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Home World: Unknown
Canon, Legends, or OC: Canon
Bio: The individual who came to be known as Kylo Ren was born some time after the Battle of Endor. Born as Ben, he was trained as the Jedi apprentice of the only remaining Jedi, Luke Skywalker, in Skywalker's new Jedi Academy. However, Ben was drawn to the dark side as a result of his obsession with the legacy of his grandfather. Believing himself to be too weak to live up to his grandfather as a Jedi, Ben was lured to the dark side, significantly influenced by a mysterious Force-user named Snoke. Taking the name Kylo Ren, Ben left his uncle's new order behind and killed all of his fellow apprentices. Having felt the dark side from killing his peers, Ben went out in search of what remained of the Galactic Empire, which had been reformed into the First Order under the leadership of the mysterious Force-user Snoke. Sensing Ben's Force potential, Snoke took Ben as an apprentice and taught him how to use the dark side of the Force, eventually shaping the young man into a powerful Dark Jedi. Having proved himself as a powerful ally to the First Order, Ben became a member of the Knights of Ren and changed his name to Kylo, taking on Ren as a surname in order to abandon his past identity. He built his own lightsaber, a dangerous and ragged design, an ancient design dating back to the Great Scourge of Malachor. A dark warrior strong with the Force, Kylo Ren commands First Order missions with a temper as fiery as his unconventional lightsaber. Although he has not received as much training as, say, Vader or Galen Marek, Kylo Ren has a very strong Force presence, a Force wrecking-ball, if you will. Despite his loyalty to the First Order and his devotion to Vader's legacy, Ren demonstrated deep conflict within himself. In spite of his commitment to Snoke and the dark side, he constantly felt the pull of the light and his family, and struggled to keep himself disconnected from his former life.
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On a world only several light years away from Dathomir, just on the border of CIS and Republic space, there was a specific auction going on.  Situated as it was on the borders there were many different people that moved from one area of the planet to the next.  The main capital city of the planet held the embassies as well as the diplomtic councils of the planet not to mention the interactions between the two forces of the war.  By decree of the local council there was not to be open hostilities and such as it was there were many that walked the streets, battle droids and clone troopers alike so as to resupply for the continuing war effort.

Shouts from the auctions drowned out many of the other sellers in the area, the market in full swing during the mid year festival that was due to come in only a few weeks.  All manner of species and genders were on display from wookie females for breeding to male Jawas that were branded as mechanics.  IN a small subsection sat those cages of the more hostile of the slaves.  Seated in one of them she looked down at the mud between the cracks of her cage bars.  Her skin was pale, not just from the lack of sunlight, but also as she was a Dathomir witch.  A small sigil had been burned into her right shoulder to signify just this fact that she was one of the special women that not only could be used for sexual services, but those of a bodyguard.  She was dressed in a simple brown dress that fell around her ankles should she have been able to stand upright.  Nearby were a pair of vibroaxes that were kept by the seller that sat at the table smoking a long thin pipe that billowed blue smoke into the evening air

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Name: Corus

Homeworld: Dathomir

Age: 18

Species: Dathomirian Zabrak/Rattataki

Gender: Male

Weapons: Phlac Blade (which can resist being cut through by Lightsabers.)

Family: Unknown Nightbrother (Father) Unknown Nightsister (Mother)

Force Powers: Force Lightning, Force Push, and Force Grip.

Affiliation: Nightbrothers and Nightsisters

Bio: The son of a Nightbrother and a Nightsister, Corus was raised with Nightsister training and Nightbrother strength.
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Name: Amerai Heinko
Sex: female
Age: 18
Species: Cathar
Group: Jedi 
Rank: master
Orientation: lesbian
Family: orphan
Weapons: double bladed purple light saber and black and silver hilt with red gems 
Bio: Parents were killed by a Sith and Amerai was found by Jedis who arrived too late to save her parents but found that the force was strong with her. She was sent to train with her master Jannta Tai
(Not my pic I found it on Google credit goes to whomever artist is)

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I am here at at last
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Mother +Talzin Ventress
Name: Savage Opress

Homeworld: Dathomir

Born: Before 54 BBY, Dathomir

Died: c. 20 BBY, Mandalore

Physical descriptionSpecies: Dathomirian Zabrak

Gender: Male

Height: 1.89 meters (pre-transformation) 2.18 meters (post-transformation) Mass 144.9 kilograms (post-transformation)

Eye color: Grayish-green; yellow (dark side)

Skin color: Yellow with black tattoos

Cybernetics: Prosthetic left arm

Chronological and political informationEra: Rise of the Empire era

Weapons: Double bladed Lightsaber, the force, and Brute strength

Family: Darth Maul (Brother) Talzin (Mother)

Affiliation: Nightbrothers Nightsisters (briefly) Order of the Sith Lords (formerly) Dark Acolytes *(formerly)* Confederacy of Independent Systems  *(formerly)* Shadow Collective MastersDarth Tyranus (Dark Jedi) Darth Maul (Sith Lord)

Objective: To find my Brother Maul and wreck havoc among the galaxy

"I foresee we will do great things together. I shall teach you the ways of the dark side. Soon, your powers will rival that of the great Sith Lord Darth Maul. We will be even more powerful than Lord Sidious. We shall rule the galaxy together, my apprentice."
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Here is my new profile for the Clone War Era:

Name:  Tamzin White
Age:  25
Gender:  Female
Race: Nightsister of the Spiderclan
Homeworld:  Dathomir
Faction: SpiderClan
Rank:  Warrior
Weapons:  Twin vibroblades, VibroAxe with long handle.
Bio:  Born on Dathomir she was raised near the Nightsister fortress with tales of how noble and honorable the profession was.  Trained in the use of illusions to better her fighting ability she also has an extensive skill in the use of bladed combat.  She was an initiate to the nightsisters when Asajj Ventress attempted her takeover of the clan and was one of those that stood against her in the end.  After the attack by Count Dooku she was one of the few that survived and was sold into slavery as a bodyguard and soldier for hire by the elders to replenish what little of the economy Dathomir still possessed.  She is now up for sale once more to those that can afford a trained warrior.

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Name: Alk
Sex: Male
Species: Dathomirian
Faction: independent/witches of dathomir (formerly) The Hutts
Age: 25
Appearance:grey skin with Dathomir tatoos and horns on his head
Bio: Born on the planet dathomir and left with his male brethren to die, alk was a weak child, always left sick. As such the males decided to sell him to the hutts on tatooine with the clan mothers blessing, saving him from Grieviouses invasion and massacre. Alk was immediately put into a labor camp at the age of five, and forced to mine out precious metals. He had done this for many years, getting by on only the clan mother soothing his mind. He finally broke through and murdered every one of the other miners using the force to pummel them to a pulp. This caught Jabbas attention, and he decided to give him a job as a bounty hunter, gifting him with the ship "Talon" as well as a double edged lightsaber. Alks career as a bounty hunter was short lived however, and the clan mother ordered him to return to Dathomir, which he accepted, becoming a chosen tool of the clan mother, and being sent to find Valir and assist her with her mission, after being imbued with dark magics that heightened his strength and connection to the force.
Powers: a powerful striker and force user, preferring to bash his enemies to a pulp than to use any finesse.
Weapons and Equipment: a set if stormtrooper armor offset by hemmed in black robes and a double bladed lightsaber.
Location: Dathomir currently searching for a ship to find Velir
Spacecraft: Z-95 headhunter
( note: he doesn't wear those robes in pic two )
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Name: Jennta Ti
Gender: male
Species: togruta
Family: mother. Debila Ti aunts Shaak Ti Salina Ti-Beliym cousins Cryanm Felina Deliena Beliym
Side: Jedi
Rank: Jedi knight
Force pull
Force push
Force grip
Force jump
Force wave
Force repulse
Fore site
Mind wipe
Weapon: gold double bladed lightsaber
Bio: Jannta Ti comes form a family of powerful jedi even his three year old cousin Cryanm is very strong in the force. Jannta helps the helpless
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