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Gamers, gather around! VirtuaCon is coming, but this year is going to be a little different than years past. Jonna and I have been so bogged down with real life we have NOT been able to dedicate the time and energy necessary to put this event together. Therefore, we will not be holding it in October like we traditionally do. This year VirtuaCon will be the first weekend of December.

So, what else will be different? We are making 2016 the year of low-key, casual gaming! In 2017 you'll see a return to our traditional format. This means that we will not have any panels or huge master schedule. Well, that is unless someone volunteers to put that stuff together. This year we are not restricting GMs to using only Google Hangouts and Roll20. This year it's wide open for our GMs to whatever VOIP and VTT platform they prefer!

2016 Dates
2-4 December

Want to run a game?
GMs can run whatever games they want, on whatever VOIP system (G+, Skype, etc) they want, and on any virtual tabletop (Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, etc) they prefer. The only thing we are asking is that all games be advertised and events created(non-hangout events unless you are using Hangouts) in the VirtuaCon G+ community. This will allow people to sign up and stay informed about posts, updates, etc.

There will be NO game submission/approval process this year!

GMs - please note (below) the player sign-up process and acknowledge/confirm each interested player's seat request. This will help you keep track of open seats and communicate directly with your players.

To ensure your game appeals to the widest audience possible please, include the following information in your pitches/event listings.
1. Evocative scenario name
2. System (D&D 5, Numenera, Fiasco, etc)
3. Min/Max number of players
4. Scenario pitch/description
5. Target audience (beginners, experienced players, 18+, etc)
6. Time Slot (see official time slot chart) [see here for official time slots:]

Creating your event
GMs, click on the EVENT link within the G+ community. Once you are in the event sections, click on the create event button to create your event. As a reminder, all games need to have an event so players can sign up and ask questions.

Want to play a game?
When you see a game advertised that you want to play, you will need to do two things to ensure the GM is aware of your intention of playing. Complete the following steps to ensure you get a seat>

1. Mark YES you are going
2. Post in the event itself that you want to play.

What Else is there to do at VirtuaCon?
The 24 hour Silver Unicorn is a staple of VirtuaCon and will be OPEN again this year!
Like Geeky contests? You’re in luck! Jonna wants to do contests again this year. Please, Geekmail Kattvippa and Modoc you contest submissions. Geekmail us both so either of us can review it and help make it happen.

Are there dates for VirtuaCon 2018?

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sweeping up the floors, open up the doors...
Welcome to the Silver Unicorn!

This is the official Tavern of Virtuacon '15 and will remain open during the entire long weekend of the convention. Stop in anytime during the convention to chat with fellow convention goers and kick back with a virtual ale. 

Is the Silver Unicorn open?

If you are signed up on Warhorn for one or both of the REH's Conan RPG sessions that i will be running, please make a comment on this post. We need to get in touch prior to the game to make sure we get off to a smooth start!

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Events have been posted for VirtuaCon 17!

We're still looking for GMs and you have time to submit still. Remember, GMs can get prizes!

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The VirtuaCon 2017 coordinators need your help to settle on this year's dates! We can't move forward until we settle on a date. We know we can't de-conflict with everything and everyone's personal schedules. The dates presented in the poll are what we have determined to be the most viable for this year's event after much discussion.

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Hello RPG Geek Denizens

I am seeking volunteers who would be interested in helping me make VirtuaCon 2017 a reality this year. If you'd like to help, head on over to and what's going on.

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