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OTA Pony! Increase by at least 5pts.
SB : 5
AB : 50

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Apple Juice has some problems... She wont stop talking about nopony listening to her, and mumbles about revenge. Does anypony think they can help her?

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Name :
·Sweet Gem

Nickname :

Age :

Gender :

Species :

Type :

CM :
·A pink and white striped sweet in a white gem

Talent :
·Making deliciously tasting sweets

Weapons :
~Uses Best~

Skills :
·Doing hardcore


Currently Living

Family :
·Sweet Heart (( Mom ))
·Tea Gem (( Dad ))
~Parents of Parents~
·Sweet Disco (( Mom's mom ))
·Strong Heart (( Mom's dad ))
·Tea Leaves (( Dad's mom ))
·Dark Gem (( Dad's dad ))

Occupation :
·Making sweets at Sugarcube Corner

Dream Job
·Joining the Wonderbolts

Friends :
·Princess Celestia
·Moon Dancer
·Bon Bon
·Flower Wave (( OC ))
·Fleur Dis Lee
·Fancy Pants
·Sweetie Belle
·Shining Armour
·Pinkie Pie
·Nightmare Moon
·Brown Spectacles (( OC ))
·Gleaming Wheat (( OC ))
·Princess Cadence
·Mrs. Harshwhinny
·Princess Luna
·Mr. Cake
·Mrs. Cake
·Pound Cake
·Pumpkin Cake
~Best Friends~
·Shell Star (( OC ))
·Snow Stream (( OC ))
·Blueberry Cake (( OC ))

Crush :

Likes :
·Shiny things
·The Wonderbolts

Dislikes :
·Stinky stuff

Goes to :
·The Wonderbolts Training Academy
~Through the Portal~
·Stunt School

Favourite :
·The Wonderbolts Training Academy
·Princess Cadence

Dreams of Going to :
·Las Pegasus
~Through the Portal~
·Wonderbolts Academy

Biggest Fear :
·Gloopy goo

Accessories :
·Sometimes wears sweet earings

CM Story :
·"Once I was in my garden when I saw a sweet shop which had an announcement on the window saying Sugarcube Corner need your help! We are open to employees! Enter and fill in the form on the front desk if you want to help! Naturally I entered and filled in the form. It turned out I had the perfect symptoms to be an employee so I got in. It turned out it was a very good shop but I had to do an enterance test in order to pass. The note said The test you'll take is an easy one. To prove you're useful, make something fun! Make something related to your name, and you'll be welcomed here with fame. So I started to make some sweets. I wanted it to be original so I thought about the gem bit of my name. Well ... gems sparkle don't they? So that is what I did. I showed it to the cakes and they were impressed. They wanted me to be they're employee part time and I agreed. I set up a stall in Ponyville and worked there part time as I still had to go to the Wonderbolts Training Academy. I earned a lot of money for Sugarcube Corner which helped their foundation. I still help but I have to go to the Training Academy most of the time but I try and find any spare time and as I don't live in Ponyville, it is harder. I may consider moving home soon."

Backstory :
·When I was a little filly, my godparents died. I was always very happy but it took a while to get used to this new life full of sadness. Even now that I am older, I still cry about that time. Now that my granddad Dark Gem is getting older, he had to be driven to hospital last week because of his heart problems. I don't want to go through that again but I know I will have to.
Sweet Gem
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Egg Adoption

Emo Gal





Later CM
A pink lightning bolt going through a note

If you want them, create a :

Later Occupation

Later CM Story

Young Age Bio

Good luck!

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Plz help find her! If you find her, you may keep her! (( To find her, draw her lost, digital or hand drawn! First entry gets her! ))

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Name: love heart
Age: 17
Race: bat pony
Bio; she next to the thrown
Sexuality: straight
Gender: mare
Art by +Scourage The hedgehog
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