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hisses angrily

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Name: Aleris Xeneri

Trollian: matrixInception

Age: six sweeps

Gender: Female

Blood: Teal

Lusus: Dragon

Sprite: Drakosprite

God Tier: Mage of Space

Personality: All over

Likes: Blood, Death, Sweet Shades, Writing, Games

Dislikes: Other things

Quirk: |-|ey So |-|ovv are you

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Aleris, stand alone in your room. Yeah, hell no. Aleris, troll lazarusArisen

standing alone in his room, kankri was indecisive, he has been pondering his life, and the decisions he has made in it, like being celebite does he really want to be celebite? or does he want to fit in with his friends? but more importantly, what was this strange feeling he got when he looked at kurloz or cronus? kankri became alert to his sences as he heared his door start to open and an angry karkat stood with his arms crossed and his foot tapping, apparently had overslept, and it had been kankris job to wake him up.


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I'm not good with profiles

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Name: Victor Adreil

Trollian: LazarusArisen

Age: six sweeps

Gender: male

Strife: sword kind

Blood: yellow

Lusus: jumpymeow

Sprite: Meowsprite

God tier: Knight of Space

Personality: hyper, a bit crazy, short tempered, friendly, and jumpy

Likes: climbing, play fighting, reading, dark stuff, and creepy things

Dislikes: swimming, water, dogs kinda freak him out, and rude trolls/humans

Quirk: o = 0, e = 33, and a word at random will start with a capital other than the first word or names, or proper nouns

Example: S0 h0w ar33 y0u T0day? 
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