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2015-11-12 : 16:: PST - 05:30 in Sri Lanka. "Near Earth Object" (NEO) Team should be waking up soon for the busiest most exciting morning of their young lives. Sunrise is 05:56 today in 30 minutes. But much to my distress it looks like by 10 am it will be cloudy. Not just in Matara but even up high in the centre of Sri Lanka in Polonnaruwa. Snoopy will be sad to hear this. But maybe Google is not always right :-)
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2015-11-13 : 10:42 PST Morning after burnout. 
Bill : Subath :  Are you in communication with ESA people? By mobile? 
Subath : Yes. Just woke up after the sleepless  night. Hey. According to our French ESA friends it has totally burned out in very high altitudes
Subath : I think scientist in the plane had got a video of it.
Subath : Sorry still sleepy. Many local media stations reached us today and now people know we are here. Your effort on media was very effective thanks for that. While working with French scientist I had chance to learn many things and specially I got familiar with AllSky Camera. Until our telescope network is established we ought to have a such a network  at least three cameras placed in Adams peak, our University of Ruhuna and Hambanthota can keep eye on frequent objects  enter near equator and will be able to calculate trajectory.

Tomorrow we are going on sight seeing and they will depart on tomorrow afternoon .

Bill :excellent. This might be the best "take away" from this whole event. Rick Nowell that wonderful Physics teacher at in British Columbia, Canada, will be proud. He really inspired you. Great for you to see the actual  All Sky Cam in action. 

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From Subath : Yap (that's YES in Silanese) - even the ESA people in the plane haven't seen any thing Ming confirmed

From Bill to Subath : So it must have burned up on entry into the atmosphere. No wonder it was going at least 25,000 km/hr : and coming in at 20 degrees to tangent.  10* the speed of the fastest bullet. 

Well my friends, do not be downhearted. One day you will talk about today and you will smile.

The weather is always an issue for we ground based astronomers. 
And now the Hoyle Shield Project needs you to design and build that new All-Sky Cam :-)

Last days of Snoopy :

I don’t think I will post the final post on Google+ until we have all slept on it  

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2015-11-13 : 1:02 after splashdown at 10:42 PST Morning after burnout. 
Denuwan : Hey Bill, No luck at all. In Polonnaruwa there's only cloudy sky as you can see from these photos.They  were able to see nothing. They are now way back home disappointed. 

Bill S: Hi Denuwan : what a disappointment for them (and us).
And having to take the bus 70 km from Kandy. I need to think about how to thank them for such effort to science. And to you – with your exams etc

Denuwan : It is ok! we have to expect things like this. And I hope they learn something new from this. I certainly have.  I'm going to buy them a drink or lunch for the whole effort after spending nearly a day inside a bus(10 hrs) 😊
Reach you soon.
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10:31 Still no news :

From Daily Mail in UK. Mr Gray predicts most of it should burn up upon entering the atmosphere, so it will not create a terrifying tidalwave or crater as seen in disaster films.
But despite this, he said: ‘I would not necessarily want to be going fishing directly underneath it.’

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2015-11-12 : 22:19  Subath? Subath? Snoopy? Denuwan? Are you there?

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2015-11-13 : 11:21  Post Script. There is good news from ESA team. Apparently NASA has got much great footage of the approaching object. There is no way NASA could not be tracking this object as surely this is a situation we need to become much better at coping with. Hope Obama will declassify much video of Snoopy - and let us know if it really WAS the Apollo 10 lunar vehicle left orbiting passed the moon , once a month, since 1969,@WT1190F

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Back in action : 2015:11-12 : 20:00 PST 45,000 km to go (FYI- ISS at 400 kms) . Now rocketing towards Earth at 13,000 km/hr (4 km/sec). ETA 22:19 PST

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2015-11-12 23:09 PST
Subath :  are you in communication with ESA people? By mobile? 
Don’t be too depressed. The weather is such a challenge. 
I have a gift for you. A PDF to remember this day. On Page 5 it describes one astronomers frustration with the weather.  
I wonder if it was the same for Denuwan?
If I were  there I treat you and your team to a few drinks  

Dear Subath (Matara) and Denuwan (Peradeniya) : I am with you. Lets give this our best anyway and maybe the gods will give us good data and images. 
6 hours to Splashdown. 
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