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The Independent: UAE sees huge savings in switch to green energy from natural gas reserves.

The Gulf state plans to invest £119bn ($150bn) in renewable power to 2050, weaning the country from dependency on subsidised natural gas power in stages, Minister of Energy Suhail Al-Mazrouei said at a conference in Berlin. Clean energy sources will help it save £153bn ($192bn), he said.

The UAE leadership is “bullish” about achieving the goal after realising that the nation can forgo subsidies in the switch to clean power from liquid natural gas (LNG), Al-Mazrouei said. Sticking to the strategy will “save the environment and at the same time save us lots of money,” he said.

That pretty well shows that renewables have already passed the threshold much debated on many forums as the "turning point"

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Electric car growth 'could really change the outlook for oil,' Calgary oil forum hears

Calgary's oil executives are watching the growth of the electric car industry closely. It was one of the main focuses of the ARC Energy Investment Forum in Calgary on Monday, where major players in oil and gas gathered.

"If we start to see more electric cars that could really change the outlook for oil demand and we really want to understand different perspectives on that issue," said Jackie Forest, director of research with the ARC Energy Research Institute.

"Many people wouldn't have considered an electric car three or four years ago and now they are because the cars have the range and the cycle life," said Nazar, who works at the University of Waterloo. "It's really more a question of the infrastructure at this point."

Yes changes are coming... and it does look like the pace of change is accelerating, faster than many had imagined a few years back.


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