Wanted to Bump the original discussion and get some new threads going...

I found a cool webcomic for all us gamer geeks out there. It's actually been running for quite a while, but I just found it this summer. I have since caught up to the current stream, and now am bummed that I have to wait for more content. No more gorging for me :-(

Anyway, it's called Weregeek. Yep...you read it right, "Weregeek" the original title is directed to the storyline that begins the series, but later gets...I don't know, canned? Yeah, I think she realized she had enough other material to work with, and it was no longer necessary to carry the characters with that story as they had developed beyond it. But, still a neat cast of characters with lots of gamer references from tabletop and LARP to even some console games we're all familiar with. And the stories within the story!

Anyone else got any new strips I should check out?
Any other reviews on Weregeeks?

TAG! you're up!


WOOHOO!!! First time poster is the first post! RPGs, no not the anti-aircraft weapon...the game friends play ABOUT anti aircraft weapons...

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this is funny

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Guest Blog from Author Eric Johnson

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YAY for Firefly/Serenity nerds!! :)
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