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The race is on! : ) Please check out our project on Kickstarter.

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Today we're highlighting running injuries.

An estimated 50% of the runners get injured at least once a year, and we want to change that.

Keep an eye on us, next month we're going to launch something that will help prevent many of these risks.

My 6 year old son his doing is first 5k race with me this Sunday. He's so excited..

Kaeden (my 6 year old son) and I are officially signed up for the Seahawks 12K Run at The Landing (5K) on April 13. If you want to join us (it's almost full) we are team "TheWrightStuff". Come run with us and stay healthy my friends...

Did sprints yesterday and tweaked my knee. These last 5 months have been injury after injury.

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Felt great lacing these bad boys up again after 2.5 weeks off nursing a foot injury! Slower pace but glad I was able to do 8 miles with no pain. Stay healthy my friends...
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Tough Mudder Recap

My 8:00am alarm woke me (for an 11am mudder start time) from my slumber and like any time I have an event/race I wake with a smile anxiously awaiting for the days events to unfold.  It was a quick 30 minute drive to the Palmer Coking Coal Company where the mudder was being held.  My wife, son and nephew came to support me on my first journey into Tough Mudderness.

I was nervous about the event because in August (during a Zombie Run) I broke my elbow and I’m am still not at 100%.  I wondered how much my arm would affect my ability to do some of the 17+ obstacles (it did and I’ll get into that later).

The Start Line…  I was joined at the starting line by my team “No Man Left Behind” which included Brian and Sam.  There were 3 walls that stood in front of the starting line.  These were not part of the course they just put them there to basically let you know that if you can’t do one of these you are screwed.  The 1st was about 9 feet high, the 2nd about 4 feet high, and the 3rd about 5 feet high with little planks sticking out so you could use them to climb.  Of course I choose the 1st to test out my arm strength (and strength in general since I haven’t worked out in over a month).  I made it over with ease which boosted my confidence.

Glory Blades…  After a quick 1/4mile run we got to the 1st obstacle.  These were 2 nine foot walls that were at an angle and the when I realized for the first time that my elbow would be a problem for me.  I made it over both of them but felt the strain in my left elbow.

Kiss of Mud…  During the next 1/4mile run (hills now have been added) to a new obstacle is when I realized that the shoes I wore for this event where the WRONG shoes to wear.  It felt like I was running on ice and was sliding everywhere.  I slipped and fell on my tailbone (1st time out of 5).  Kiss of Mud was a rocky water/mud logged trench in which you had to crawl on your stomach because there was bobbed wire right above you (my shirt got caught once).  It was an easy obstacle and it was the first time you got a taste of the cold wet water/mud that you would endure throughout the course (brrrrrr).

Mud Mile…  1/2mile of hills and mud got us to the next obstacle.  The Mud Mile isn’t actually a mile (more like 75yards).  This obstacle was were trenches filled with cold water/mud that went up to your waist followed by semi steep hills after each trench (6 in total I believe).  No problems here just cold, wet and slippery.

Walk the Plank…  By the time you get to this obstacle you are 1.5miles into the event.  This obstacle starts off by having you climb a 15-20 foot muddy slippery wall.  You then wait your turn to jump off and into a 12 foot deep pool of water.  They tell people that if you cannot swim to not do this event.  Did those who could not swim listen (of course not).  When I got to the ledge to jump off people were being rescued right below me so I had to wait to jump.  When I finally jumped into the dark abyss it felt like forever before I surfaced.  Boy oh boy was that water cold and I think they put chlorine in it because I could have sworn I smelt it.  A quick climb out of the water and I was off to the next obstacle.

Cliff Hanger…  A short run brought us to a very steep slippery cliff.  This obstacle was fairly easy just slippery and as my wife said to me “at first you were at the base and all of the sudden you were at the top”.

Boa Constrictor…  I first have to say that I’m extremely claustrophobic.  This obstacle is two separate black tubes (one that you crawl down into a body of water and another that you crawl out of).  Oh man was this a challenge for me.  I felt my heart racing and I started to breath heavily.  The way back up the 2nd tube was the worse because it was slippery and my elbow was killing me trying to use my arms to pull myself forward.  I remember breathing a sigh of relief once I made it out.  SO glad that one was over.

Right before I hit the 2mile mark I slipped running and took a pretty big fall.  I hit my left knee and OF COURSE my right elbow.  I knew from here on out all of challenges that I would need my arms for would be extremely challenging.  

Electric Eel…  Another 1/4mile run before I get to what I never would have thought would be my most dreaded obstacle.  This obstacle is another trench filled with water that you have to crawl on your stomach.  This time instead of bobbed wire they have added about 15-20 electric wires dangling from the top.  You see people in front of you screaming and clinching as they hit these wires.  You think to yourself “it can’t be that bad can it?”.  Boy was I wrong.  I begin my slow crawl trying to avoid the shocks.  Next thing I know I wake up and I’ve slid forward a bit further from where I started.  One of the wires must have hit my head and I blacked out for a second or so.  OMFG did that really happen?!!!!  I continue to crawl making sure my head doesn’t get it anymore but they did hit my back, butt and thighs.  I don’t know how to explain it.  It wasn’t pain but yet it was.  You can feel your body seize up every time you are shocked.  This event became for me was the worst and I’m sooo not looking forward to it when I do the Tough Mudder again next year.

Hangin Tough…  It’s a mile run to this next obstacle.  During this run you go through a forest filled with logs, fallen branches, roots, mud a couple places you have to climb down and up rope ladders.  Hangin Tough seems like a simple obstacle.  There are about 8 slick rings hanging over water that you have to swing from one to another.  Only a hand full of people made it across without falling into the water.  When it came to my turn I made half way through before the pain took over and I lost my grip (splash into the cold water).  I knew this was coming but I was still disappointed that I wasn’t able to complete this obstacle (next year).

Arctic Enema…  A 3/4mile run through the forest gets you to this next obstacle.  This is the obstacle that everyone talked about.  A large dumpster filled with ice water that is about 20-30 degrees.  Once you jump in the water you have to go under it because there is a wall that makes you dunk your head into this ice cold water to get to the other side.  In reality this obstacle was actually easy and felt kind of good to cool down in.  It was cold but really no big deal.

Killa Gorilla…  A very short jog to this obstacle brought water filled holes and very steep and slippery mud walls that you had to crawl up and down (3 in total I believe).  This obstacle wasn’t hard just slippery and I accidently stepped on some guys fingers (sorry dude).  I apologized and we all went towards our new obstacle.

Warrior Carry…  A mile trek through the woods and a few small obstacles got you to this next obstacle.  Simple.  Just pick up your teammates and carry them for about 30 yards.  Done and done.

Berlin Walls…  Another 1 3/4mile run through the forest (my left ankle was really sore on this part of the run due to the slope).  When you first look at the Berlin Walls (2 of them) you say to yourself “how in the heck am I going to get over these things?”  These walls are about 12 feet high and no matter what you need help to get your hands on top of the wall.  I needed a little extra help here because my elbow wouldn’t allow me to put all of my strength into it.  Up and over both of them and the elbow is on fire.

Funky Monkey…  More running and some walking (bottle necks through the forest) and we are at the monkey bars.  This obstacle are slightly sloping upward and then downward monkey bars over a pool of cold water.  I knew I wouldn’t make it but I tried anyways.  I got through a couple and (splash) back into yet another cold pool of water.  2 obstacles I couldn’t complete (I completed all others after this point).  Next year I’ve got this!

Hold your Wood…  Around mile 8 we get to a pile of large logs.  I’m not sure how much they weigh but they very in size.  I picked up a big log and proceeded through about a 1/4mile trek through the woods.  It was a very slow walk because there were a lot of people doing this and a very small path to get through.  Fairly easy event in all.

Cage Crawl…  3/4mile run to this obstacle (again slipping and sliding and falling in the mud).  This is a trench filled with water that has a link fence over it.  You lay on your back and go head first into the cold water.  This is a simple obstacle in which you just grab the fence and make your way to the other side.  Water got into my mouth on this obstacle and I may have swallowed a little (YUCK!!).

Truck Crawl…  This obstacle felt like they just didn’t want to move a couple construction vehicles and instead said why don’t we make people crawl under them.  The first one you have to do a crab crawl because there are rocks under the vehicle.  The 2nd and 3rd vehicles you just have to duck under followed by a couple large dump truck wheels stacked on top of each other.  This is where I got my first left calf cramp.

We then make our way up a long muddy hill when we get to an obstacle that wasn’t listed.  A steep slope almost straight down followed by a pool of deep water and a climb up a slippery hill.  This was easy.  Just be brave enough to slide down and move along.

Twinkle Toes…  A muddy 1/2mile run going over logs that are suspended about 5 feet off the ground.  Twinkle Toes is a long balance beam over water that I would say 1 out of 4 people would cross.  Very long wait at this obstacle (20 minutes) but a lot of people cheering people on.  No big deal of an obstacle here.

Everest…  Another 3/4mile run through some small obstacles and you get to a large what I would call (half pipe).  Very steep and slippery.  People on the top have their arms and hands hanging down to help catch people trying to make it to the top.  These other mudders are essential to making it up.  You basically sprint towards the slope, go up as far as you can and jump up and hope they catch your hand/s.  Since this was my first mudder I wasn’t sure how to approach this obstacle.  I’ll admit it took me 4 times to get to the top.  1st attempt had me not making that first crucial jump and I just slid back down.  2nd attempt I jumped but not high enough.  3rd attempt I was able to grab my fellow mudders hands but our grips gave out.  As I slid down and thinking to myself “you can’t do this” a few people gave me a high five and screamed “you’ve got this!”.  4th attempt I gave it all I had left (my body was really tired by now) and was able to make it up.  VICTORY!!  Next year I know what I need to do and hopefully I’ll be injury free.

Electroshock Therapy…  A short run to this obstacle provided us with about a 20 yard small trench with those damn electric wires hanging down all over the place.  One of my teammates and I ran through got shocked a few times and collected our Tough Mudder head bands and our finisher shirts (nice Under Armour shirt).

That was the end.  I made it through my first Tough Mudder and I was already thinking about next year.  We grabbed our free beer and met up with our families.  In all it took us about 3 hours to finish.  I think we could have done better but there were a lot of times where you had to wait or even walk to events because there were so many people and some were not as in shape as others.

The day after and I’m sore almost everywhere.  Not excruciating pain but muscles are sore, bruises under my arms and both hamstrings, a few large cuts on my legs, a couple cuts and splinters in my hands, and dirt under my fingers that I can’t seem to wash off.  My right heel really hurts and makes me walk funny right now but that pain will go away in a day or two.  What this tells me is that I didn’t take it easy and pushed myself and I cannot wait to do it next year.

If you get a chance to do a Tough Mudder please do it.  It’s a great experience with a lot of people who will help you out whether you are on their team or not.  Are you TOUGH enough???
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Well the Tough Mudder was you know tough. It was really fun and can't wait to do it next year. Pictures and details about the run coming later. I need to relax.

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Finally got the course map for my Tough Mudder tomorrow. 17 obstacles over 11.5 miles! Excited and nervous right now. The weather is going to be perfect though. Stay healthy my friends!

Nervous about my Tough Mudder Sunday. My elbow is still healing but I'm not going to pull myself out. Not the smartest thing for me to do but it's the right thing for me to do. Stay healthy my friends..
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