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Another test build, Apologies for the re-DL of the whole package, but I changed so much a patch wouldn't have been too much smaller.

Known issues:

A1 Walls fall like Walls, A2 Walls do not
Some A1 Lamp posts fall weird

Media Fire Mirror:
Pink Roofs on ca/buildings/dum_olez_istan2.p3d

As well as the one's listed HERE:

For object bug reports, please go into the camera and identify the model name.

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Alwarren has published a tutorial on forward porting Arma 2 units for use in Arma 3.

Check it out, throw him a like, and subscribe to get updated about more in the series!

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AAAAAND the first test release of CUP_Vehicles is here!

Now, this is a PUBLIC BETA release.

What it means is that this is not the final complete version.

We have put together now a decent amount of vehicles that are ready to play and we would like to gather some feedback from the community on issues that we missed.

As always, i remind you that we have a public feedback tracker (link below) and we would really appreciate if you could use it if you need to report any issue, as things tend to get lost or forgotten if written elsewhere:

This is a list of what vehicles you'll find inside, if they are not here it means they haven't been done or still need major polishing work:

- Mi-8/17 - Uh-60/Mh-60S


- Mi-24 - Ch-53E

- BTR-60 - LAV-25 - HMMWV family of vehicles

- BTR-90 - AAV7

- Datsun

- AH-1Z

- M1 Abrams

- Dingo 2

- C-130J

- AV-8B

- MV-22

A few notes:

Inside the pack you'll find two folders,@CUP_Vehicles and @CUP_Weapons.

@CUP_Weapons contains a handful of files that go to replace the original ones from the weapons stable release.

The reason for this is that vehicle weapons are also inside the regular weapons pack (no, we're not going to split them), and since the last weapons update we made some more changes to allow compatibility with the Hind and a bunch of other fixes.

The Harrier has a weird behavior when on the ground, in due time that is going to be replaced for a good part with my standalone version (

It depends on @CUP_Weapons and @CUP_Units to work.

Most of the crewmen/drivers/pilots of the vehicles are just standard vanilla units, that is because they are placeholders and will be changed to appropriate units as they get done.

DL link:!cRgAVQIS!TucZdQBa2k0k9g6OtcHMvbOVdPBZphpfD5ky5_VxN2Y

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The team has released an update to CUP Weapons and published it on Steam Workshop in addition to the previous release methods (Armaholic, Forums, and Play With Six (all updated as well))

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The Team has released an initial version of CUP Units. In addition to the traditional release methods (Armaholic, Forums, and Play With Six); we have published on Steam Workshop as well!

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Hey guys, start with a big thank you for all your hard work.
Question: Will we see ACE3 support, past the example the ACE guys made, such as launchers and HUNTIR for example?
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