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This is just one of 30 such compounds. What the .....?
 Do not come to our free countries to change them to your own laws...if you want to live under islamic law go back to your states that live the life you wish.

Islamberg citizens are told what television programs they can watch and those that are forbidden.  Girls are denied an education.  Women are compelled into polygamous marriages.  Mothers are forbidden to use any type of contraception.  And both men and women, regardless of age, are often tied to trees and whipped for disobeying Town laws.

Islamberg is a rural hamlet in Hancock, Delaware County, New York,[1] founded by Imam Al Sheik Mubarik Ali Shah Jilani Hashimi, a Pakistani Sufi cleric, and is a hamlet of The Muslims of the America, Inc, a U.S. organization formed in 2013. A documentary video on YouTube purports to show a network of camps in the United States, allegedly the hamlet in New York and Sheikh Gilani forming the "Soldiers of Allah",_New_York

In a world where authorities make like terrorism doesn't exist, Fuqra's founder and bossman, Sheikh Mubarik Ali Hasmi Shah Gilani, is not only alive and well--he has a road "Sheikh Gilani Lane" named after him. This road is not in faraway Pakistan, but right in Charlotte County, Virginia.

A Community!. Any thoughts or opinions are of course welcome. Events confirming Bible Prophecy are seeming to be on the increase. This weekend there will be a meteor called "The Beast" while the Pope is meeting with an Israeli and a Muslim. The last time he was in the news in regards to Israel there was an earthquake in the land of Israel. I think God is speaking but few are listening. Thoughts on this or any subject welcome.
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