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We're gonna revive the project, Spyfallen... based on the 2012 Skyfall film.

THE PLOT'S CHANGED but the rest remains the SAME:

New teams are in, such as Green, Purple, Grey, and Yellow. The four new coloured teams are the opposite of each other of causing a riot in Fairfield, PA. Everything was a havoc after the Casino Royale mission, but up to the Red Spy's choice, he is the main lead of the story, the Blue Spy, is the main anti of the story, the others are the secondary, tertiary pros/antis.

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It's been a while...

Hello, welcome to the Spyfallen community, today I became a moderator with this series with my friend who made this community, in Spyfallen, a SFM film feature, it is meant about a French red spy is sent himself into the Casino Royale after his successful match with the BLU team, he has been chased by members of BLU Team, the Red Spy escapes out and heads into the river house, meeting his new team into a large plan of a mission, and head to the abandoned and non-constructed Mercy Hospital.
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