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hi, I'm working on inverse functions but I got stuck on this question:

"The fifth term of a non-linear sequence is 324. the term-to-term rule is 'multiply by 3'. work out the second term of the sequence."

Since it's non-linear, the number of times the sequence goes up by changes, but the rule of the sequence in the question would make it stay the same, which confuses me. can anyone please help, thanks.

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The Harrison Group Life Insurance company computes annual policy premiums based on the age the customer turns in the current calendar year. The premium is computed by taking the decade of the customer’s age, adding 15 to it, and multiplying by 20. For example, a 34-year-old would pay RM360, which is calculated by adding the decades (3) to 15, and then multiplying by 20. Write C++ program that prompts a user for the current year and a birth year. The program calculates and display the premium amount.


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Hi I'm trying to write a long essay about the relationship between cognitive psychology and linguistics.. but I don't know what topic I should choose.. could you guys recommend me some good topics? Thnx

If I write a sentence saying that I put so and so in my paper, should I put a colon and then quote my paraphrase and then put quotes around my quote? Also should I put quotes around my title? Im trying to make sure the paper I write for my class has the proper grammar. This is my paper. One of the quotes that I have put in my paper on the topic of Stendhal syndrome is: While I am on the side of the argument of believing that it is real, when it comes to Stendhal syndrome “psychiatrists have long debated whether it really exists” (Nick Squires in Rome,2010, para 4). This restates my thesis and supports it. My thesis was: “I think that Stendhal syndrome is real”. I put it at the end of my introductory paragraph.
It really shows the main focus of my paper. The quote that I had in my paper shows that the topic I am writing about is a debatable topic. This quote was written in my outline in Module 2. In my outline I made some changes to the sentence that I had previously written in Module 1. Originally I had written: When it comes to Stendhal syndrome “psychiatrists have long debated whether it really exists” (Nick Squires in Rome,2010, para 4).
As you can see I took what I had written and I expanded on it. The title of the source that I got my quote from is: “Scientists investigate Stendhal syndrome – fainting caused by great art”. I didn’t see any page numbers so I put the number of the paragraph that it was on.
Nick Squires in Rome. (2010, July 28). Scientists investigate Stendhal syndrome – fainting caused by great art. The Telegraph [London]. Retrieved from

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7 Ways to Beat Homework Stress
7 Ways to Beat Homework Stress

Excuse me, did I introduce this quote correctly?

Like many monsters, Mary Maloney is comfortable with death. Right after killing her husband, her mind clears: “All right. She told herself. So I’ve killed him. It was extraordinary, now, how clear her mind became all of a sudden. She began thinking very fast. As the wife of a detective, she knew quite well what the penalty would be. That was fine…. On the other hand, what about the child?”(P. 4)

Also, how can I effectively continue the paragraph after the quotation?
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