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I ran across this article today on Feral Hogs. It made me wonder about what would happen with these (or pythons for that matter) once the human population was pushed to the edges or out.  Given the spread in the article, I'd expect them to proliferate over the continental 48 and be a serious problem for most small settlements. I'd also expect them to quickly lose the fear of humans and be a problem for a team straight out of their bolt hole. 


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NAME: Followers of the Burning Book (Razers)

TYPE: Cult (Destruction)

LOCATION: Anywhere

TRAITS: Volatile: 90% Extroverted: 20% Compassion:40% Discipline:90% Curious:30%



Some Petro Chemical knowledge. Some black powder weapons, horses, blades, some farm compounds.


Black powder firearms, homemade flame throwers, molotov cocktails, blades, black powder hand grenades and cannons

Almost none. Will trade with other highly religious groups with like minds.


Brawl, Scrounge, Theology, Firearms, Survival, Farming, Explosive, Special Weapons (Flame Throwers), Ride


None Yet!



Followers of the Burning Book.

The Followers of Jedediah Krull have one true calling in the world: Make sure humanity does not destroy itself again.

They were founded by a nuclear scientist after the war as a movement to destroy all remaining nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction. In the chaos of the post war days, Jedediah published a small booklet called “The Burning Book” which outlined the need to stop humanity from destroying itself in the future by repressing the means to do so. At first this was held to stopping nuclear, biological, and chemical research and weapon production, but soon it changed to become any technology that one day in the future could cause another genocide. Over the last 150 years its interpretation has included almost anything above steam technology (Tech level E).

While not the rabble that other Razers tend to follow, the Followers of the Burning Book ( or Burning Book for short) are very targeted in their quest to repress the knowledge. First they will go into an area and preach about the end of days during the fall of mankind and about the dangers of unbridled scientific knowledge and how mankind was never meant to know about the inner nature of the universe as thats Gods right. If this tack works then they will hold book burnings and help to destroy the remnants of the old world in a controlled and planned manner then move on.

If an community rejects the teaching of Jedediah, then they will try a more direct path with sabotage, arson, and if needed direct killings. Only if a community is so powerful that it would result in the destruction of a band of the followers will they back off. But even then, they will try and find a way to destroy the technology over time as the Followers of the Burning book take a long time view and understand that the mission to save everyone will take sacrifice, time, and bloodshed.

While they do not necessarily know about the project,  they would try there best to repress it and or destroy it, as they are absolutely against the bringing back of the old days with all the risk for another armageddon.

For the project, these represent a very dangerous group as they do not attack wildly as razers tend to do, but will carefully plan a campaign to get there goals.

Local Band:

Encounter Size : 6 to 10 people (almost always men as the women stay back in the compounds).

Weapons: Simple Black Powder Rifles, shotguns, and pistols, Black powder hand grenades, TNT, with the at least one  armed with a primitive flamethrower. Expect that most of a group would be mounted on horses and carry sabre’s with larger groups also carrying a small black powder mountain howitzer.

Appearance: Well dressed in Black Wool Frocks and pants, large felt hats, they tend to look like an 1880′s band of preachers but for all the weapons and grim determination that they all show. One of the group will always be a preacher and have good persuasion skill.

Example Encounter:

When the team comes to a small farming village they will see a man standing on wagon preaching about the need to destroy the evils of the old world which caused mankind’s downfall. Around him is 2 other men dressed like the speaker who are both armed with Percussion Cap Rifles but are not threatening the crowd. It seems that he wants the villagers to burning the old library science books and get them to take a pledge to stop teaching the children about the evils of the old world.

A young women (Janet, who is the school teacher) is trying to convince the people that its important to teach all children about science and the old world

It looks like the man preaching is getting the better of the crowd and a few men are busy carrying out handloads of old books into the middle of the street.

If the team makes a persuasion skill (Preachers 55%  ) VS persuasion skill roll and wins, the crowd will stop the action and the man will walk over to team and ask who they are and what business of theirs in interfering with their holy work to save the world. If the team argues with the preacher, Janet will butt into the conversation and tell the followers to leave the town and there kind is not wanted here.

At this point one of the followers men will slap janet and push her to the ground and while telling her to leave the talking to the men. They will not draw weapons unless the Morrow Project team does so first, and seeing the strength of the team in gear and equipment, will back off and leave the town.

Latter that night they will ride back to the town with their entire band (8 in number) and try and burn down both the library and the school house. If the team is still at the town they will do their best to ambush the team at night where they think they have the advantage of surprise. If the team has a armoured vehicle the will attempt to throw 3 bundled sticks of TNT in it or underneath the vehicle by a wheel. If they take more than 50% casualties they will retreat and leave the town but watch for the team to leave so they can go and finish their work.

Followers of the Burning Book:

STR:23 CON:23 DEX:22 AWA:22 EXP:22 REA:19 FOC:25
MASS:10 SP:230 BP:230 BT:Various  ACTIONS:3
VOLATILITY: 60% (Vengeful, controlled), EXTROVERSION:65% (Prophet), COMPASSION:30% (Faithful), DISCIPLINE:67% (Principled, Hardened), CURIOSITY: 20% (Conservative)


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Okay people. Its time to come up with character backstories and other interesting points of conversation.

So lets start this ball rolling with some info and pictures about your characters!

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MISSION FILE: RECON CA-4 – Horsedrawn Carts - (Swift boat: Redrum scrapped) – Kentucky Free State Territory RECON

Mission title – “So, since you’re leaving anyway, can we burn down your farm?”

DATE: 7/20/2161
LOCATION: 8 miles east of Boonville, IN
REPORTER: Vod Pacheco, Team Commander CA-4

We woke up in the morning about 8 miles east of Boonville, Indiana. The two boys, Wilber and Fred starting prepping the cart, while Desiree, our newest Pirate rebel, and the rest of the team broke down camp. The Postman thanked us for our hospitality of sharing the camp, and said goodbye, along with his dog muttonchop and the old mule who only responded to dumbshit.

To the northeast, we heard the sound of a steam whistle, and we could just see a column of smoke thru the clearings in the forest that surrounded us. I took Conroy on a couple of horses to check it out.

About 1/3 mile away, we came to a set of railroad tracks. They looked shiny enough to indicate that they were still in use. Coming down the track, heading west was a functioning steam Train. It was pulling 5 cars, 2 passenger, 2 boxcars and a flatcar headed towards what could only be Boonville.

The engine looked reasonably new and in good shape as it steamed on past us. The engineer and some passengers waved, we waved back. Apparently the KFS has sponsored a good working rail transport system, even in these areas “outside” their territory. We noted next to the railroad there were telegraph lines as well.

After the train passed by, we returned to the group and completed preparations to travel into Boonville. We realized we needed to change our cover story, as the Black River Dogs are being hunted.

So CA4 is now the “Traveling Wilberries Repair Troop”. We can leverage our skills to be able to converse as a group of people traveling from town to town to help repair equipment that local people can handle.

As we approached the town, we noted that many people were in the fields, harvesting, and planting later summer crops. A strange dichotomy of farmers. On one side of the road you we could see Oxen pulling a manual plow, as farmhands harvested with scythes. Yet across the road, or next door a fully functional tractor or harvester was doing the work of 50 men.

Many of the buildings didn’t have the “defensible” look to them. As if people here didn’t have to worry about the problems on the frontier. I guess having the KFS so nearby has provided a measure of peace to this region.

Boonville, like almost all towns had shrunken, even from its meager prewar state. Rubble and wreakage on the outskirts, but no town wall, as we have seen on so many other frontier towns. More evidence of the feeling of safety.

 On the east edge of town was the train station, the train we saw, still there being serviced and loaded with foodstuffs. The grain silos and open warehouse next to the siding evidence that Boonville was where all those local farmers brought their food to get shipped out.

I could only guess that the train would be heading down the south line, to the KFS territory. A couple of men in KFS suits seemed to be overseeing the operation. Boonville is a trade junction, just the place we could use to stock up on materials to flesh out our cover of the Traveling Wildberries.

The center of town consisted of about 8 blocks, and looked to be new construction. The town had cleared the rubble and rebuilt, rather than try to fix up old broken down buildings.

The variety of people’s clothing reinforced the feeling of a trade hub, and would do nicely to help us “blend in”. Road Gypsies, with an 18 wheeler, and some cars were parked and set up to sell what they had, and there was a large “General Store” near the center of town. 

Conroy and Desiree, being the best at the local accent, went to the general store to get some clothes. It was even Air conditioned! Thats the first building we have seen in over 1 year that had AC. You don’t know how jealous I was that they got to get out of the oppressive heat and humidity that is July in Indiana.

I watched as they were confronted by some type of store security, but I could see Conroy flash some of our Gold coins and they disappeared inside. 

I figured they would be about 30 min getting us some suitable outfits to replace our worn clothing, so I strolled across the street to the old courthouse. It was still in good repair, and I noted a bulletin board with some posters and local newspapers pinned up. 

Apparently the American Freedom Party was warning of some raider attacks near Graysville, operating on horseback. Mt Carmell and Mt Vernon militia were being called out to fight the bandits. 

There was also a poster indicating that there was a crackdown on the Ohio River, and to be careful to carry extra ID when entering KFS. The crackdown was the result of the Black River Dogs, and a reward was posted for $500. There were some rough descriptions of our team, and a list of our alias’, indicating the Black River Dogs were thought to be traveling in 2 wagons. Anyone with information was to contact KFS internal Security Forces at the telegraph office. I surreptitiously took a picture of the poster for our archives.

In the local newspaper, there were talks of the Republic of Krell going to war with the militia up north at La Cross Wisconsin, From what it sounded like, it could  be the battle we were in months ago when we were shipped out from California and landed in Wisconsin.

Then another mention of strange creatures in St Louis and the Maxilla Free Militia setting up checkpoints around what was left of the city.

I looked over and saw that a servant was bringing out lemonade to our wagons with Conroy and Desiree. Behind them, to my amazement was a line of slaves carrying more and more stuff out of the store and to our lowly wagons. What the hell did they buy?

I casually approached Conroy, and inquired, and he started talking about all the great stuff they had and that somehow, He and Desiree just kept buying and buying. 

It seemed all of us needed nice felt hats and a suit of fine sunday clothes, the iron cooking gear, a evening dress for Desiree, candy, coffee, sugar, a french press for said coffee, a parasol, white gloves, pickled eggs, pickled pigs feet, ect, ect, ect.

We realized it wouldn’t fit on the 2 wagons, so the farm boys were sent over to the livery to get us another wagon to haul all this stuff. Well I’m sure there are a lot of people out there we will run into that could use it. The Morrow Project is here to make people’s lives better. We will just have to find some and spread the wealth.

A local policeman came by to ask who we were and what were we doing. Conroy let him know we were the TWRT and just heading thru after stocking up after a long repair contract up northwest.  

While Conroy spun the story, a couple of us notice that we were being watched. Three or maybe four people were just “loitering around” glancing at our way every once in a while, taking more notice than everyone else. I mentioned this to a the team and we decided that it would be a good idea to get out of town and out of sight.

The boys returned and we loaded up all the goods into the 3 wagons and headed out to the Farm of the two local boys who been helping us for the last week, which was about a mile and a half west of town.

When we got there, the Farmer was happy to see us, and we set up in the barn for the night. He also said the Morrow Project wanted someone from our team to stay and help out with the local resistance/underground. Another team will be coming into the area soon, and they wanted someone to meet up with them in Bloomington, North of here about 50 miles.

Over dinner with the farmer’s family we talked about our next steps, and how to get West to Car, he indicated that the old Highway 62 was a trade route, and goes thru Evansville and was the most direct route. It was nuked in the war, but no one gets sick anymore and It had been stripped of most salvage long before.

We could go that way, but he warns that it would be best to stay 30-50 miles from the river as the KFS was mighty pissed at us apparently.
We could take route 64 to St Louis and then head south, after skirting around the city.

There were Rebel contacts in New Harmony on the 66 who could help us. It also seemed we would be traveling through the American Freedom Party area of control. They doesn’t work with the resistance, but they control the area thru which we will be traveling. The team will be skirting around Evansville and then up 66 to New Harmony. Maybe we can make some new friends with the Rebels and get them to work with the Morrow project.

That night we set up a rotating watch, with radios on our hidden sentries. Conroy and I took the first watch, while Keshawn, Tim, Porter and Desiree were in the house still talking to the farmer. Actually Tim, Porter and Desiree were talking, Keshawn was nowhere to be seen., But then again, the Farmer’s daughter was nowhere to be seen either… hmmmm...

The rest of the team was bunked down in the barn catching some sleep before their watch started.

I heard Conroy whisper on the radio that he had 2 armed men sneaking up from the east on the farmhouse. No sooner than he said it, than I spotted 3 more next to me on the west side. I guessed that these guys were here to take us down as they seemed armed to the teeth. Whether it was just our extravagant spending spree, or if we had been made as the Black River Dogs, it didn’t matter. We needed to take them out. 

I alerted the team and took aim. With a Quick radio countdown, Conroy and I opened up on these bandits.

Conroy hit both the guys he saw, killing one, and missing or wounding the second, while I hosed down the three on his side with a long burst from my greasegun. One went down gurgling from a throat shot, while the other must have been hit in the leg, hitting ground with a scream.

Porter ran out of the front door and took cover at the corner of the house near me to back me up. Tim grabbed his shotgun, ran to cover the back of the house, while Desiree dowsed the lights, sending the farmhouse into darkness.

One of porters bandits fired his shotgun, hitting him in the thigh. The one I missed freaked out. He dropped his weapon and took off running, towards Porter’s position. The leg shot guy near me blasted a hole in the corn next to me with his shotgun, but one pellet creased my scalp. I took aim and put him out of his misery with the last of my clip.

Porter realized that the guy running near him was just trying to get away. He had no weapon, so he wouldn’t shoot him in the back as he ran off. I called over the radio not to let anyone get away, but it was too late as he disappeared into the blackness.

Tim came out and helped bandage up our light wounds.

The farmer is… well pissed. With one of the bandits away, it won’t be long before he gets to town to report to the sheriff and thus to the KFS. 
Im sure a posse will be on it’s way and here in the morning. We can’t be here when they get here.

The farmer says he can’t be here either or they will kill him or burn down his farm. In the middle of this discussion, Keshawn comes down tucking in his shirt into his pants stairs to ask what happened.  But of course he is followed closely by the daughter, who looks quite blushed and a bit disheveled,  it all comes into place at least what had happen by Keshawn during the fight.

He was “busy”. Well. He then volunteered to escort the farmer and his family north out of the way. Keshawn will stay local, and help prep for the Morrow Team which will be here in a few months.

Dang. We had been together from the beginning out at the bolt hole in the cement factory back in the high California Desert. Im sure our paths will cross again.

The next thing I  hear is Conroy saying to the farmer,  “So, since you’re leaving anyway, can we burn down your farm?”…

 The silence was broken by an very loud “NO, YOU CAN NOT BURN DOWN MY FARM” from the farmer.

Conroy replied, “Well… it would help cover our tracks and distract the posse.” 

The farmer repeated his statement and said, while you are at it, how about paying me for my farm since I have to leave and he could have to have some money to start all over again somewhere. Conroy dug into his pack, and held out a handful of coins, “Here is some gold to make up for it… “ and he gave out most of our remaining gold.

I thought that was a good idea, “As you know, the Morrow Project is here to make life better. So here is the gold to help you out” I gave him my best AAA smile. The farmer seem to glare at me for some strange reason, that must be how he says thanks!

The team headed out to the barn to get the wagons going. Keshawn pulled his gear out of the wagons and said his goodbyes as he got on his horse to catch up with the family on the northern trail off the farm.

We put on our night vision so we could make the best time. We needed to be long gone before anyone came out to the farm to find out what happened. Or investigate the fire… not sure which at this point.
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Mission Report: Rockport, IN, July 19th, 2162
MISSION FILE: RECON CA-4 – Swift boat: Redrum – Kentucky Free State Territory RECON
DATE: 7/19/2161
LOCATION: 1 Mile North of Rockport, IN
REPORTER: Tim Hart, Medic of CA-4

Day 7/19/2161

Last night sucked, with the watch rotation, the heat, and the dam bugs. I woke up in a cold sweat trying to get the tigers burning yellow eyes out of my mind. O yea and we have cats, No lions and tigers in the area as we found out from the search of the old power plant yesterday.  Breakfast today was cold again and tasted like the swamp we are working in. It was all hands on to strip the boat down to get it ready to load up in the two wagons that would be here tomorrow.  We pulled the twin “Ma Deuce”, the radar, the sonar, the KFS radio, the MP radio, The 200lb ship battery, the power step-downs and MP system connections and what wire we could, All the ships stores and hidden gear and supplies,  all the ammo and any shells we could get, ect… We are stripping it the best we can till the other wagon and the Damocles supply ship shows up.

Last night we called Damocles when we decided to go over land to Cairo. We are giving him what is left of the ship. I think it wants the fusion and engine the most. Once Damocles gets what it wants it will sink what is left of the ship. We will be getting five high grade crossbows, Solar powered panels to keep the MP gear powered along with the transformers, step-down’s, and converter, Batteries to charge, a case of 7.62, two belts of 5.56, a new 80mm mortar tube and mount, two “Ma Deuce” gun mounts, one M79, and with luck a lot of good will with Damocles.

(Note I think when Vod loaded his DPA to Damocles it was infected by the crimson king virus. He signed off wired and asked how me followers were doing. Not good, and we need to try to get the I.T. guys working with Damocles.)

The afternoon was hotter and we were all covered it muck and sweat. Keshawn was main look out for the river with backup. Vod was main lookout on land side approach again with backup. Late in the night the other wagon and the horses showed up. The kid well young shakedown artist took us for half our wealth of ready KFS cash. He told us he was never here and we assured him we did not know him. He was of no help on intel and was out of there as fast as he could be.

As the day moved to night the alarm went out that we were being watched on the land side near the town. We sent Keshawn out to trail the teen boy who was watching us. An hour or so later Keshawn came back and informed us that the teen went to the town and into the sheriff’s office located in the center of town. It was decided that I, Porter, Lincoln and Conroy would walk into town and barter for supplies and see what was going on. About 100 yards out Porter and Conroy split off to cover me and Lincoln as we continued to the gate. I called out and was asked what we wanted. I informed them we was up the river working and needed to trade for some goods. The guard called out for another guard to get some guy called Moose.

Moose, a lady and I think the young boy who saw us came out. I started to barter with them for supplies when Moose cut me off and said we owed him rent. He wanted $20 KFS scrip per day and we owed them for yesterday and today. I tried to work with him and he took this as a personal insult and said we now owed $25 now as I was insulting him and undermining his authority. Rather then we kill him and the rest of the town I opted to pay him. I pulled out the wad of cash I was given to trade with and the ladies eye popped and she smiled and asked what we needed. I worked out what I thought was a good deal of four barrels of salted pork “Yes it is pork, 12 chickens, some fresh vegetables and a bit of fruit. This was another $50 KFS dollars and the last of them. I also traded on bottle of the low grade antibiotics for 20 black powder shotgun shells and 2 bottles of moonshine. She had all the food rolled out and I waited while the rest of the group went back to get the wagon and help. I thought I had done a great job compared to what Vod would have given, but the farm boys said I was take and schooled as all of what I received would be maybe $20 KSF dollars. I continued to work for a bit to get my stuff ready for the bug out in the morning with luck. The moonshine is not bad and the tobacco is even better. I started to smoke a pipe to help fit in while we travel. I’m sure my wife will understand I need to try and blend in better.


The night went by very fast and I sleep rather well. It seems hard work is good for sleep. The next day we had a small fire and some cooked food, this help pickup everyone some. The new chickens seem to be good as we had plenty of eggs for everyone to have some. We decided to take the camo nets for the boat with us and this added another hour or so as we had to camo the boat with the stuff around us.  We made fairly good time on the strip down. I wanted to take the pumps but was informed it would be too much work to get them out.


Early in the day the an alert of incoming was announced, I think it was Porter informed us we had a torpedo heading our way that looked like what Damocles would send. We watched it come in alongside the ship and pulled it onboard. In it we found what Damocles sent us. I was under whelmed as the solar gear was old and lacking what was promised. We also only received three of the fire requested high tech crossbows and no bolts for them. We called Damocles and asked him what was up he informed us this is the best he could do with the time we gave it. He said if we wanted to wait a week he could fill the order better, “even the AI is robing us blind.”  While talking to Damocles I did not notice the slip as last time in how he worked with us. We informed him of the town of badgers and that they knew the ship was here. It asked if we thought they may be a threat to which I affirmed a big yes this he took to heart as it were and asked if a tactical nuke\strike was needed. I informed it NO as there were children and women there of no threat. I’m not so sure it really sees people in anything other than threat or no threat. I hope to hell the town leaves it alone. We unloaded the shipment and sent the vehicle on its way.


We soon finished loading the wagons and doing a final walk though of the ship. We took the sand buckets and all the tools that were left in this sweep. I, Vod, Keshawn, Conroy or was it Porter and Lincoln mounted up. We have two wagons and five mounts. I thought this time riding would be easier. This proved wrong as it took me a bit to get use to how to ride and settle in without doing damage to my lower half. Not everyone was as good as I and it will be a sore night for us all. We made what I thought was bad time but the farm boys said we did well. We setup camp and another small five. As I was lying down to sleep I was amazed at how beautiful the sky was without all the ambient light of the city’s form the old days. I was going over the constellations and surprised myself that I remembered so many of them from my childhood.


I was soon awaked to the group talking about the sounds they were hearing. I got up and walked around and found it was coming from back where the ship and town were. As I was listening my stomach turned as I heard the all to familiar sound of a big saw working. This brought me back to the sight of the Crimson Kings People sampler saying, “Be calm were here to help you!” as his vehicles would saw people down and drain blood and sample from the dead bodies. I shivered at this thought, but snapped out of it as I heard small arms fire going back and forth. Then all of a sudden we heard I think the bark of a 50 kicking into the battle. Things soon heated up with heavy weapons echoing to us. Then we were hit by a bright light and a hell of a BOOM. I hope to hell Damocles did not nuke the area. This would for sure send the KFS on alert.  It is a guess but I think one of the KFS vehicles or the Damocles vehicle was destroyed. This is good and bad, good as no nuke, bad as the KFS may find the boat and start to look inland for us. While we were talking about this I had a hit or two of the shine and smoked my pipe thinking of my wife and how this world has changed. We decided we would get a early start to put some more distance between use and I headed off to bed.

Horse and Wagon

To my surprise and horror I slept well. It seems I’m becoming even more jaded to this new reality. Breakfast was fast and cold as we all wanted to hit the road and put some miles between us and the river.  We made about 20 mile today and this seems to be the average we can expect with the wagons and not pushing hard. As we were setting up camp two men approached us and asked to share are camp. We allowed this and offered them food. As I was looking them over I spotted that they had the old US postal emblem on their close. I looked at the others and they all seemed to see this as well and asked them if they were Postmen to witch the older one, “Frank” introduced himself and his young apprentice, “Billy”.  We all sat around the fire and Lincoln, Porter, Conroy, and I think Vod started to work on them about the area. I thought I would just watched and listened for a change and let the others do this, But nooo before I knew it I opened my mouth as the older man started to talk of the Krell nation. I’m not sure why I hate this group but it is hate. Well that is a lie I hate the two red headed bitches I have meet and had to fought. They were the ones who forced me to admit I had this god dam mind power of mine, Back to the story. The old guy was informing us the Krell was a larger power then we thought. Also the there was another group called the American nation or something that was at war with them. It seems the American Nation may be the dependents of the American Indian nations. He also informed us about a Morrow team he had met and that there was a team who setup a power plant till the KFS wiped it out. The KFS seem to be hunting the Morrow teams and the way the young postman would have it are the devils minion as worst. The old postman took the opposite side of this and the two would argue back and forth on this topic. They also informed us that there were two other big players in the game of rebuilding the US other than the KFS. There is a group in Texas and a new start in California.  The Texas group and the American Nation seem to be to possible allies in the rebuild. I do not think the KFS will be helping the Project from what we have seen. Even if we could deal with the slavery issue I feel they are dynamically opposed to us and to sharing any power structure. This is a shame as even with the bad points they are really making a push at rebuilding be it more to what is good for this five or six family board. We need more intel on the true power behind this group.

Side note: the Young Postman is just that young and not well traveled yet. We need to keep anything Project related out of all conversations. The older postman called me and the group out when the young one was off talking to the farm boys. He hinted heavily at us being Morrow, and that our backstories needed a lot of work. We need to change the approach at this and get a few more wagons and horses as well as start to collect Junk\treasures as Fred would have said from the ruins we move through to better build the story that we are Junkers or scrapers. We talk to well still and act to high flutin as he would say. Even the older postmen was a pain to understand and he is well traveled. While we were talking I did find out there is an air transport guild in Boonsvile. We will be going through it to get to the farmer’s homestead and drop off his two sons. I’m hoping with some work and the shine I can get the old fellow to help us in working in town. It seems the main store is a KFS store and is about the only place to trade. I will be going over options with the team in small groups out of camp as we hunt for food and junk to avoid the young postmen finding out who we are. Thank god he is young and full of himself.
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Mission Report: Heading for the Pits, Ohio River, Rockport, Illinois, July 19th, 2162

Mission Log
Location: 1 Mile North of Rockport, IN.
Date: July 19th, 2162
MP Swiftboat: Red Rum (Undercover)
Kentucky Free State Territory
Reporter: Vod Panchaco (Team Leader)

Not our finest moment, getting thru the Cannelton Locks Dam. our swiftboat, the Redrum could be renamed the Swiss Cheese.

Well, we have innumerable gun ports available on the boat now as a result of the damage taken from the Lock defenders and patrol boat we ran into after gunning thru the locks. In the battle our boat suffered over 120 rounds of 5.56, 30 or so of 50 cal, a few rifle grenades hits, and one 76mm hit on the rear weapon mount.

Our top speed is about 16 knts, and we have some major damage to the engine, and rudder system.

I was knocked out from the cannon round which hit the back of the boat. After shaking off the effects I went back to check on Herb. The only thing he could spot was some chunks of flesh and blood clinging to the gunnels.

Latter I was told he was manning the 81mm motar when it was hit by a 76mm round as killed instantly. What a waste.

We hope to eventual be able to give a toast for herb and say a few words of thanks for the service Herb gave the Project and CA4.

We slowed down a bit to 12 knts, and find that the boat is more under control.  And we spread out to assess the damage and condition of the our boat, the Redrum. The electrical motor was having some issues and needed repairs that would take hours. Windscreens were blown out, and there were more holes in our superstructure than we could count. Under the waterline, we were taking on quite a bit of water, but the bilge pump was able to keep up with it at this point. It became obvious that we need to pull into shore and do some repairs. We could really use a dry-dock, or winch to pull the boat out and do it right, but looking at our map, it is doubtful we will find major repair facilities that we can trust anytime soon. We needed a spot off the river to hide out and effect emergency repairs.

Herb manning the 81mm Motar station before the battle
Traveling down the Ohio, and passing Troy IN, about 6 miles past the locks hoping to pull into the river our maps show used to be there. We found that the 66 county road bridge is down, and navigating around the wreckage would be very difficult in our condition without taking a lot of time. Time we don’t have, as I’m sure local forces were alerted to our very noisy forcing of the Locks. We have to find a spot further down the river.

We turned downriver, and then in the darkness about ¾ mile off we spotted a searchlight coming towards us. Damn someone from the Locks must have got the word out and a patrol boat was coming up the river. It actually mounted two lights, each one scanning a side of the river, as it cruised up the middle. We weren’t in the greatest shape, so we headed to one shore, and took aim. If we were really lucky the spotlights would miss us, and they would just keep going up river.

KFS River Patrol Boat during the battle
We weren’t lucky.

One spotlight scanned over us, but then swiveled back to pin us in their beam. Everyone on both sides opened fire. Tim opened up with our Twin 50 cal MGs, and both sides began pumping holes in each other’s boats. They had an automatic grenade launcher which started walking round around us. We took more damage to our aft section and suddenly veered into the south bank. I was tossed overboard by the shock, loosing my 40mm grenade launcher into the muck. Keshawn was able to take out the forward spotlight on the KFS patrol boat, and the angle of their craft prevented them from swiveling the rear spotlight onto us. Duncan ran below and grabbed our LAW from the stores. Conroy got to the front of the boat with his M60 and started hosing down their superstructure as well. He also managed to knockout their aft searchlight, and the KFS boat went dark.

Red Rum during previous engagements with River Pirates
Black of night, only lit up with streams of tracer fire between us. Vod was calling out “Duncan! Get me the LAW… quickly!” As he edged around the back of the boat. Duncan emerged, and noted that a fire was again started near the remaining 81mm mortar rounds in the back of the boat. He tossed the law to Vod, and then started dumping sand and water on the fire, shuffling 81mm rounds away from the flames.

After Battle Sketch of the KFS River Boat
Vod took aim with the Law at the faint outline of the KFS boat and waited for someone there to open up to be sure of his target… he only had one chance, so he needed to get it right. The KFS twin 50s opened up again, and Vod fired at the meter long muzzle flashes. The round went in low on the waterline near the rear of the KFS boat with a WHUMP. And all fire on the other side stopped. Keshawn used his night scope to pick off any remaining KFS troops and it was over.

The Red rum (AKA the Swiss cheese) had more holes, and blood on deck  but it still floated. Duncan jumped into the water to check the rudder. The control cables were severed. Using some parachute cord we jury rigged the rudder, so that someone in the back of the boat could manually adjust it. It would have to suffice. The vehicle computer somehow survived, along with our radio. The whip antennae was lost and would need to be replaced. We need an entire new rudder and the engine needs repairs. The Pigs died.. but the chickens survived.

Backing out of the shore, we slowly made our way down the river in the black of night. Using our nightgear we scanned the shoreline, trying to find some tributary river or bog we could pull into. About 8 miles further downriver we found Rockport. There was a small waterway and pool north of what used to be a quarry.  It was navigable and we made it off the river. And Slept.

In the morning the Redrum looked even worse. We pulled out the Damocles drone and had it search out the local area. North of us was what used to be a major coal fired power station. The coal long gone, and it looked to be scavenged pretty hard. Guiding the drone back south over the town, about half a mile off, there are what used to be 7-8 warehouses which may have some salvage we could use. What used to be the town of Rockport, is home to a few homes down around the old sheriff station. Perhaps we could talk to them and see if they could help us out as well.


Using the Damocles drone to boost our radio range, we were able to contact Pete, an old homesteader (an Morrow Project Rebel Contact) near Boonesville. After talking to Pete for a while, we got the feeling we could trust him. He is about 15 miles away (20 by road) and after some trading offers, said he could help us out. His two sons were going to come over with their cart and draft horses with some welding equipment and would be there by nightfall. He told us that Rockport housed a group of “Badgers”. Not quite pirates, but someone who would prey on river traffic. If we can negotiate with them, they too may provide some parts and supplies we would need to get going again.

Pete said that Owensboro has a KFS presence, a guard post near the river, and from all the radio chatter, something has kicked over the hornets’ nest, and stirred up the KFS like he hasn’t seen in a long time.

That would be us……

Pete said he would relay our message to some Morrow Project people he knows about and has intermittent communications with to let them know where we are.

For now, we will scout out the surrounding areas, starting with the warehouses. We should be able to meet up with Pete’s boys near them and cart what we find back to the boat to continue repairs. We will be here for a few days at least. Perhaps a week if we can manage it and watch the river to see what the KFS will do. Perhaps they will think we sank and things will die down.

We are about 80 miles from Cairo, where the MP has friends and facilities to do a more proper repair job.

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Mission Report: Cannelton Locks Dam, Illinois, July 9th, 2162 (Part One)
Location: 4 Miles west of Cannelton, upstream of the Cannelton Locks and Dam
Date: July 9th, 2162
MP Swiftboat: Red Rum (Undercover)
Kentucky Free State Territory
Lincoln Davis :> Newly Assigned to CA-4

Finally got the power back to my MA-5 “tablet”.  Still not used to this thing, but it is pretty cool.  Way smaller than the computers I am used to.

Today we pulled into a bog like area north of the Ohio river.  The maps call this little and big deer creek, but it is nothing but a swamp now.  There used to some houses out here, but it is all overgrown with no sign of anything man made.

Early this morning a team consisting of Kenshaw, Porter, and myself went out to scope out the dam and the locks.  Ironically this is what I was supposed to do as part of OH-2, but the situation is very different now.  I still can’t believe that the rest of the team is gone.  Maybe someday I can find one or two of the other survivors.

We trooped about 2 miles in the dark with our night vision googles to just under the crest of the hill on the Indiana side of the river.  Totally overgrown with trees and brush now, so we had plenty of camouflage.  Unfortunately, some of the local wild life also had plenty of camouflage.  I almost stepped on a western cottonmouth.  Luckily Kershaw pushed me aside right before I would have been bit.  After that we finished out trip uneventfully.  We did see what looked like lights over at the old girl scout camp on the far side of the hill from the river.  We did not explore that as we did not want to risk revealing ourselves to the natives.

Before the sunrise, we settled into a stand of trees near an old parking lot.  Again, not much left but some cracked chunks of asphalt.  Looks like no one comes around here anymore.  Below us was the dam, and we spent all day observing.

The Cannelton Locks and Dam are just what I was here for, and it even appears intact.  The generators that were supposed to be installed in the 90’s apparently got done before the ball went up.  A few of them are even working, which is something of a miracle.  I figured there would be nothing but rusted metal by now.  Unfortunately, the whole dam and lock system is in KSF hands.

Cannelton Locks in 2162.
The key point for us is to get through the locks.  Both locks seem to be operative, with two boat paths.  There are four hard concrete control buildings as well as other more recent structures.  Looks like a barracks, stable, and mess hall at the least.  We saw mostly KSF border troops, but they have army trucks and a jeep on site being worked on.  They also have a big guy that is clearly the local “authority” here from the way he acts.  He is in charge of tolls for using the locks and has two gorillas following him around.  Not people I would want to meet in a dark alley.

Luckily, no sign of real army troops, or worse, the secret police.  Several machine guns and search lights, but nothing too difficult.  Still a good 15-20 guys there.  We also saw a caravan come in from probably Cannelton and also a river patrol boat go through the locks in addition to the normal river traffic.

Of course it rained all day and I was soaked.  I hate this weather.

At least now we have gotten back together and made a plan.  We think we can just bribe and bluff our way through the locks.  Just in case Kershaw with his M1903 Sniper Rifle, Porter with his M60, and I (with my shotgun) are going to hide on the hill side to provide cover fire if they don’t go for.  I think between the boats guns and us on the hill we should not have any trouble if they don’t buy it.

We go at dusk, and we should be sailing past Cannelton by midnight.  Got my gear checked and ready.  Gotta go.
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